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Top 5 Best Sunglass Holder For Your Car On The Market 2021 Reviews


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Wearing sunglasses while driving is not just a fashion statement – they help to protect the eyes from harsh sunlight. However, most motorists don’t need to wear their sunglasses throughout the entire journey. In this case, it is important to have a convenient place to store your sunglasses when they are not in use.

The best products keep sunglasses close to hand while also protecting them from dents, dirt, and scratches. This type of product may look simple, but there are lots of variations to choose from. If you are looking for the best sunglass holder for your car, then please read on…

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Top 5 Best Sunglass Holder For Your Car In 2021 Reviews

 HaloVa Car Glasses Holder

Do you want to keep your sunglasses close to hand? This special holder is just the job. The holder offers 360 degrees of rotation and easily attaches to a sun visor. It is also compatible with virtually every brand of sunglasses on the market.

The holder is made from very soft material that provides enhanced protection for sunglasses while keeping them firmly in place. Two different pairs can be held at the same time. Alternatively, this is also a good option for people who wear reading glasses.

A lifetime warranty…

The supplied sage is also wide enough to hold other items such as business holders. This is ideal for people who are fed up with having small items fall off the dashboard. HaloVa is so sure about the durability of the product that they have included a lifetime warranty.

So, what’s the catch?

The only problem with the rotation feature is that it is a little too sensitive. This makes sunglasses almost impossible to access with one hand.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to have to pull over, this is not ideal. Some motorists may prefer to steer clear of this one. Of course, you could just ask your passenger to reach for the sunglasses for you.


  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Compatible with all sunglasses brands.
  • Features a very wide sage.
  • Spongy material for enhanced material.
  • Impressive lifetime warranty.


  • Difficult to use it while driving.

 Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder for Sun Visor

If you are the kind of person who has a different pair of sunglasses for every occasion, this holder is for you. The holder allows users to easily store two pairs of sunglasses or eyeglasses at the same time.

There are no buttons or clips to get to grips with. This means that the holder can be operated with one hand if needed. Motorists will not even need to pause while taking out their sunglasses – but both eyes should stay firmly on the road.

The holder mounts to all types of sun visors using a wire lip attachment. No special tools are required, and the task can be completed very quickly. In addition, the holder can be mounted to an air vent if preferred.

Although the clip is easy to open and close, it is also strong. Glasses will not slip out easily, even when going over bumpy roads or driving at high speeds.

However, it should be noted that people who wear wire frame glasses may find that the fit is a little loose. As this is impossible to adjust, they may fall out too easily. However, the clip is perfect for plastic frame sunglasses and eyeglasses.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • No special tools are required.
  • Mounts to all visors using a wire lip attachment
  • Simple one handed operation.
  • 2.5″ long, 1.5” wide, 1.5″ deep.


  • Only suitable for plastic framed glasses.

 Komake Glasses Holder for Car Sun Visor

Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to protect your sunglasses when they are not being worn? Komake has created a good solution. This special double ended clip allows users to attach two different pairs of sunglasses to their sun visor.

This means that the sunglasses will always be in easy reach. The sunglasses attach to the sun visor very easily and are designed not to obstruct the view when driving. This is ensured by the 180 degrees of rotation.

Drivers simply need to rotate the clip to the desired angle and unclip their sunglasses. The clip can then be rotated so that it is completely horizontal to the sun visor.

And there’s more…

People who find it hard to stay organized while on the road are sure to appreciate the space in the center of the clip. This is large enough to attach business cards and other small items. There will be no need to clutter up the dashboard.

The inside of the holder is cushioned with a sponge. This is designed to help prevent scratches. Even on bumpy roads, the sunglasses should be kept safe and sound.

Motorists should take care to pull over before operating the holder. Two hands are needed to open and close the clip. However, with a little patience, this can still be a useful item.


  • Double ended clips.
  • 180 degrees of rotation.
  • Can hold two pairs of sunglasses.
  • Space for business cards and other items.
  • Comes with a protective sponge.


  • Not ideal for steel framed sunglasses.
  • Requires two hands to operate.

 FineGood 2 Pack Glasses Holders for Car Sun Visor

Keeping your cool shades close to hand will be easy thanks to this special holder from FineGood. Want to keep two pairs with you at all times? No problem – the special clip means that both pairs can be slotted in at the same time.

The clip holder is double ended and is designed to be very easy to use. The clip can be rotated very easily so that the sunglasses will not obstruct the view while driving. Simply rotate the slip so that it sits horizontally and you’re ready to start your engine.

People who have sunglasses with an especially thick frame are sure to find that the clip holds them firmly in place. The inside of the holder is padded with soft material. This ensures that the sunglasses will not become scratched or dented.

However, glasses that have a thin metal frame may fall out of the clip. This could also be the case with glasses that are slightly heavier than average. It is worth taking a closer look to obtain the right fit.


  • 180-degree rotation.
  • Special double ended clip.
  • Ideal for thicker framed sunglasses.
  • Lined with soft material.
  • Easy to install.


  • Sunglasses with thin frames may fall out.
  • Not especially durable.
  • Not compatible with many brands of sunglasses.

 Carmilla Car Glasses Sunglasses Sun Glass Holder Case Storage Box

If you are looking for a way to keep your sunglasses protected, Carmilla has created a unique solution. Unlike most other holders, this product does not clip to the sun visor. This means that there is no risk of the driver’s view being obstructed.

The holder promises to be easy to install in the special grove in the roof of the vehicle or the side. The holder is very durable and comes with an attractive design.

However, unlike many sunglasses holders, this product cannot be used while driving. Because it is tucked just out of sight, a bit more attention is needed to locate and access it. This means that it is necessary to take out the sunglasses before starting the vehicle or to pull over.

While this might not be the most convenient product, it will not bloke your view while driving. Safety conscious drivers who are looking for a product that is very durable may want to check it out.


  • Very durable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Attractive design.
  • Does not obstruct the view while driving.


  • Not especially convenient.
  • Only large enough for one pair of sunglasses.
  • Cannot open while driving.

So, What’s The Best Sunglass Holder For Your Car?

If you need a sunglasses holder that is easy enough to use even while driving…

Superior Essentials

…is an excellent product. This special holder can be attached to the sun visor to keep sunglasses out of the way and yet still be easily accessible. And, unlike many other products, the clip is easy enough to open with just one hand.

This means that drivers who experience a sudden burst of sunlight will be able to access their sunglasses straight away. The case is very durable and will go the distance. People who also wear eyeglasses will find plenty of space for them.


Finding the best sunglass holders for cars is more important than most people realize. It is really important to have a reliable pair of sunglasses that you can pull out when it is necessary. If you are a big fan of wearing sunglasses while you are out and about, then you need to make sure that you are taking care of them when you aren’t wearing them. If you just put them on your car seat while you’re driving or on your dashboard, then they are likely to get smashed up.

A nice pair of sunglasses will not stay that way for long if they are not protected. For this reason, you should join me as I take a look at the best sunglass holders for your car. You will be able to find a good option to consider and your sunglasses will be much safer.

Reviews of best sunglass holders for cars.


Features to Look for in Sunglass Holders

When you are looking to buy a good sunglass holder, there are certain features that you should look out for. You want the sunglass holder to be as practical to use as possible. This will ensure that you will always have a smooth experience. Take a look at these convenient features that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Dashboard or visor installation
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility with all cars and sunglasses
  • UV protection
  • 180-degree rotation

If you can find sunglass holders with some, if not all, of the features listed above, then you will have a good experience. This is going to be an important part of determining which sunglass holders will stand above the rest in terms of quality. You want the features to improve your overall experience while making it easy to grab your sunglasses whenever you need them.

Most of the sunglass holders on this list will have features such as this and they are all good in their own ways. Which one is going to appeal to you the most will largely depend on your specific needs. Some sunglass holders may work better for certain cars too, depending on size restrictions. That being said, read on so that you can find out the best options and choose which one you will ultimately want to buy.

7 Best Sunglass Holders for Cars in 2021

I created this list because people often don’t know what to do with their sunglasses when they are driving. People are aware that sunglass holders exist but many do not know that some are a lot better than others. When you buy a superior sunglass holder, it is going to make your life that much easier. It may sound a bit dramatic but it is just nice to be able to ensure that things are as convenient as possible while you are driving.

You can get a sunglass holder that will help you to grab your sunglasses fast while you are driving. Finding an option that is simultaneously convenient and capable of protecting your sunglasses is fantastic. I think that this information should help you to make an informed decision as a consumer. Seeing friends go out and buy really flimsy sunglass holders is part of what prompted me to make this list of good options.

1. Super Essentials Double Sunglasses Holder

This option from Superior Essentials is really going to be worth your time. If you would like to be able to hold two pairs of sunglasses at once in your holder, then this is among the most convenient options. You will be able to easily fasten this sunglass holder to your sun visor. It fits onto your sun visor by using a little clip to attach itself.

Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder for Sun Visor/Air Vent - Conveniently Holds 2 Pairs of Sunglasses

You will also be able to attach this sunglass holder to your intro car vent if that is going to be more convenient for you. Either way, this is absolutely an easy sunglass holder to make use of. You can clip it on in a matter of seconds and it will remain secure while you drive. Sharp turns are not going to send it flying or anything so you can rely on this product to protect your glasses.

One of the most positive features of this sunglass holder is the fact that it is so easy to use. You do not need to press any buttons or slide any moving parts to remove your sunglasses. You can simply grab your sunglasses off of the clips and start using them whenever you want to. This sunglass holder fits all glasses and sunglasses too so it should work for anyone.

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2. HOLDCY Car Sun Visor Glasses Case Clip

If you are worried about keeping your glasses safe, then you may be interested in an option that will protect your glasses even more than usual. As convenient as the above product was, it still left your sunglasses exposed to getting bumped when you are getting in and out of the car. As unlikely as it is that there would be any problems with bumping the sun visor, some people will still prefer something more rugged.

HOLDCY Sunglasses Clip Holder for Car Sun Visor - Eye Glasses Storage Box - Automotive Accessories ABS 1Pcs Apply to All Car Models (Black)

HOLDCY has created an interesting offering that works similarly to most sunglass holders while providing more protection. This sunglass holder will easily fit on any sun visor. It can also be clipped on other things but most people will be using this with a sun visor. You will be placing your sunglasses inside of a case in order to keep them safe.

When you need to use your sunglasses again, you can simply open the case and grab your glasses. Opening this holder is actually very simple too. You can do it with one hand so that it does not disrupt the flow of your driving in any way. This is a convenient option that will keep your sunglasses safe from getting bumped or damaged in any way.

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3. Dutch Brook 5 Pcs Auto Car Vehicle Sun Visor Clip Holder for Sunglasses

Dutch Brook has made a very aesthetically pleasing sunglass holder with this offering. This sunglass holder looks really nice and it comes in various colors. If you care about how things look, then this is actually one of the more visually impressive sunglass holders on this list. The sunglass holder will come in either black, blue, red, gray, or silver.

Dutch Brook 5 Pcs Auto Car Vehicle Sun Visor Clip Holder for Sunglasses Ticket Accessories(Color Randomly)

It is also very small so it does not take up a lot of room or get in your way. You will be able to neatly clip this sunglass holder onto your sun visor in order to keep your glasses safe. It will fit any type of sunglasses as the clip is simply going to hold onto the arms of your glasses to keep them safely pinned to the sun visor. 

You can keep your glasses and your sun visor looking tidy if you choose to make use of this model. The sunglass holder itself is made from plastic and alloy. It stands up to regular use very well and should keep your glasses safe and out of the way for a long time. This is a very practical sunglass holder that maintains a low profile. If you like being able to keep your sunglass holders small and practical, then you should consider this option.

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4. HaloVa Car Glasses Holder

The HaloVa Car Glasses Holder is a high-quality product that allows you to conveniently store your glasses on your sun visor. This sunglass holder holds onto your sunglasses very securely. If you like to buy thicker glasses, then you will not need to worry with this product. It will hold onto your sunglasses very tightly and keep them safe while you are driving.

HaloVa Car Glasses Holder, Car Visor Sunglasses Ticket Clip Holder, Double Sunglasses Mount Eyeglasses Clip Cash Money Card Holder for Auto Sun Visor/Air Vent, Black

One of the added conveniences of this product is the fact that it allows for full 360-degree rotation. This means that you can rotate the holder in order to easily adjust your sunglasses. If you need to move the sunglasses to a different position to keep them from obstructing your view, then the rotation functionality makes it easy to do so. You can use this sunglass holder to its full potential without any trouble.

Many people use this sturdy clip for other purposes too. It can easily store business cards, tickets, or other things that you need to tuck away while you’re on the road. When you’re using this for your glasses, it will keep them safe with its soft sponge material. You should not have to worry even if you are using this holder to store your expensive designer sunglasses.

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5. AutoBoxClub Clear – New EZ Pass Holder

This sunglass holder is going to look a little bit different than what you are used to seeing. It does not function in the same way as the sunglass holders that I have highlighted so far. This holder does not attach to your sun visor. In order to make use of this, you are going to be attaching it to your windshield.

AutoBoxClub Clear - EZ Pass Holder, IPass Holder/Toll Pass Holder for Most US States/Toll Pass Windshield Mount/Easy to Install and Remove/with 4pcs Toll Pass Mounting Strips/UV-Protective (1 Pack)

The unit has little suction cups that easily attach to your windshield. You can then fasten your sunglasses to this holder in order to keep your glasses up and out of the way. It is a good option for people who do not want to have to take up space on their sun visors. If you would prefer to have your holder on your windshield itself, then this one will work out nicely.

This is actually meant for passes that people use on their commute but many people have taken to using it for sunglasses. It is a good fit for many types of glasses but it may not provide the same levels of protection as some of the other options on this list. Depending on your needs, this will either be a really convenient option or one that you would prefer to pass on.

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6. Komake Glasses Holder for Car Sun Visor

The Komake Glasses Holder is one of the preferred options for many people. This is a sunglass holder that is similar to the Dutch Brook offering from earlier in many ways. There are some differences that help to set it apart, though. For example, this has a double-ended sunglass visor clip.

Komake Glasses Holder for Car Sun Visor, 2 Pack Sunglasses Holder Clip Hanger Eyeglasses Mount for Car, Double-Ends Clip and 180° Rotational Car Glasses Holder with Ticket Card Clip

You will easily be able to store two pairs of sunglasses if you choose to buy this clip. It fits right on your sun visor in your car and you can easily grab your glasses at any time. The glasses attach right to whichever clip you choose to use. It is small and out of the way as well so the sunglass holder will never obstruct your view.

Komake uses a soft bubble cotton on both ends in order to keep your sunglasses from coming to harm. It is even designed to leave as little impact on your sun visor as possible. Many sunglass holders leave an imprint on your visor due to the pressure that they are applying but that is not the case with this one. You can also easily rotate the sunglass holder 180-degrees when you need to so it has many beneficial features to keep you happy.

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7. Yeworth Double Sunglasses-Glasses Holder for Car Sun Visor

Lastly, there is the Yeworth Double Sunglasses Holder. This is a product that is not too unlike many of the other ones on this list. It is made to clip onto your car sun visor in order to give you convenient access to your sunglasses at all times. You can use this sunglass holder to hold two pairs of glasses for you if need be.

It has an easy clip-on system that allows you to attach everything very quickly. The grip that it has on your sun visor is very firm and your glasses absolutely should not move once you have made use of this convenient holder. You can use this while driving without problems too as you will be able to unclip your glasses with one hand.

This unit is adjustable too, meaning that you can change it around to your liking. It should fit any pair of glasses that you own. People also use this holder to hang onto small accessories or other important items while they are driving. It is a convenient thing to own that should come in handy for just about everyone.

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Why You Should Get a Sunglasses Holder

There are quite a few practical reasons why you should buy sunglass holders for your car. Firstly, these types of sunglass holders do not come with your car when you buy it from the dealership. It is something that you absolutely have to buy as an accessory after the fact.

To add to this, you also need to be able to reach your sunglasses when you need to use them. If you do not have a convenient place to put your sunglasses while you are driving, then you are likely to lose them. People who place their glasses on the dashboard often find that the glasses will slide around and wind up falling on the floor of the car somewhere. The same thing often happens when you try to place your sunglasses on the car seat.

Fumbling with your center console while you are driving is not recommended either. You will not have easy access to your sunglasses if you choose to store them in there. The most practical thing to do is to buy sunglass holders that will allow you to easily access your sunglasses whenever the sun is shining a bit too brightly. You will be able to grab them quickly and it will not interrupt the flow of your driving.

Lastly, it just makes sense to keep the sunglasses safe. Your sunglasses might be expensive and really nice. You do not want to accidentally ruin an expensive pair of sunglasses simply because you did not take the proper precautions. Buying sunglass holders is truly worthwhile and there are many good ones on the market.

Keep Your Sunglasses Safe

Now that you know more about what these sunglass holders have to offer, it will be easier to choose one for your car. No matter what choice you make, you will be getting a good sunglass holder. All of the above options have their own positive qualities to offer. There should be one or two of them that will stand out to you and your specific tastes.

Having a nice sunglass holder in your car makes it so much easier to protect your sunglasses. If you are the type of person who spends money on designer sunglasses, then it simply makes sense to want to protect your investment. These sunglass holders should keep your sunglasses out of harm’s way. You will be able to use them whenever you want but you will not have to worry about them getting bumped around while you’re driving.

All of these should work well with just about any glasses too. If you need to use sunglass holders for your extra set of prescription glasses, then it should work out fine for those purposes. As long as you pick an option that will be easy to use inside of your car, you will be good to go.


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A pair of sunglasses, besides allowing you to make a fashion statement, is an essential accessory. It is normal to take off your glasses while driving, but leaving them anywhere may damage your favorite pair of glasses.

A sunglass holder is a fantastic accessory that can hold your most valuable pair of sunshades firmly in one place. You can effortlessly clip these holders to the sun visor or AC vent to hang the glasses. Most sunglass holders come with a built-in sponge to prevent scratches and securely place the glasses.

We have compiled a list of the best sunglass holders for car to make it easier for you to choose the perfect one.

Types Of Sunglass Holders For Car

Let us briefly look at the two main types of sunglass holders that help you keep your favorite glasses safe.

  1. Mono-holders: These sunglass holders can securely clip one pair of sunglasses at a time.
  2. Dual-holders: These holders can clip two sunglasses at a time. They have two clips at both ends for dual support. Dual holders are also available with one clip support and rotatable features.

11 Best Sunglass Holders For Car

1. FineGood 2 Pack Glasses Holders

FineGood’s glass holder can accommodate two pairs of sunglasses of all sizes and an extra card. You can firmly clamp it on the sun visor without obstructing the driver’s view. It has a 180° rotatable function, allowing you to adjust the glasses vertically or horizontally. The flat clip protects the sun visor from scratches.


  • Soft material
  • Durable
  • Sleek design
  • Fits all kinds of sunglasses
  • Prevents view obstruction


  • Does not work for sunglasses with wire hands

2. Superior Essentials Double Sunglasses

Superior Essentials’ one-piece sunglasses holder can hold two pairs of sunglasses in one case. It features a small neat clip that you can attach to the sun visor or air vents for neat and orderly storage.

This sunglass holder is sturdy and can hold the sunglasses firmly. The universal design makes it fit into all types of sun visors.


  • Compact design
  • Easy-to-use
  • Rattle-free
  • One-hand operation
  • One-year warranty


  • May not be easy to slip out the sunglasses

3. Mudder 2 Packs Car Glasses Holder

Mudder’s premium two-piece leather sunglass holder features a high-quality aluminum alloy clip. It makes the storage of sunglasses easier without damaging the sun visor or vents. A built-in sponge supports the aluminum clip to help protect your glasses from scratches. This sunglass holder protects your glasses from getting lost and keeps your car tidy.


  • Easy-to-install
  • Long-lasting
  • Durable material
  • Firm grip
  • Scratch-proof
  • Non-slip


4. Mosiso Car Visor Sunglasses Case

Mosiso’s sunglass case is exquisitely designed and fits all car visors. The case has a magnetic closure to hold your sunglasses in place. You can comfortably use it with one hand while driving.

The velvet lining layer inside the case protects your glasses from scratches and bumps and prevents damage. It has two clamps for inserting cards and also includes a sunglasses cloth for cleaning.


  • Universal fit
  • Easy to install
  • Durable ABS material
  • Waterproof
  • One-year warranty


  • May not be ideal for thick sunglasses

5. Hominize Sunglass Holder for Car

Hominize sunglass holder is an ideal choice for safely storing your sunglasses when not in use. This sunglass holder has two clip holders to keep your sunglasses in place securely when driving. You can comfortably clip it to your car visor.


  • Sleek design
  • Long-lasting
  • Giftable
  • Firm grip
  • Universal design


  • Might be difficult to remove the glasses

6. Holdcy Sunglass Clip Holder

The Holdcy sunglass clip holder keeps your sunglasses in a secured closure case. Attach it securely to the sun visor to prevent any obstruction to the driver’s view. It is made of high-quality leather material with an attractive glossy finish. The unique design is spacious enough to hold large sunglasses.


  • Practical design
  • Dust-proof
  • Shock-proof
  • Heat-resistant
  • Cushioned interior


7. Chimuyu Glasses Holders

This sunglass holder from Chimuyu is made of stylish crystals and makes an exquisite gift for women and girls. The unique sunglasses holder is available in pairs. The clip uses a high-quality cushioning sponge to protect your glasses from damage when driving. You can firmly mount it on the sun visor or AC vent for quick access without obstructing the driver’s sight. You can use it to clamp your cards too.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to clamp
  • Anti-vibration
  • Durable


  • May not be heat-resistant

8. Roson Sunglass Holder

Roson’s exquisite, small, high-quality sunglass holder has a 360° rotating design and can swing right and left. You can quickly fix it on any surface without using any tools since the fixing clip has a 3M advanced adhesive. The metal ring is made of high-quality zinc and alloy and is durable enough to hold sunglasses of any size.


  • Long-lasting
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Sleek and stylish
  • 360° rotatable


  • Adhesive may not stay in extreme heat

9. Autut Modengzhe 4 Pcs Car Sun Visor

This sunglass holder from Autut Modengzhe is a compact, space-saving device for your car. It is light as the body is made of plastic shells. The inner base of the sunglasses holder has soft bubble cotton to prevent damage to the sunglasses. It comes in a pack of four and is easy to install on the car sun visor without obstructing the driver’s sight.


  • Additional cardholder
  • Shock-proof
  • Dust-proof
  • Cushioned interior


  • Locking tab may not be durable

10. Frienda 6 Pieces Car Glasses Holders

This pack of six-piece car glass holders from Frienda comes in six different attractive colors. You can open and close the clamp quickly with one hand. The inner layer has a soft sponge pad to prevent damage to sunglasses. The flexible and durable ABS material ensures adequate protection to the sunglasses. You can comfortably connect it to the sun visor for easy use.


  • Easy to install
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • Firm grip


  • Locking tab may not be durable

11. EcoNour Sunglasses Holder

EcoNour’s elegantly designed sunglass holder can hold two sunglasses at a time for safe storage. The sunglass holder’s clip can be rotated 360° to adjust your sunglasses vertically or horizontally. It has a built-in sponge to protect your sunglasses and prevent them from being scratched. The broad clip provides strong holding to the visor and is not easy to break.


  • Flexible
  • Premium design
  • Compatible with most sunglasses
  • Easy to install


  • May not be compatible with all cars

What To Look For In A Sunglass Holder For Car?

Before buying a sunglass holder for car, consider the following tips.

  1. Installation: Installing a sunglass holder should be straightforward without requiring technical expertise.
  2. Flexibility: Choose a sunglass holder that can be rotated 180° so that you can hang the sunglasses vertically or horizontally
  3. Features: If you wear more than two pairs of sunglasses, choose a holder that can fit in more than one pair in a single holder. Buy them in pairs if you want them separately for other passengers.
  4. Compatibility: Purchasing a sunglass holder compatible with all types of vehicles is always a good idea.
  5. Protection: Ensure that the padding inside the sunglass holder is of good quality to prevent scratches.

Car sunglass holders keep your sunglasses safe. These well-designed holders protect your favorite pairs of sunglasses from getting damaged. Choose from our list of the best sunglass holders and protect your sunglasses from damage or loss.

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