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Bright, colourful balloons are everyone's favourite. No celebration is ever complete without this party décor. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or any other occasion, this decorative item indeed makes any celebration grand. If you have any such events coming up, you can buy this party essential to elevate your décor. They are available in different colours, shapes, and sizes for occasions. For birthday parties, you can make your child's birthday celebration exciting with a variety of birthday balloons, like emojis, animal printed ones, or the 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' foil sets. For a baby shower party, you can opt for the conventional blue and pink colour set. If you want to throw a bachelor party for your buddy, then you can choose heart-shaped pink, golden or metallic foil balloons. If you are hosting an engagement party, you can pick a star-shaped kit of golden, black and silver helium ones. You can buy party balloons online according to your needs and preferences. Browse through the online collection from reputed brands like TOYXE, GrandShop, JEENAL TRENDS, a-one suppliers, Smartcraft, Party Propz, and many more. You can place your order now and get them delivered to your doorstep.


Balloon Letters and Balloon Numbers

When you hear about balloon letters, it can mean three different things

  • clusters of round helium balloons attached to a letter shaped frame
  • letters formed by artistically twisting balloons or
  • ready made mylar balloons for each letter of the alphabet, often referred to as Megaloons (which is one of the most popular brands).

If you make a purchase through a link on my site, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I believe to have good value (affiliate disclosure).

This article is about the third type, the Megaloons. You'll find an overview of where to get high quality balloon numbers and letters at the best price, and how to arrange them nicely into a name or whatever word you want to form.

For advice on creating letters or numbers with round latex balloons, please check out our FAQ page about balloon numbers.

Balloon letters in rose gold, spelling the word CONGRATULATIONSLike our tips? Please share them at Pinterest. [Image source:]

What You Should Know About Balloon Letters And Numbers

BRIDE spelled with rosegold balloon lettersSource:

Most merchants offer letters in gold and silver only. Recently a new "hot" color has been added: rose-gold.

No wonder these are so popular. That color is gorgeous!

Balloon numbers have a wider color palette - pink, red, purple, blue or multi-colored.

Anagram mylar balloon self-sealing valveFoil Balloon with Self-Sealing Valve

The balloons should have hanging tabs on the top, sides and bottom, for various ways to display them. Like most foil balloons, they should also have a so-called self sealing valve, as seen in the image.

Anagram, one of the big players in the balloon industry, claims to have invented this kind of valve.

Mylar balloons are reusable. You can deflate them with a straw. Just make sure to handle them carefully and keep them away from sharp objects. 

Balloon Sizes

You will see balloon letters and numbers offered in 3 sizes:

  • 16 inch (40 cm)
  • 32 inch (81 cm) 
  • 40 inch ( cm)

GOOD TO KNOW: Only the 40 inch balloons will float when inflated with helium. The smaller sizes don't hold enough helium. Use the smaller sizes only for air-filled decorations.

Price Range

In the UK, a 40 inch mylar balloon number or letter costs between £5 and £6. I've also seen multi-colored 18 inch balloon numbers for under £2. Those are ideal for a kid's birthday.

In the US, prizes are between $6 and $9 for the larger balloons. The 16 inch balloons start at $3.

Where To Get Them

Do you have already a favorite online or offline balloon supplier? Then it's best to ask them if they carry balloon numbers and letters, or if they could order them for you.

Even if they charge a bit more than the prices mentioned above, you know that you can trust them.

Don't have a favorite shop? Then my best advice is to try Amazon. You'll find any kind of balloon letter and number there, in all sizes and colors. 

The downside? So much choice! You can spend hours searching for just the right product and seller. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

40 inch balloon letters in rose gold

These letters can be helium- or air-filled. They come with 2 hoops at the top to easily attach them to a string and hang them from the ceiling. Ribbon and straw (to inflate them with air) are included.

The one thing that's missing is a hole or hoop at the bottom of the letters - if you wanted to have them float and attach each letter to an anchor (see method #3 in our how to arrange balloon letters tips).

16 inch custom letters in gold, silver or rose gold

What I love about this offer is that you can order exactly the letters you need to spell out whatever you want: baby, love you, marry me or the birthday kid's name!

Click on "customize now" when you order. Select your preferred color, enter the word(s) you want to spell and the respective number of letters in that word or phrase 

The total price reflects the number of balloons you've entered. You'll get the ribbon and straw to inflate the balloons with your order. 

Again, these balloons don't have hoops or holes at the bottom. But in this case it doesn't matter as they are for air-inflation only.

40 inch balloon numbers in rose gold

These numbers are from the same seller as the rose gold letters.  They have 2 hoops at the top to easily attach them to a string and hang them from the ceiling, but they don't have any holes at the bottom.

If you want to fill them with helium and anchor each one to a weight, you can tape the ribbon to the self-sealing valve.

Ribbon and straw (to inflate them with air) are included.

Now that you know where to get them, see our tips for decorating with balloon letters and numbers.

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