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If College Majors had Honest Slogans

In our earlier issues, we discussed how academic advising in school can help our students not only pick the right major. It can also set them on the right career path. However, let's face it, most students have no idea what to expect from their chosen majors. How about using a little humor to help students relieve their stress about this serious topic.  Why not kick back with your class and ask your students one question:

What if college majors had honest slogans? What would they be?

Any major can be quite interesting and captivating, and they all have their pros and cons. We’ve foraged the web to bring you some of the funniest slogans we could find.

Chemistry: “The only place where alcohol IS the solution.”

Pre-med: “I’ll probably switch to nursing in two years.”

Nursing: “All the responsibilities of a doctor, none of the pay.”

Physics: “Everything you learned last week was wrong.”

Linguistics, well, Chris Tucker said it best:

English: “Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order?”

Spanish: “Bienvenidos a Taco Bell! Qué se gustaría?”

German: “Willkommen zum Oktoberfest”

Archeology: “If you don’t know what it is, it’s probably ceremonial”

Psychology: “Good luck doing anything until you get your masters.”

Computer Science: “Did you try to restart your computer?”

Information Technology: “Let me google that for you sir.”

Geography: “Job security is knowing that someone will always need explaining where the Middle East is and why Africa is not a country, but that South Africa is.”

Advertising: “It’s not filming.”

Filming: “Study to be a director, graduate and work as a photographer.”

Electrical Engineering: “We’ll teach you to troubleshoot a circuit for 30 minutes until you realize it’s not plugged in.”

Humor is always a good way to relieve some stress. We hope this helped your students, in their own words, “chill.” The truth is, if we help them discover their passion and highlight their strengths, they will love whatever major they decide on.

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If These 45 College Majors Had Their Own Slogans

As the month of August comes to an end, it means millions of students are getting ready to head off to college. For the upperclassmen, it means another year of trying to survive the classes, but for the new freshmen...well, they don't really know what to expect.

College is basically a bunch of specialized schools that are right next to each other with the occasional food place in between buildings. Like high school, there are rivalries between neighboring schools, so it is no surprise that neighboring colleges within the same university trash talk each other. Here are 45 college majors and the slogans they would be as told by their rivals.

1. Linguistics

"Why learn to speak foreign languages when you can learn about them?"

2. Microbiology

"Never be comfortable at a party ever again!"

3. Industrial Engineering

"Everything is just so inefficient."

4. Agriculture

"It's all tractors and corn until you have to remember the algebra and science you thought you would never see after your eighth-grade science class ended."

5. Information Technology

"You like working with computers, but hate the people that use them."

6. Chemistry

"The only place alcohol is a solution."

7. Political Science

"Your opinion is wrong…"

8. Aerospace Engineering

"It really is rocket science."

9. Structural Engineering

"Because architects don't know what physics is."

10. Communications

"You will learn about how to convince everyone that your degree is actually meaningful."

11. Criminal Justice

"We are here because we watch 'Law & Order.'"

12. Counseling

Hiding our baggage while we help you deal with your own!

13. Pre-med

I'll probably switch to nursing in two years…

14. Marine Biology

"Come for the dolphins but leave studying algae and ecology."

15. Art History

"And you thought making art was pointless..."

16. Civil Engineering

"For the last time, we are not architects!"

17. Physics

"Everything you learned last week was wrong."

18. Psychology

"Good luck doing anything until you have a Master's degree!"

19. Biochemistry

"You thought you'd help cure cancer but you are actually making soaps."

20. Engineering

"Because you were good at math and science."

21. Mathematics

"I just want to be a math teacher..."

22. History

“So do you want to teach, or…?"

23. Creative Writing

"You can throw job security out the window."

24. Accounting

"Give us a ton of money to show the government you aren't sketchy."

25. Finance

"Accounting was just too hard for me."

26. Meteorology

"Nobody will listen to your forecasts but will say you're wrong anyway."

27. Environmental Science

"It is SOIL, not dirt!"

28. Anthropology

"No, we are not the ones who dig things up…"

29. Archaeology

"We don't dig things up either..."

30. Paleontology

"No, digging dinosaurs up isn't the only thing we do."

31. Statistics

32. Law

"You get paid to worry for your clients, and your six figures of student loan debt gives you great practice."

33. Philosophy

"I think, therefore, I am unemployable."

34. Mechanical Engineering

"I've only used a drill like twice, but here is how you have to build your jet engine..."

35. Music

"They go from bar to bar."

36. Wildlife Ecology

"Trading income for adventure since 1864."

37. Computer Science

“So, uh, can you fix my..."

“No, I probably don't know how to fix your computer."

38. Business Management

“My dad told me to come here and he's paying for it so I just kinda went with it."

39. Social Work

"No, we are not baby stealers."

40. Nursing

"Where every answer is right, but you are somehow still wrong."

41. Education

It's not about being right, it's about being right.

42.Graphic Design

"No, I won't make your logo for free."

43. Sports Management

"Because when you're an athlete, physical education is too predictable."

44. Business

"When your parents want you to go to college and grow up but all you want to do is party."

45. Art History

"Prepare to be baroque."

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4Tests Blog

College MajorsCollege majors are abundant, though not all offer the same bang for your education dollar. In fact, there have been numerous reports since 2012 that a good skill-based career can earn you the same amount of money as a bachelor’s degree in many fields of higher education. That’s why we found it amusing that someone recently asked the question of redditors to describe their college majors in individual slogans. Here are some of the best.

1. “Classical Languages – If you want a job in this field, best hope your lecturer dies after your exam.”

2. “Graphic Design: No I won’t make your logo for free.”

3. “Marine Biology: come for the dolphins and sharks and end up studying algae and ecology.”

4. “Nuclear engineering: the world’s most complicated way of boiling water.”

5. “New Media Production – Why work at Target when you can be in crippling debt and work at Target?”

6. “Forestry: Flannel-lined science.”

7. “Chemical Engineering: ‘I’ve always wanted to fail an open book open note test.'”

8. “Marketing: Where bulls******g dreams come true.”

9. “Cinema Studies: a really expensive Netflix account.”

10. “History: Can’t get a job doing it, but you will crush on trivia night.”

11. “Film: Graduate with just as many industry connections as your professors and consequently discover why they are still only just professors.”

12. “Software Engineering – Seriously there is NO REASON why this shouldn’t be working.”

13. “IT: If you love technology, you’re really gonna hate the people that use it.”

14. “Nursing — You’re going to see some stuff.”

15. “Nursing school: where every answer is right, but you’re still wrong.”

16. “Accounting: We hate math, too, but we’re kinda okay at it.”

17. “Geology: Come for the shiny objects, stay for the beer.”

18. “Electrical Engineering — Nobody knows what we do, not even electrical engineers.”

19. “Communications — keeping NCAA student-athletes eligible for 60 years.”

20. “Political Science: Your opinion is wrong.”

21. “Engineering: Whatever, good enough!”

22. “Architecture: Where you’ll soon learn that the film stereotype of a wealthy architect is the farthest thing from the truth.”

23. “Sociology: training you to rain on people’s parades.”

24. “Geography: No, I don’t plan on becoming a teacher.”

25. “Wildlife ecology — Trading income for adventure since 1864.”

26. “Computer Science — Are you socially awkward and love staying in on weekends?”

27. “Mechanical engineering: You thought you would become an inventor, didn’t you?”

28. “Mechanical Engineering: Because somebody once said you were good at science and math.”

29. “Education — A year of college will cost more than your annual salary.”

30. “Education: We hope you like drinking in private.”

31. “Journalism — Don’t worry about the coursework, we know you won’t stay in this field for more than a year out of college.”

32. “Sports Management because when you’re an athlete Phys Ed is too predictable.”

33. “Literature: Where the people are almost as attractive as the art majors and not nearly as likely to invite you to their weird thing.”

34. “Welding — it’s so metal.”

35. “Business Management — When you have no idea what you want to do with your life and just want a diploma that is useful in any field.”

36. “Philosophy — ‘I think therefore I am unemployable.'”

37. “Social Work: We’re not in it for the income, we’re in it for the outcome.”

38. “English: Its not about being right, it’s about being right.”

39. “Art — Where the projects are made up, and the degree doesn’t matter.”

40. “Economics: We model everything and can then tell you why the model doesn’t work in the real world.”

41. “Zoology — because you can’t major in kittens.”

In Summary

As you get ready for another year of school, are you close to picking any of the college majors presented here? Perhaps you’re already a part of some of these? Share your own slogan picks with us in the comments section below.


Written by Aric Mitchell

Aric Mitchell's work appears regularly here at and across the web for sites, such as The Inquisitr and Life'd. A former high school teacher, his passion for education has only intensified since leaving the classroom. At 4tests, he hopes to continue passing along words of encouragement and study tips to ensure you leave school ready to face an ever-changing world.


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