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Repeating shotgun BENELLI SuperNova 24 "Comfortech // 12/89

Benelli Supernova's shotgun is durable and practical. The technopolymer sludge guarantees maximum resistance at high and low temperatures. For the first time in history, the Pump Action shotgun has been equipped with exclusive and patented Comfortech Benelli technology, dramatically reducing the recoil generated by Supermagnum ammunition. SuperNova Comfortech provides much better control over the weapon thanks to the significantly reduced reload and much faster reloading. The shotgun is suitable for professional use and sets new standards in performance and accuracy.

With the Comfortech system, Benelli met the challenge of "lighter and smaller recoil" which was considered impossible by the competition. It reduces recoil by 47%, weapon recoil by 32% and reduces the time it takes to take a second shot by 34%! Starting with the typical inertial technology common to all Benelli shotguns, the Comfortech weapon has been redesigned, a new weight distribution has been introduced for perfect balance and recoil reduction, a new stock geometry, a new cap and recoil suppression foot, and new materials have been used. In the Comfortech system patented by the Benelli company, the butt is made of technopolymer on both sides and has 11 triangular elements that are designed to absorb the recoil energy to the maximum. As a result, after the shot, the impact force on the shooter's arm is smaller. This brilliant solution has been developed thanks to long and complicated research and experiments.

  • Barrel length: 610mm / 24 "
  • Magazine: 4-cartridge (12/89)
  • Sights: front sight with optical fiber

The BENELLI company:

The tradition of arms production in the Marche region dates back to the rule of the Montefeltro family, which began to rule Urbino in 1375. Locksmiths created an original school of gunsmiths in Urbino, Ancona, Pesaro, Macerata, Senigallia, Fossombrone and other smaller cities in the region and exported their products to Italy and Eastern countries.

Weapons from the Marche region are currently stored in several world-famous museums. Very rare priceless copies prove the centuries-old passion of the inhabitants of the Marche region to design and create highly precise weapons. In 1967, the Benelli brothers opened their factory in Urbino, cultivating the tradition of producing weapons, characterized by the same mechanical, technical innovation and exceptional craftsmanship, which contributed to the great fame of the Montefeltro and Della Rovere dynasties.

The Benelli company produces the highest quality weapons, which is confirmed by a certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, NATO AQUAP, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


Benelli Supernova Comfortech

Regulated article

Category : B - 2

Acquisition scheme: Authorization

Necessary documents :

1 / A proof of identity, from the following list:

• Your national identity card

• Your passport

• Your resident card

2 / The proof of acquisition:

• A copy of a valid shooting license.

• For French resident : The original of both blank Prefecture Class B Authorizations or the original of your Class B Authorization released less than 6 months.

For European or non European customers, a valid import permit to acquire the product. Please contact us for more information.

3 / Delivery:

• Proof of residential address

• For intra-community shipments or exports, a customs clearance is required in addition to the above. Please contact us for more information.

The shipping of your order will be made only after receipt of all documents and the reception payment of your order.

The shipment will be made in two separate parts of minimum 24 hours in accordance with the legislation in force

Gauge: Ga 12-3.5"

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BENELLISemi-Automatic Shotgun >60cmMod. CRIO Comfortech12/76 LL 71cm MC

Durch die Synthese von Raffaelle Crio mit dem neuen patentierten BENELLI-Comfortech-System... more
Product information "BENELLI Mod. CRIO Comfortech 12/76 LL 71cm MC"
Durch die Synthese von Raffaelle Crio mit dem neuen patentierten BENELLI-Comfortech-System geboren, enstand unter Verwendung von Cryogenic-Läufen für beste Deckung und wechselbaren CARBON-Laufschienen eine Selbstladeflinte für allerhöchste Ansprüche an Funktionalität und Komfort.
Systemhülse und Gehäuse aus Ergal-Aluminium schwarz anodosiert. Lauf tiefschwarz brüniert

Wechselbare Carbon-Laufschiene *Mod. Jagd = flache Schiene (im Lieferumfang enthalten)
*Mod. Sport = hohe Schiene ( ArtNr. 265493)

Lieferung mit 2 Wechselchokes (Modified 3/4 & Cylinder)
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The Benelli brand is a symbol of innovation, elegance, reliability and excellent production in the field of semi-automatic rifles. Founded in 1967, the first semi-automatic shotgun was born with inertial system. Today, Benelli is the world leader in the sale of semi-automatic shotguns in 78 countries.

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