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C by GE Full Color Smart LED Light Strip, 80-inch (Power Supply Included)

Features Simple set up without a hub
The Full Color Light Strip connects directly to Google Home devices via Bluetooth with no additional hub or bridge required to provide quick and easy set up.

Voice and out of home control with The Google Assistant
Control your lights with just your voice and away from home when paired with a Google Home device and The Google Assistant.

Voice and out of home control with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit
Enable voice and lighting control away from home by pairing your Full Color Light Strip with the CbyGE smart plug, smart switch, or C-Reach smart bridge (sold separately) and an Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit device.

Choose from millions of colors
Enhance your home's atmosphere and add a festive vibe with vivid colors.

Adjust light from warm to cool
Adjust your white light to any color between warm, amber light tones (2000K) and cool, bluish tones (7000K), including optimized settings to support your sleep/wake cycle.

Create custom schedules
Automations allow you to schedule when lights are on and off, including customized schedules for different days of the week.

Set scenes for every occasion
Set scenes like warm dimmed light for movie time or cool bright lights when you wake up in the morning.

Control light strips individually or group with C by GE smart bulbs
Control each light strip individually or group with other bulbs so that you can brighten, dim, turn on and turn off your lights simultaneously.

Mobile control from your smartphone or tablet
The free iOS- and Android-compatible app lets you adjust brightness and turn lights on and off without leaving your seat or bed.

Installs easily and discretely
Bend around corners up to 90 degrees and adhere to surfaces with included removeable tape.

Includes power supply
Includes power supply and 6-foot cord that plugs into standard electrical outlets.

Unlock more features
For enhanced functionality, pair the strip with C by GE smart bridge (sold separately) in the C by GE app.

GE 60W Equivalent HD Light LED review: Great colors, not-so-great compromises from these HD bulbs

To be clear, there is no such thing as "HD Light," but the idea that GE wants to convey here is superior light quality. And to be fair, some of these bulbs -- most notably the "Reveal" LEDs, with their high color rendering scores -- offer light quality that's noticeably better than average. But none of them are perfect, and most fall closer to mediocre in terms of brightness and dimming performance.

Still, with all-around acceptable specs and with prices on regular, A-shaped bulbs starting at $8 for a two-pack, GE's lineup of HD Light LEDs are a decent enough value to warrant consideration, especially given what they can do for the color quality in your home.

GE offers three standard 60-watt replacement options in the HD Light lineup. The first is the "Relax" LED, which casts a warm, candle-like glow designed to help you wind down in the evening. The second is the "Refresh" LED, a daylight-tinted bulb intended to help you feel more focused and energetic during the day. Last up is the "Reveal" LED, which sticks to years of GE Reveal branding to promise better color quality in rooms where it might matter -- the kitchen, perhaps, or maybe a living room with a lot of colorful decor.

There's nothing inherently unique about any of them -- no smarts, no gimmicky lighting tricks and no unusual designs. These are pretty plain old light bulbs, save for the fact that they're high-efficiency LEDs.

GE's 'HD Light' LED Bulbs

GE Relax LEDGE Refresh LEDGE Reveal LED
Brightness (stated/tested)800 / 770800 / 790570 / 554
Wattage10.5 watts10.5 watts10.5 watts
Efficiency (lumens per watt)73.375.252.8
ToneSoft WhiteDaylightSoft White
Color Temperature (stated/tested)2,700 K / 2,611 K5,000 K / 4352 K2,850 K / 2,598 K
Yearly energy cost (average use of 3 hours per day @ $0.11 per kWh)$1.26 $1.26 $1.26
Expected lifespan13.7 years13.7 years13.7 years
Dimmable range12.6 - 100%11.6 - 100%13.4 - 100%
Warranty5 years5 years5 years
Price$7.97 (two-pack)$8.97 (two pack)$9.97 (two-pack)

So how efficient are we talking? Each bulb draws 10.5 watts, or 17.5 percent of what a standard 60-watt incandescent would use. That incandescent will add about $7.20 per year to your energy bill if you use it for an average of three hours per day. By the same metrics, any of these three GE HD Light LEDs will add roughly $1.26 to that annual figure.

That's a savings of $5.94 per year, per bulb, meaning that each one will easily pay for itself within 12 months, then continue saving you money for years on out. Unlike incandescents, which will burn out after about a year of use, these HD Light LEDs promise an expected lifespan of 13.7 years, and come backed by a five-year warranty. Replace that incandescent and use GE's LED for its entire lifespan, and you're looking at a total energy savings of $81.38 -- and that's just for one bulb.

Still, those savings aren't unique to GE, or to any other LED manufacturer. LEDs are just inherently more efficient than any other readily available lighting option. All of them will save you money if you're upgrading from incandescent bulbs (or even fluorescent ones, for that matter). To judge an LED's real value against its competitors, you have to factor performance in, as well.

Enlarge Image

GE's on somewhat shakier ground, here. Let's start with brightness. Though they all came in well within the margin of error, none of the bulbs tested quite as bright as their stated lumen counts. This isn't much of a problem for the "Relax" and "Refresh" LEDs, both of which finished close enough to 800 lumens to qualify as perfectly decent 60-watt replacement bulbs. But look at the lumen count for that "Reveal" LED -- just 554. The box brands the LED as a 60-watt replacement, but the light it puts out is closer to the 450 lumens you'd expect from a 40-watt bulb. That's a recipe for disappointment.

The reason the thing is so dim is because the plastic bulb includes a special filter that blocks some of the light from the yellow part of the visible light spectrum. You can see that blocked light in the form of that W-shaped dip in the graph on the right above. Blocking those bits of the middle of the spectrum keeps the dominant yellow tones from overpowering things, and does, in fact, help the bulb make the colors in your home look richer and more authentic -- but it also means that the bulb is putting out less light.

The simple fix would have been to bump the wattage up a little bit to help make up for the lost light, but GE didn't do that here. That's fine -- but continuing to call the Reveal LED a 60-watt replacement is not. GE's engineers tell me that they plan on addressing this shortcoming with the next generation of Reveal bulbs, which they claim will offer a higher lumen count than this version while drawing less energy. To me, that sounds like a bulb worth waiting for.

Still, the current-gen Reveal LED was, as expected, very good at rendering vivid, accurate colors in my tests, along with very clean shades of white free from the dingy yellow tints that you'll get with most soft white bulbs. These are subtle things, to be sure, but to some, they matter quite a bit. If that includes you, then the Reveal LED deserves a look.

And, though they weren't quite the color rendering standouts that the Reveal LED was, the Relax and Refresh LEDs still did surprisingly well in my tests, too. Despite the extra hit of yellow light, they both rendered colors that, to my eye, looked at least a little bit better than what you'll get from the average LED. Point GE.

The last thing I look for in my tests is dimmer compatibility. All three of these bulbs are dimmable, but none of them dimmed down any lower than 10 percent on any of the switches I tested them on. I also caught all three of them flickering a bit more than the average LED when I filmed them in slow motion. That sort of flicker is too fast to be noticed by the naked eye, but some people are more sensitive to strobing than others, so it's something worth being aware of.

Enlarge Image

The verdict

I give these bulbs a passing grade, but not a full-throated recommendation. All three offer energy savings and noticeably good color quality, but they also come with dimming performance that's mediocre at best. The Reveal LED might be the most appealing of the three thanks to the way it filters out excess yellow light for cleaner-looking whites and richer colors, but at just 554 lumens, it isn't bright enough to justify calling itself a 60-watt replacement.

Still, with prices starting at $8 for a two-pack of Relax LEDs, there's some good value to be had here. If you aren't using dimmer switches, and if you don't mind the brightness hit that comes with the Reveal LED, they're a perfectly fine choice for basic household use.

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GE Color Changing Light Sensing LED Night Light, White

Always dream in color when you fall asleep with the GE Color-Changing Night Light. The light’s soft glow guides you safely through your nighttime routine and offers a variety of colorful lighting options. Choose between three different modes: solid color, color-changing and soft white. In solid-color mode, light up your dark room or hallway with one of eight vibrant colors. In color-changing mode, enjoy all nine colors as the night light slowly transitions through the entire spectrum. For normal illumination, just opt for the white mode. There’s no need to unplug the night light during the day – the light’s sensor automatically turns the night light on when it’s dark and off when it’s light, helping to keep energy costs down. The night light features a contemporary design in glossy white and only takes up the space of one outlet, leaving the second receptacle free for use. Utilize the night light in bedrooms, staircases, hallways, bathrooms and more. Let your true colors shine with the GE Color-Changing Night Light.

Ultimate Smart Home Tour: C by GE Lighting Edition (2020)

General Electric 60W A19 with Remote Color Changing LED Light Bulb Clear


Overall Length: 3.54 Inches

Bulb Base Size: Standard Edison Medium Screw Base E26

Light Appearance: 2700 Kelvin

Recommended Use: General Purpose

Industry or Government Certifications: No Certifications

Federal Efficiency Standards: Yes

Watt output equivalent: 60 Watts

Volts Required: 120 Volts

California Title 20 compliance: Not CA Title 20 compliant

Color rendering index: 80

Light settings: Dimmable (Full Range)

Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty. To obtain a copy of the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty for this item prior to purchasing the item, please call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869

TCIN: 75666519

UPC: 043168502177

Item Number (DPCI): 085-02-3260

Origin: Imported


With a touch of the remote, LED+ Color bulb changes between two everyday light temperatures (soft white and daylight) and 8 vivid colors. One remote can control additional bulbs LED+ Color bulbs. Perfect for parties, holidays, or creating the right moods in your home. Go ahead, add a little color to your life.

LED Bulb

Uses energy-efficient LED bulb(s).

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Reviewing my New General Electric Full Color Smart LED Bulb A19 From target. (Voice control with it)


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