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Tuition and Fee Refunds


A student is eligible for a refund of tuition and fees of up to one hundred percent but no less than eighty percent if the student withdraws from a course or program prior to the sixth instructional day of the regular quarter for which the fees have been paid or are due.  If the student withdraws on or after the sixth day a refund of up to fifty percent but no less than forty percent may be refunded provided the withdrawal occurs within the first twenty calendar days following the beginning of instruction.


Defines how refunds will be made in compliance with state statute and federal regulations.

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

All individuals registered for classes at Tacoma Community College.


Previous Board Policy Manual Section Tuition and Fees

Previous Board Policy Manual Section Tuition and Fee Refund

Previous Board Policy Manual Section Community Services Tuition and Fee Refunds

RCW Rights of Washington National Guard and other military reserve students called to service

RCW 28B Refunds or cancellation of fees – Community and Technical Colleges Federal Student Assistance Act (Title IV)




Refunds – Credit Courses

Regulations and procedures for the refund of tuition and fees to students shall be consistent with State statute.  Students receiving financial aid are eligible for tuition refunds as directed by the Federal Student Assistance Act (Title IV) and RCW 28B and permissible by State law.  Refunds will be made in accordance with the schedule below.

A student must complete the official withdrawal procedure to receive a refund.  A student dismissed from the College for disciplinary reasons is not eligible for a refund.  Instructional days are defined as days school is in session, not including weekends and scheduled holidays.  Refunds will be made according to the following schedule:

  1. If the withdrawal results from classes being cancelled by the College. %
  2. If the withdrawal occurs prior to or during the first five (5) instructional daysof the quarter  %
  3. If the withdrawal occurs from the sixth (6th) through the twentieth (20th)calendar day of the quarter 40%
  4. If the withdrawal occurs after the twentieth (20th) calendar day of the quarter  0%

Short courses and summer quarter coursework have pro-rated refund periods.

Medical/Military Withdrawal Refunds

The State of Washington permits exception to the above policy for a student unable to complete a quarter due to serious illness or medical emergency or call to active military service directed by RCW 28B  Requests submitted after the 55th day of the quarter has ended will be considered for withdrawal, but no refund will be issued.  Petitions are made to the Registrar.

Refunds – Non-credit Courses

Enrollment in high technology and certification programs requires instructor permission.  Tuition and fees are due in full at the time of registration and include a $ non-refundable deposit.  No refunds will be issued for high technology or certification classes without written notice of intent to withdraw at least two weeks prior to the first day of the class.  All other non-credit courses are subject to % refund if the student withdraws prior to the first day of class.

TCC reserves the right to change or reschedule classes as needed.  All classes are payable in advance.  There is an automatic % refund for classes that are cancelled by the College.  After the first class sessions, refunds will be granted only in the case of serious student illness or other special circumstance.


Financial Aid Disbursement Dates

Financial aid is paid on verified class attendance and eligible classes that are required for the degree program you have selected. Please make sure you attend classes and that the classes you take fit into your specified program.

If your financial aid was packaged one week prior to the start of the term, you should expect to receive a refund from your financial aid by:

Term & Session

Distribution Date


January Main​/January ExpressJanuary 28,
February ExpressFebruary 25 ,
March Express​April 4,


May MiniMay 28,
May Main/May ExpressJune 3,
June ExpressJuly 20,


August Main/August ExpressSeptember 17,
September ExpressOctober 8,
October ExpressNovember 12,


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Tcc Refund Portal

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Refer to the term sessions to review the term-specific refund schedule.

After selecting a term, look for your course start/end date.

You must officially drop and/or withdraw to initiate any potential refund unless you are de-registered (DREG) for lack of payment or dropped for academic reasons.

For non-credit classes, see the Community Education & Engagement refund policy.

How are refunds determined?

Based upon the refund schedule, credit balances are automatically shown on your account when you withdraw or cancel a course.

They are calculated based on your invoice amount, not the payments you've made, and may first be applied to any outstanding balances you have with the College. This includes but is not limited to parking fines, library fines and returned items.

If you've received a Dual Credit Grant reimbursement, you may be required to repay funds received.

If you are enrolled in a TCC Plus (Powered by First Day™) course with the cost of digital course materials included in your tuition, visit our TCC Plus page to determine how refunds are calculated.  

How will I receive my refund?

Refunds may take up to 6 weeks to process, and will be refunded based on the original payment method.

Refunds will be made to the credit/debit card used for payment if the refund is processed within days of the original payment.

Refunds for cash, check or ACH/electronic check payments, debit/credit cards after days of the original payment will be processed using your refund preference with BankMobile.


Our school delivers your refund with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc.

You will receive information from BankMobile Disbursements if you are one of the following:

  • Between the ages of 16 to 54 and are currently registered for classes,
  • Age 16 and older and have been awarded financial aid.

How do I choose my refund preference?

To choose your refund preference, visit BankMobile Disbursements.

Have additional questions about BankMobile?

View our institution's contract with BankMobile or contact Business Services.

Can I request that my refund eligibility be reconsidered?

If you feel you've met the Student Refund Request Guidelines, you may request that your refund eligibility be reconsidered by completing the Tuition Refund Request Form.

The form must be submitted no later than the end of the next long semester following the semester for which you're requesting a refund.

Semester AppealingDeadline
Spring December 15,
Summer December 15,
Fall May 11,

Additional Information

See the complete refund policy in the TCC Catalog.

Tuition rates and refund of tuition are subject to change by legislative and/or TCC Board of Trustees action without notice. The College reserves the right to cancel any course section due to an inadequate number of enrolled students.


For questions or additional information, contact your campus's Business Services Office.

Updated July 01,


Portal tcc refund

Fall Disbursement Schedule

September 20Scholarships, REV, G3, and Bookstore Grant
September 21State Grants = COMA, PTAP, & Supplemental
September 22Federal Direct Loans, Parent Plus Loans, and Private/Alternative Loans
September 23PELL & SEOG Grants
October 11G3, State Grants = COMA, PTAP, & Supplemental
October 12Federal Direct Loans, Parent Plus Loans, and Private/Alternative Loans
October 13PELL & SEOG grants
November 8Scholarships and G3
November 9State Grants = COMA, PTAP, & Supplemental
November 10Federal Direct Loans, Parent Plus Loans, and Private/Alternative Loans
November 11PELL & SEOG grants


Funds will not begin to disburse until after the last day to drop with a refund based on your session enrollment. Your financial aid awards will disburse according to this schedule once all of your documents have been reviewed and marked as completed and the last day to drop with a refund has passed in your last session of enrollment. Please visit your myTNCC portal for any outstanding "To-Do" items.

  • All dates are tentative and are subject to change
  • School Closings will delay disbursements
  • If you have not completed all of your paperwork, your financial aid will not be disbursed until it has been received
  • Refunds issued through TMS (Nelnet) via direct deposit or prepaid Visa card take business days or less to receive
  • A paper check refund takes business days longer than refunds processed as ACH or to the prepaid Visa card
  • Some classes start at a later date in the term: disbursements for these classes will be held until attendance has been verified in all classes
  • Additional disbursements may be processed as needed

Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs

Hampton & Historic Triangle campuses

M8 a.m.– 5 p.m.
T8 a.m.– 5 p.m.
W8 a.m.– 5 p.m.
TH8 a.m.– 7 p.m.
F8 a.m.– 12 p.m.

Electronic disbursements and refunds

TCC offers students convenient options for receiving tuition refunds and financial aid disbursements:

  • Direct deposit (ACH) to your bank account – funds are available in as few as  business days* after the disbursement date posted in your SIS account
  • If you prefer to receive disbursements by check, do not sign up for electronic disbursement. A check will be mailed to your address on file in SIS after the disbursement date. Please allow business days after you see the refund post in your SIS account for your check to arrive.

Please note: If you paid your tuition with a credit card using Nelnet, your refund will be issued back to the card originally used for payment.

Getting started

At the start of each term, all new students and current students who have not selected a refund preference should log into their MyTCC account in SIS and setup their refund method in Nelnet.

  1. Go to MyTCC
  2. Click on SIS (Student Information System)
  3. Select "My Student Information"
  4. Under Finances, select "Manage Refund".

Avoid delays

Log in and select your refund method preference, even if you don't anticipate receiving a disbursement or refund. A class may get cancelled or you might unexpectedly have to drop a class, so it’s better to be prepared. Log in and select your refund method early in the term to avoid delays in receiving your refund or disbursement.

*Certain state grants and tuition refunds may take an additional business days (listed below). A business day is considered to be Monday through Friday.

  • Commonwealth Award (COMA)
  • Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program (VGAP)
  • College Scholarship Assistance Program (CSAP)
  • VCCS Grant
  • Part-time Tuition Assistance Program (PTAP)
  • Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program (VMSDEP)
  • Shipyard Apprenticeship
  • Private scholarships
  • ED Foundation Scholarships
  • GEAR UP Grant
  • VA Chapter 33
  • Tuition Payment Plan
Payment Solutions Contract

Student Data Disclosure for Award Year

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Refund Information

Tallahassee Community College has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund. BankMobile is a financial services company focused solely on higher education. 

 Below are the financial aid distribution dates:




Simply follow these steps to make your refund preference selection:

** Ensure your address and phone number match your primary address and primary phone number in Workday before setting up your account **

*Students new to BankMobile will not be able to set up an account until classes begin *

1. Login to MyTCC 1. Login to Workday
2. From the Student Financials group, select the 'Resources' tab 2. Select Finances
3. Select 'BankMobile Activation' 3. Under 'Student Finance' header, select 'more'
4. Enter your TCC email and password 4. Select 'Set up payment elections'
5. Select your refund preference  

If you need further assistance selecting your refund preference with BankMobile, please contact the Cashier's Office at () or email [email protected]

For more information about BankMobile, click here.


View TCC's contract with BankMobile.


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