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Cradlepoint is the leading provider of cloud-managed 4G and 5G LTE solutions for businesses, integrators, and government agencies. Their line of high-performance cellular routers and cloud platforms keep critical networks connected and secure. Retail, financial services, healthcare, smart transportation, public sector, and industrial markets need to manage branch locations, intelligent vehicle fleets, mobile command centers, and a vast array of Internet of Thing (IoT) devices. These organizations count on Cradlepoint’s services for connecting people, places, and things.

Cradlepoint NetCloud Management

Cradlepoint NetCloud, a service-based platform, spans from the cloud to edge computing points to make deploying and managing a network effortless and less resource-intensive than ever. Configure, monitor, visualize, control, and troubleshoot your WAN and LAN network from a central web console rather than at the appliance level. NetCloud optimizes LTE connections so that they connect and perform with the most efficient use of LTE bandwidth.

NetCloud Solution Packages combine cloud services with purpose-built hardware. A subscription offers rapid, distributed deployment, improved productivity, reduced cost, and, importantly, enhanced network intelligence. NetCloud can manage from a few to several thousand fielded routers. It features Stream Protocol, VPN, zero-touch deployment, remote troubleshooting, and real-time diagnostics. Easily set up routing, security, LTE, SD-WAN, and WiFi functionality for every device from a single console.


Enhanced IoT Security with Cradlepoint

NetCloud Perimeter offers perimeter-secured and encrypted overlays that installs quickly for scalable device-to-cloud connections. It’s included with every NetCloud Essentials Solution Package for IoT, and it features:

  • Virtual APN that works with or without a private APN
  • Private IP Addressing to prevent devices from reaching the Internet
  • Reduced exposure by controlling public and static IP address and open inbound ports
  • Trust with invitation-only authentication and admin-controlled access
  • Micro-segmentation isolates devices from other devices and networks.

Business today must be agile. So should your WAN.

The Industry’s First 5G Enterprise Router for the Wireless WAN EraLearn More

Discover Cradlepoint near you

We have dedicated teams in regions the world over. We’re here to answer your questions and connect you with the perfect Wireless WAN solution for your unique business needs.

For a full list of where our solutions are available, please visit our Availability Page.

Cradlepoint for Enterprise

Cradlepoint wireless edge solutions unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular networks to give your WAN the boundless reach, nonstop reliability, and real-time agility it needs to keep up with your business. Connect fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, field forces, and IoT devices, anywhere. Simply. Securely. Wirelessly.

Your Wireless WAN future starts here.

Powered by Cradlepoint NetCloud™

Cradlepoint NetCloud is at the heart of everything we do — a cloud-based subscription service that combines cloud management, software-defined networking, and unified edge security with industry-leading LTE and 5G cellular networking technology to power a portfolio of purpose-built wireless edge routers and adapters.

Connect People, Places, and Things

Imagine, a single cloud platform with wireless edge routers designed to connect fixed and mobile sites, vehicles, field forces, and loT devices over LTE and 5G cellular networks. Welcome to NetCloud.

Deliver Nonstop WAN Availability

When you’re open for business, there’s no time to stop. Our wireless-optimized software-defined networking and dual modems enable nonstop reliability across one or more cellular networks.

Gain Security, Lose Extra Boxes

NetCloud brings together best-of-breed network security to protect you from threats and keep you compliant — without the threat of extra boxes, complexity, and cost.

Go Beyond Wires With Confidence

NetCloud gives you everything you need — speed, reliability, manageability, and security — to deploy a Wireless WAN with confidence and leave the wired world behind.

Manage More With Less

NetCloud Manager provides simple yet sophisticated cloud management that gives you complete visibility and control of your network with fewer resources and less downtime and cost.

Get Started on Your Pathway to 5G

With the industry’s first “5G for Business” adapter and 5G ready and optimized routers, you can deploy LTE today knowing we’ve got your path to 5G covered.

Everything you need to manage every thing

Learn More

The WAN edge is expanding, connecting more people, places, and things than ever before. Building separate networks for branch, mobile, and IoT just doesn’t work anymore. Too much cost and complexity, not enough agility.

NetCloud Manager provides everything you need to connect and manage every edge you have — fixed and mobile sites, vehicles, field forces, and IoT.

Explore what Cradlepoint can do for you

Connect branch, mobile and IoT endpoints on one WAN, controlled and managed by one platform, and supported by one call. And it’s only from one place — Cradlepoint.

Connect more. Wire-less.

Whatever you use wireless for, we have purpose-built LTE and 5G routers and adapters that let you connect more with less cost, complexity, time, people, and, of course, wires.

Branch Continuity (Failover)

In the era of mission-critical cloud applications, branch continuity and WAN uptime are paramount. Our LTE adapters provide the performance and path diversity you need to deliver a nonstop experience.

Wireless Branch Connectivity

Connect beyond the limits of wires with an all-in-one branch routers that delivers superior performance and uptime with zero-touch deployment, cloud management, SD-WAN intelligence, and unified edge security.

Zero-Trust Networking

For store-within-a-store, IoT, or temporary contractor networks, zero-trust networking enables unparalleled security by isolating one network from another using LTE (physical) or NetCloud Perimeter (logical) segmentation.

Mobile Networking

Connect beyond the branch to pop-up and temporary sites, vehicle fleets, and field forces with the peace of mind that comes with ruggedized, GPS-enabled mobile routers and enterprise-class security, management, and control.

Digital Signage

From digital billboards to roadway signs, lobby marketing, engaging menu boards, and wayfinders, digital signage is everywhere. And nowhere will you find a more reliable, secure, and flexible way to connect it all than right here.

IoT with Edge Compute

Whether you’re connecting high-value assets like kiosks, windmills, charging stations, or surveillance cameras, or aggregating sensors within a site, get IoT routers with built-in security, cloud management, and edge computing.

More than 20,000 customers in 50+ countries around the world rely on Cradlepoint for reliable and elastic branch, mobile, and IoT networks.

With what they bring to the table, Cradlepoint offers the best package that helps us not just for today, but for the foreseeable future.

Kevin Weaver
Director of Infrastructure, David's Bridal

Explore how Cradlepoint can help you unlock the power of LTE and 5G cellular for your network.


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American manufacturer of networking equipment

Cradlepoint is a Boise, Idaho-based technology company that develops cloud-managed wireless edge networking equipment.[3] The company was founded in 2006.[4]

In September 2020, the company announced it was being acquired by Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson, and the purchase closed in November 2020.[2]


Cradlepoint was founded in 2006 in Boise, Idaho, by Pat Sewall, who later brought on co-founders Ryan Adamson and Gary Oliviero.[4] Its first products were 3G and 4G cellular routers that created Wi-Fi hotspots for mobile internet.[5][6] One of its early customers was aerospace defense company NORAD, which used a Cradlepoint cellular router to connect 1,500 volunteers with roughly 140,000 calls per year coming from children trying to speak with Santa Claus.[7]

In December 2015, Cradlepoint acquired Los Gatos, CA-based networking company Pertino.[8]

In August 2016, the company announced the Cradlepoint NetCloud platform, a software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) architecture for businesses to manage their wired and wireless networks.[9]

In March 2017, the company received $89 million in funding from new investor Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV).[10]

In January 2018, the company launched its NetCloud Solution subscription model, bundling its hardware and software into annual or multi-year subscriptions.[11]

In January 2020, the company introduced additional analytics capabilities to its NetCloud management platform, to help businesses manage their wireless network charges.[12] In May, the company introduced its E3000 5G compatible edge router.[13] In September, the company announced it was being acquired by Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson, but would continue to operate as Cradlepoint.[3] The purchase closed in November 2020, with the company continuing as a standalone subsidiary within Ericsson’s Business Area Technologies and New Businesses segment.[2]


Cradlepoint develops routers, gateways and software for wireless WAN edge networking, using 4G and 5G wireless signals to connect businesses and other mobile users such as remote front-line emergency workers. The company uses a subscription model that combines its cloud-delivered software as SaaS, with hardware, support and training.[5][11]

The company's E3000 5G-compatible edge router allows satellite offices or small businesses to use a gigabit LTE cellular signal to create a Wi-Fi network using the latest IEEE 802.11ax standard, commonly known as Wi-Fi 6.[13] Modular 5G modems can be customized for compatibility with individual carriers' 5G networks.[13]

The company's NetCloud platform manages the company's 4G LTE-enabled routers and M2M/IoT gateways. The platform also combines cloud, software-defined networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies, known as Network as a service.[9]

As of November 2020, the company said it was certifying its equipment with carriers to ensure that its 5G equipment was compatible with the different versions of the technology.[14]


The company is headquartered in Boise, Idaho, operates a research and development center in Silicon Valley, and has international offices in the UK and Australia.[5] In September 2020, the company announced it had over 20,000 customers, 1,500 channel partners, and over 1 million SaaS subscriptions.[3] The company has 700 employees as of November 2020.[2]


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