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Someone Photoshopped Keanu Reeves Into Tons Of Disney Movies And It’s Amazing

Writer and artist Crystal Ro created quite the stir on social media with a recent article and series of photos. The regular Buzzfeed contributor decided to have a little fun with her creativity and transformed a series of Disney classic characters by giving them a more modern twist. Ro recast a collection of Disney princes with an unexpected Hollywood actor: Keanu Reeves.

Well, maybe it’s not that unusual. After all, Disney has already shown Reeves the love by casting him as daredevil Duke Kaboom in the recent animated film “Toy Story 4.” But, while his most recent role keeps him firmly in action hero mode, Ro’s vision of Reeves embraces his more romantic side.

In her Buzzfeed article, Ro showcased nine different images in which she replaced each Disney leading man with Keanu Reeves. The popular entertainment star of hit movies such as “The Matrix,” “A Walk in the Clouds” and “Speed” looked positively regal as Prince Phillip from “Sleeping Beauty,” Prince Eric of “The Little Mermaid,” Prince Naveen from “The Princess and the Frog,” the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast,” Prince Charming from “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs,” the prince from “Cinderella,” John Smith from “Pocahontas,” Li Shang from “Mulan” and pauper-turned-prince “Aladdin.”

Ro posted her Prince Keanu creations on Instagram, and people liked it more than 18,000 times:

And, we have to be honest, some of them actually seem plausible! While it’s hard to replace a classic, Disney is no stranger to remakes of some of its most popular films. Fans have already seen live-action remakes of “Cinderella” and “Beauty and the Beast.” Plus, a new “Mulan” live-action feature is in the works.

Po’s concept art had many fans’ hearts all aflutter over the “newest Disney prince” and had quite a few calling out to Disney to get on some remakes quickly. Twitter user Kristy Coulcher got on board for series of Royal Reeves remakes, asking Disney for a do-over of all of them:

What do you think? Does Keanu have the royal Disney touch?

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This Artist Hilariously Reimagined Every Disney Princess as Baby Yoda

Do you remember mere months ago when the only Yoda we knew was Yoda Yoda, the Jedi master from the Skywalker saga? We still love him, of course, but it’s hard to imagine life—or at least life on the internet—without The Child or, as he’s widely known, Baby Yoda.

The breakout star of The Mandalorian is one of the most memeable characters out there, so it was only a matter of time before he (she? it?) followed in the grand tradition of realistic Disney princesses and R-rated versions of Disney classics in a Mandalorian-Disney animated film mashup for the ages.

The pop culture genius behind this effort is Crystal Ro, a Buzzfeed editor and aritst who you might remember as the woman who once replaced every Disney prince with Keanu Reeves. The Force is clearly strong with this one.

She inserted Baby Yoda into nine different frames from various Disney classics and generously shared them with the masses on Instagram. Because if a meme gets created but not posted to social media, then it’s not really a meme at all.

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

Mulan from Mulan

Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

Pocahontas from Pocahontas

Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

Jasmine from Aladdin

Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

Cinderella from Cinderella

Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Crystal Ro/Buzzfeed

This last one is particularly brilliant because it’s a nod to the most well-known of the Baby Yoda memes, itself an homage to the classic Kermit drinking tea meme. What we’re trying to say is that it’s meme-ception. What a time to be alive.

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Crystal Ro is a Korean-American, Senior Editor at BuzzFeed who’s written and drawn about everything from period problems to Keanu Reeves as Disney Princesses. Her articles and drawings have been covered by Business Insider, MTV, and Unilad among others. Her work has also been featured on popular Instagram accounts like 9GAG, Fandom, and Cinema Monkeys. She’s the creator of original comics for Amazon Prime Video and has work coming out in the anthology Send Help!: A Collection of Marooned Cartoons that you can pre-order now!

In this episode, she shares more about her childhood and journey to becoming a longstanding artist and creator-by herself and with Buzzfeed. Her upbringing made it possible for her to embrace her artistic talents, leading to taking art classes and further cultivate her creativity.

Enjoy hearing from artistic individuals? Listen to Episode 24 with Kiki Yeung, who founded a group for Asians in comedy to share their talent and art-Crazy Woke Asians.


Buzzfeed crystal ro

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

Instead of the iconic cartoons we all know and love, what if Disney movies were all live action?

Crystal Ro at BuzzFeed imagined what some the voice actors of classic Disney cartoons like "Brave," "Frozen," "Tangled" and more would look like if we saw their beautiful faces along with their gorgeous acting and singing voices.

Idina Menzel, owner of the set of pipes that sang "Let It Go" looks splendid as her "Frozen" character Elsa and Kristen Bell as her free-spirited sister Anna, looks great in real life as well.

The most surprising fit, however, goes to Tom Hanks as Woody from the "Toy Story" films. He really just ... looks like Woody. It makes us want a live-action reboot of the series of films -- but they might have to rethink Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear because he looks a little creepy.

See all the real-life fun over at BuzzFeed.

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