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Effectively managing methane emissions

Natural gas is a versatile fuel, capable of powering utilities, homes and transportation. It also emits significantly fewer pollutants than coal power generation, including NOx, SOx, particulates, mercury, and up to 60 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). As recognized by the International Energy Agency and others, natural gas provides substantial air pollution and GHG benefits compared with coal, and can play a vital role in contributing to a sustainable energy mix. The IEA notes that addressing methane emissions across the value chain can further improve this strong environmental and sustainability profile.

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Transforming plastic waste through advanced recycling

Plastics made from petrochemicals are essential to a range of products that enable modern life – from protective medical equipment to construction materials to automobile parts. But some plastics are hard to

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Individualized Apparel Group


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Individualized Apparel Group is a holding company that owns Oxxford Clothes, Holland & Sherry, Gitman Bros, H. Freeman, Corbin, Coppley, Individualized Shirts, and Measure Up Custom Shirts.[1] Joe Blair is its president.[2]Spencer Hays founded the company originally as Tom James Company in , which still sells men’s suits via appointments in offices or homes.[3] Individualized Apparel Group began in with the acquisition of the Individualized Shirt factory in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Individualized Apparel Group has owned Gitman Bros. for over 20 years.[4]


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Thomas James (disambiguation)

Thomas James (c. &#x;) was an English librarian and Anglican clergyman.

Thomas, Tommy or Tom James may also refer to


  • Tom James (born ), British rower
  • Tom James (rugby union, born ), Welsh rugby union footballer
  • Tom James (rugby union, born ), English rugby union footballer
  • Tom James (English footballer) (born ), English footballer
  • Tom James (Welsh footballer) (born ), Welsh footballer
  • Tommy James (American football) (&#x;), American football cornerback
  • Tommy James (rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer



  • Thomas Lemuel James (&#x;), banker and journalist who served as U.S. Postmaster General in
  • Thomas James (sea captain) (&#x;), Arctic explorer
  • Thomas James (minister) (&#x;), former slave who wrote a short memoir
  • Thomas James (businessman) (born s), American businessman, chairman of Raymond James
  • Thomas Naum James (&#x;), American cardiologist
  • Tommy James (born ), musician
  • T. G. H. James (&#x;), British Egyptologist
  • Thomas James (bishop) (&#x;), Anglican bishop in India
  • Thomas Shadrach James (&#x;), school teacher, Methodist lay preacher, linguist and herbalist
  • Tommy Lee James, American country music songwriter and record producer
  • Thomas Potts James (&#x;), American botanist and bryologist
  • Thomas S. James Jr., United States Army general
  • Thomas L. James, United States Army general
  • T. P. James (Thomas Power James), publisher
  • Individualized Apparel Group, originally Tom James Company, American clothing company

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Tom James Generations (Edward)

Anybody here used them for custom suits? Feedback good, bad, or neutral?

Quality of Tom James Suits

Tom James offers custom made bespoke suits tailored exactly to you. While this sounds nice, there are a lot of mixed reviews about Tom James.

The prices are quite high and unless your sales person is experienced, you would do just as fine purchasing something off the rack, tailored. The general consensus is that the shirts are reasonably priced but again, it's nothing you cannot get at a regular tailor.

AcctNerd - Investment Advisor Vice President:

I had a bad experience. Bought two shirts to test them out. $/per shirt and when I got the shirts the fabric was WAY too thin and the fit was horrible. Took 3 months to get them remade and they were still wrong. For $ I was expecting much better.

There's also a fair bit of negative feedback regarding the fit being correct and turn around time. The suits are not being made by a professional tailor but by salespeople.

Cabol - Investment Banking Associate:

Bad experience. Ordered a suit which turned out to be a bad fit. Had it remade a couple of times which took almost a year in total and still no luck. At the end asked my money back. I think the part of the problem is that the fitting is made not by professional tailor/cutter but by a salesman whose main job is to sell you the product (true story that they like to employ nice looking ladies). For the price, they ask there are better options out there (at least in London).

duffmt6 - Investment Banking Associate:

Have a few shirts. Quality is decent and fit is pretty good, but it's basically made to measure. Not competitive in pricing in that sense. Also, not a fan of the high-pressure sales, but am a fan of having them come to my office to tailor clothes.

Are Tom James Suits Worth It?

However, not all users had bad experiences. Some really enjoy their suits and the experiences.


I have been wearing Tom James for a number of years and have consistently received only the best fabric and precise measurements. Yes, they cost more than others, but they also stand-out more than others. I receive compliments on a regular basis.


Had my fitting today and am very pleased and already ordered more. The initial consult and measure were a bit over 2 hours and the person I was working with has been a tailor for his entire career. After trying them on today I fully believe it. They definitely have a customer in me going forward.

One could argue that owning a Tom James suit is about status as much as anything.


TomJames is more for those who have the clothing budget to afford clothing on a higher level and those looking for a nicer fabric then the typical department store provides. Their clothes have been featured in movies like Great Gatsby, Kingsman and similar films of you would like a reference. Been a client for several years and very pleased.

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