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Introduction: Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costume

I loved the design of Disney's Tangled Rapunzel. The costume used a lot of different techniques including pattern modification, embroidery, fabric design and wig styling. Hope you enjoy this "how I made it"!

You can see more photos of my costume on my website here(scroll to the bottom for the gallery.)

Waterfall photo by Annie Kim, other by Joseph Chilin.

Step 1: Planning and Choosing the Fabrics

The trickiest problem to solve before I could start the costume was to find or make a suitable fabric. Rapunzel’s center-skirt-panel fabric in the movie is kindof a brocade (with some slightly reflective threads) so that it changes color in the light or how the fabric drapes. I could either find a brocade I liked that didn’t have the exact floral pattern of Rapunzel’s… or I could make a printed fabric which wouldn’t be brocade/woven, but would have the exact pattern. I chose the latter. I decided to design the fabric myself and have it printed at spoonflower. (There are other fabric printing places like Fabric on Demand as well.)

I wanted to make sure that fabrics printed at spoonflower matched the surrounding fabrics properly, so I decided to buy the base fabrics first, and then create my spoonflower fabrics to match them. If I did it the other way around, there's no guarantee that I could find fabrics at the store that would match what I made at spoonflower.

A note on color matching, I had bought a Tangled children’s book which I felt had pretty color accurate images of the 3d models from the movie (ie not 2d illustrations or color skewed mood screenshots from the movie). I took this book with me when I bought the base fabrics (for the cap-sleeves, the lower sleeves and the non-printed-pattern part of the skirt). I highly recommend doing this sort of thing when you are picking out fabrics. Often the color that you remember in your head is not very accurate. You can also just find good shots online of your character and print them out, making sure your computer print-out is as color accurate as possible. When you look at the images of Rapunzel, her skirt is a little shiny with a little bit of texture, so I was not only matching the color, but the sheen of the fabric.

Step 2: Creating the Printed Fabric

After studying the reference materials for Rapunzel, I drew out the repeating floral pattern for her bodice and skirt. They’re both the same pattern, but the bodice is a smaller scale. I used spoonflower to have my pattern printed. Since I bought my cap-sleeve and rest-of-the-skirt fabric first I was able to color-key my floral pattern computer drawings so that when the printed spoonflower fabric came, it would match all my other existing fabrics as well as possible. The bodice spoonflower fabric was Cotton Sateen and the Skirt spoonflower fabric was Silk Crepe de Chine.
Note: You can now get the fabrics I used publicly on Spoonflower! Enjoy!

Step 3: Embroidering

For the embroidery, I drew out the patterns for the lower-sleeves and the skirt. I studied multiple screenshots and worked out what I thought was the repeating pattern of the embroidery. This took several days. I really wanted the embroidery to look like Rapunzel’s and if you look at close-ups in the movie, her embroidery has some gaps and loosely spaced threads. I drew the “gaps” into my designs as well. I drew them to scale. I sent my scanned images to my friend, AJ, who digitized them for me and then I embroidered them with my machine onto the fabrics. The skirt was actually particularly difficult to embroider because it’s more than one color of thread and each pattern has to be matched up very carefully around the skirt in order for it to work. Sorry, my embroidery files are not for sale.

Step 4: Constructing the Costume

For the skirt pattern, I used my muslin for my Belle blue dress skirt, and then split it into the same number of panels as Rapunzel’s. Sorry, I no longer remember the pattern I used as the base for Belle’s skirt (it’s been a few years.) Basically it’s a skirt that is full at the bottom and relatively fitted around the hips. Each skirt panel is roughly “A” shaped. There is a matching white petticoat with lace on it (the same bow lace from the bodice). I added a sequined trim along the hem of the skirt and up the separated front panel for some extra detail.

On the bodice, I used my previous Belle blue dress bodice as my initial muslin and then drew out where the new seams would be and lowered the hem a bit. I also took the bodice in some knowing that I’d be lacing in like a corset. My Belle’s bodice was based on McCalls So basically, I cut a muslin based on McCalls and then took a pen and drew the new seamlines on it. Then I cut it apart and added new seam allowances where needed. I tried to match the seamlines of Rapunzel’s bodice as closely as possible by studying screenshots and then sketching out where the seamlines should be. The double boning chanels also match Rapunzel’s. I really loved that they actually showed the boning channels in the film!

There is pink piping around the edge of the bodice and then lace is gathered into that on the collar and the lower hem. This same lace is also gathered into the lower sleeve/wrist and it’s the same lace used to hem the petticoat of the skirt. The lower hem lace on the bodice was dyed pink with RIT DYE. The bodice is fully lined in coutil and corset-boned with working grommets/lacing in the front with a modesty panel for her faux-under-blouse.  The coutil lining and the boning makes a nice smooth bodice and also allows the bodice to be used as a proper corset.

When cutting from my spoonflower printed floral fabric, I tried to match the position of the florals on the bodice to the screenshots of Rapunzel. So I’d look at a shot of her and see what floral bit was on what part of her bodice and then lay the pieces out accordingly.  I also tried to match the floral patterns around the seams to get a seamless look (since that’s what is shown in the screenshots.) For an example/tutorial on matching designs over seams, see this page (or google more tutorials similar.) The pink ribbons on Rapunzel’s cap-sleeves have topstitching detail. The back of the bodice has a faux-under-blouse, too, with small pink flower buttons (Rapunzel’s are round, I decided to go with flowers.) The lower sleeves (also embroidered) are made out of a slightly transparent silk.

NOTE: The WIP photo shown is before the sleeves were put on and before the bodice was boned, grommeted or laced. Once boned, grommeted and laced, the "pulls" and wrinkles get smoothed out.

Step 5: Modifying and Styling the Wig

Really long wigs can be difficult to keep in good shape and even more difficult to style.  A loose unbraided Rapunzel wig as long as her hair is in the movie wouldn't be practical. Even a long loose wig just long enough to reach my knees would get tangled extremely easily. (Rapunzel gets her hair braided for a reason when she goes into town!) Also, Rapunzel's braided wig with the flowers is just so beautiful, there really was no question on which version of her hair I'd do. Even the braided wig, though, is not for the faint of heart. Working with all the long hair can be very frustrating!

My braided wig is two "New Look" brand Godiva wigs put together plus about 6 packs of blonde colored Black ‘n Gold Braid (which is very fluffy!) If you were able to get extensions in the same color as your wig, a duplicate wig wouldn’t be necessary, but I wanted a duplicate to help blend the color of the base wig into my extension hair (since I couldn’t find the same color and I very specifically wanted a certain color in the base wig…)

For Rapunzels Ariel-esque swoop bangs I used Tristen Citrine’s bang curling technique.I also did a small braid on each side of the base wig for looks-sake and to work into the large braid down the back.

To make the large braid down the back, I was basically working the remaining hair from the base wig (still attached to the base wig) in with additional hair. The duplicate wig’s hair was cut off and added to the Black n Gold Braid extensions. I separated all this loose hair into three sections and secured each one with a tight hairband. (Or you could turn each section into a weft.) I then attached these three sections to the back-neck area of the base wig. Look for one of the lower wefts (the long horizontal bands where hair is attached) on the base wig so that you are sort of sandwiching the new hair inbetween the existing hair of the base wig to hide the attachment. You can handsew the three sections onto the base wig’s lower wefts. Use a really strong thread and knot repeatedly to make sure it’s secure.  Then I worked the base wig hair into the three sections and braided them all.  After that I made some smaller braids with excess base wig hair and inserted them where I thought they would be pretty.

Then I made lots of small bouquets of silk flowers. I tied them together using the wire of the flowers themselves, and then attached them to the wig the same way.  One of the nice things about Rapunzel’s hair being braided and covered in flowers, is any spot that has an attachment of hair extension, or a spot that looks funny… you can just hide it in the braid or stick a big flower on it. 

So to recap, one long wig is the base. Then I had a 3 separate long piles of hair made out of loose hair extensions, gathered together at one end with a hair tie (or you can create 3 wefted extensions out of the 3 piles of hair). I attached the extension hair (by the hair tie) into the base of the neck area of the base wig (at the wig lace).  I worked the long, loose hair from the base wig into the 3 piles of attached extension hair and then braided the 3 combined piles together into one long braid. Then I worked some separate extra small braids in for decoration, and added the flowers.

Because I used a lot of the yaki/fluffy type hair extensions, the wig is not as heavy as it would be if it was all silky hair, but it’s still pretty heavy. It’s about 48″ long from the base of the neck. 

To wear the wig, I put pincurls at the front of my hairline with a few bobbypins and secure that and the rest of my hair with a wig cap. I then bobbypin the wig into the pincurls and wigcap to keep it secure. I'm able to wear the wig, spin around and enjoy myself for a god long time ( hours or so ) before the wig becomes too uncomfortable. 

Step 6: Goodluck!

You can see more photos of my costume on my website here (scroll to the bottom for the gallery.)

Detail photo taken by myself. Mirror photo by Joseph Chilin. Other photo by Jason Nishi.

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/Disney-Tangled-Rapunzel-Costume/

Simplicity Pattern W Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costume Pattern for Girls size 3 &#; 8

This listing is for Simplicity Sewing Pattern /Wo,  Disney Princess &#;Rapunzel&#; costume pattern for Girls. This charming pattern was based on the storybook character Rapunzel. This pattern is in excellent, uncut condition. Girls sizes 3 &#; 8. Click on pictures for more information and details.

Visit our site for more great costume patterns, some are rare and hard to find. Contact me at [email protected] with any questions or requests. Thank you!


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UPDATE: For Disney Frozen Elsa Costume Tutorial, click here.

I wrote this article to share the result of my efforts regarding the making of the Rapunzel costume. Hope you’ll like it! The tutorial is splitted into five parts: each one is focused around a specific topic or costume part.

Before we start, let’s take another look at the dress as it was designed by the Disney illustrators: I made the following patchwork trying to put all the main details into view.

Tangled Cosplay Rapunzel

Table of Contents

Choosing the right fabric

The hardest part of the work here is to choose the right fabric type and color. Don’t underestimate the task – it’s not going to be easy. The good news is, once you do that you’re halfway done.

The fabric of the dress featured in the movie is likely a shimmer taffeta or satin: furthermore either the corset and the skirt’s central panel have a mild damask pattern. Chances to find an identical one in your neighborhood clothing store? Close to nothing. You’ll most likely spend a lot of time trying to find something close and you will also have to worry about the “hey, I’m wearing a table cloth!” effect, which happens to be just around the corner.

Don’t worry tho: Rapunzel’s damask clothing effect is almost inappreciable, so you can just fake it by sticking on solid color cloth and then modding it up a bit – we’ll get on it later.

Now let’s move to the big question: What colour is the dress like? Lilac & Violet? Pink & Purple? One of the most frequent mistakes made during the crafting of this princess handmade costume is about choosing the wrong tones:

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay Colors

Left picture: too much blues. Right picture: too much reds. None of them is right, neither they come any close to Rapunzel.

The dress we want to sew is arranged using two different tones of a beatiful (and quite hard to find) pink/violet hybrid color, which answer to the following Pantone names: “pink lavender” for the corset, “radiant orchid” for the gown.

Point is, if you want your hand-crafted costume to look just like the animated one you’ll definitely have to look around a while in order to find the right color tone.


  • “Pink lavender” satin (or eye-equivalent) color for the corset
  • “Radiant orchid” satin (or eye-equivalent) color for the gown
  • White lining
  • Pale pink net tulle (better if slightly stretchable) for the sleeves
  • White and pink lace ribbons to decorate the edges of the corset and the soutane
  • Pale pink satin ribbon (1cm top)
  • Candy pink tubular ribbon to be used as string to tighten the corset
  • A grommet press (like the one used for the belts)

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay materials

The Corset

Rapunzel’s top is tightened by a braided string placed on front and it has a heart-shaped collar.

When I put the front pattern on the fabric I folded the satin towards the inside before cutting in order to have two “wings” of cloth pointed towards the middle of the corset.

I then pierced the fabric with this grommet press (any other press should work as well) and made the holes for the pink ribbon string.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Corset

The top features two pairs of sleeves: straight tulle longsleeves up to the wrists to the inside, puff shortsleeves decorated with pink satin ribbon to the outside.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Sleeves

To strengthen the corset and give it a solid look – since the satin is very thin – I lined it using the same satin used for the outside: I then applied the tulle longsleeves to the inside lining and the puff shortsleeves to the outside.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Sleeves 2

I also decorated either the corset collar and the tulle longsleeves edges with the white and pink lace ribbons.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Sleeves 3

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Corset 2

To enforce the “puff” effects on the shortsleeves I applied a very thin elastic net.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costume Tutorial

Sewing the skirt

the skirt is apparently a seven panels one. The fact is, no matter how much you try, this kind of skirt won’t reproduce the result you want to achieve because of the satin’s lightness. That’s why I chose to draw an half-weel skirt pattern, splitting it into multiple segments so that it would have the same sewing signs featured by the movie. I wanted to split the half-weel into five parts, but you can have seven if you prefer. I also emphasized a bit the central panel, which happens to be quite different from the others.

To recreate the damask effect I manually painted (using fabric colors) the floreal pattern which decorates the central panel of the Rapunzel’s skirt.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Skirt Gown

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Costume Tutorial

Then I sewed the segments togheter to assemble the skirt:

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Skirt Gown 3

We can clearly see that under the skirt there is a white lining soutane having the same length: that’s where you need to apply the white lace, so the soutane edge will come into view from below the skirt just like the one in the movie.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Skirt Gown 4

Connect the corset and the skirt

Eventually I combined the two components togheter. I attached the soutane to the corset’s inner lining and the skirt to the corset accordingly. I also decorated the corset front and rear edges, both having a “V” shaped ending, with a light pink lace ribbon.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay – Corset Skirt Gown junction 1

The junction flanges enclosing the skirt’s central panel can also be decorated with fabric colors in order to recreate the floreal pattern featured by the movie.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Corset Skirt Gown junction 2

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Corset Skirt Gown junction 3

Either the rear side on the corset and the uppermost 10 centimeters of the skirt should be secured with an invisible zipper.

All is left to do is to properly hem the skirt. Keep in mind that Rapunzel’s dress is not lenghty: it ends just before the ankle.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay - Corset Skirt Gown junction 4 - Handmade Tailor

And there we go: a nice hand-made costume for your princess! Very feminine but also comfortable to play, run, dance and doing all kinds of cosplay related activities.

How does it look?

Sours: https://www.hanahaki.com/en/disney-tangled-costume-tutorial-rapunzel-cosplay/
I Made Rapunzel's Dress - Turning Rapunzel's Dress into a Ballgown


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Rapunzel Cosplay Tutorial (Dress) - Cosplay Conscience


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