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15 Popular Sites for the Best MacBook Decals & Stickers

Apple prides itself on the great design of its devices, but that doesn't mean you can't add a little pizzazz yourself. The easiest and best-looking way to express yourself without affecting the device's aesthetics is to apply a decal or sticker to your MacBook. Let's find out where you can buy one.

A decal or sticker is basically a design you apply on the MacBook's top, either on the glowing Apple logo itself, in a small part of the top, or completely across the cover. And before you think that Apple wouldn't want you to do this, the company itself encouraged this style quotient in an ad, which also shows what some great decals look like:

So where can you buy decals and stickers? What are the best sites to find new ones? We went hunting around the web to come up with a list.

The Decal Guru

In our search, multiple forums, subreddits, reviewers and Apple aficionados rated The Decal Guru as the best store to buy stickers from. All of them cited the store's reasonable rates, on-time shipping, and quality of decals. Multiple users noted how the decals didn't leave any residue upon removing, which made them go back to Decal Guru for more decals. The US-based store also makes custom-sized decals upon request, and ships internationally too.

Tip: Pick up some good bargains in the $5 decal sale.

The Decal Girl

While the collection at The Decal Girl isn't as large as what you'll find at The Decal Guru, the quality is as high. In fact, we love Decal Girl's minimal use of colors in most of their stickers and the creativity with which they use the Apple logo to make it a part of the sticker. Whether it's acting as an apple in Snow White's hand or glowing as the moon against your city's skyline, it feels a part of the larger picture.

Tip: There are quite a few city-based stickers here, to show off your proud heritage. And if you want something more, check out their MacBook Skins too.

Marble MacBook Decal

Apple often focuses on making one great device instead of 20 good variants. That's the  same philosophy behind Marble MacBook Decal. They have only one product: the decal that makes it look like your MacBook's top is made out of marble. But boy, does it look gorgeous. If there was one way to make your Mac look even more premium than it already does, this is it.

Tip: Choose the device you're buying it for carefully, because it's tailored according to size. If you haven't already got a MacBook, then our guide to choose a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro can help you out.

Kong Decals

Netherlands-based Kong Decals finds a lot of favor from those who want their stickers shipped internationally, given their flat 4-euro shipping free anywhere in the world. Kong Decals has several lovely full-colored decals of popular characters, like the brilliant Homer Simpson sticker above.

Tip: Kong Decals has a Gift Card, which is a great budget-friendly geek gift, and you can also pick up at the last minute.


MacStix decided not to bother with the size variations and just make logo-centric stickers, so that they can be applied to any MacBook regardless of model. The decals are gorgeous and minimalistic, perfectly complementing the Apple philosophy to design. They specialize in decals that cover a portion of the Apple logo, but use the glowing effect to come up with a new design. Lovely!

Tip: Stick to this if you like minimalistic design, but if not, don't even bother going to MacStix. Creator Felix David has a strong design philosophy and doesn't waiver from it.

Bitten Fruit

Like MacStix, BittenFruit decided to concentrate on the logo so that every sticker could be applied to any MacBook. BittenFruit's designs are completely original, and they have some lovely concepts, like the peeling Apple sticker pictured above.

Tip: Buy two stickers or more. Seriously. Individual sticker shipping costs $1.95 (within US) and $3.95 (international), but shipping is free if you order two or more stickers. So even if you don't want two, find a friend who does and save yourself the shipping costs.


Comic book lovers, this one's for you. Macmerise has an entire section dedicated to the best of Marvel Comics, so you can get your share of Captain America, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, and other favorite characters from the Marvel universe that you have come to love. Use the filters on the left to choose a specific character, like this cool Iron Man sticker.

Tip: We loved Avengers: Age of Ultron, and so does MacMerise. In the filters, you'll find "Age of Ultron" under brands. You're welcome.

Decals for MacBook

Banksy, the renowned street artist, finds a prominent place on this site, which has an entire section dedicated to vinyl decals made out of Banksy's art. The Banksy Section [Broken URL Removed] has 34 of his famous street art works, as well as his signature as a decal. The New Zealand-based website claims to ship worldwide for a flat $3 fee.

Tip: If you're a child of the Internet era and you love your memes, check out the meme decals for some great options!

Vinyl Infusion

If you're on a budget, Vinyl Infusion is the place to go. None of the sites we browsed through consistently offered the low rates that this one does. Plus, shipping within the UK is free, and shipping internationally is a max cost of GBP 3.50, or roughly US$5.5.

Tip: If you aren't finding decals in your device's size, grab logo-based "one size fits all" designs.

Make It Stick

A one-man operation, Denmark-based Make It Stick pays attention to every detail in the sticker-making process and offers free international shipping on all their products. Also, unlike many other sites here, you can first choose your MacBook's size to filter the decals that will work for it.

Tip: Site owner Mads is hands-on with everything, so if you have an idea for a design, drop him a line and he might just make it!

The Razberry [Broken URL Removed]

The Razberry is another single-person operation offering hand-made, logo-centric designs that work on any MacBook. What we love is the number of character-based designs they do, creatively using vinyl to mask aspects of the Apple logo to transform it into popular characters like Michael Jackson, Chuck Norris, Dr. Watson from Sherlock Holmes, and so on.

Tip: For a limited time, Razberry is offering free international shipping, so grab those vinyl stickers now!

Mac Decals

This site has one of the biggest collections of decals and stickers we have seen, so you'll need to rely on its sorting features to find what you want based on category, popularity, or other filters.

Tip: Make sure you browse through the Speciality Skins, like the Carbon Fiber skin to not only make your Mac look good, but protect it as well.



Not only does SkinIt have a huge collection of MacBook stickers and decals already, it also lets you create a custom sticker! Add an image, rotate or scale it, add text if you desire, and check out the preview to see what it'll look like on your MacBook. Yes, it costs a lot (about $35 on average), but that's the price to pay if you want your laptop to bear your own unique signature.

Tip: Instead of editing on-site, we'd suggest you use some free photo editors to get the best image before you upload it.


You might be surprised to know that it's not only the cover of your MacBook that can be customized. SkinStyler specializes in stickers for your trackpad or the entire wrist rest area under the keyboard. It's one of the awesome and easy ways to pimp your laptop.

Tip: This will no longer give you the smooth glass feel of your trackpad, so know that before you buy one of these.


Etsy, the alternative to eBay for handmade products, is a great place to shop for MacBook decals, since you will find several independent artists coming up with single creations that they put up for sale here. Use the sidebar filters to choose "handmade" so that you get creative designs that you won't find elsewhere on the Internet.

Tip: The sidebar filter can also save you the heartache that comes with finding a great design which won't ship to you. Pick your shipping location before you start searching!

Bonus: Amazon

The opposite of Etsy is good old Amazon, where you can find a huge number of MacBook decals for a low price, especially if they're mass-manufactured. Amazon also has the best search engine among all these sites, so it's worth checking it out if you're looking for something specific, like say a Harry Potter decal.

Tip: While it won't be MacBook specific, the skins and decals for laptops category is where new designs will be uploaded. Here's how to set up an RSS feed for an Amazon category, so you don't miss out!

Show Us Your Decals!

Whether you bought a cool MacBook sticker online or if you've handcrafted one to sell, we want to see it. Drop a line in the comments!


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Introducing Decals.

New way to create decal stickers for your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac.

Hidden in plain sight, your beautiful iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, comes with a blank canvas - a space to imprint the wonderful images you've pictured in your mind, a place to unleash your uniqueness, your individuality. And Decals lets you unfold your inspirations onto this canvas. It let's you draw and paste those dazzling pictures you've imagined right onto your favourite device. Decals let's you create your own Decal Stickers, and it couldn't be made easier.


Let's begin!

Decals comes fully armed and ready. To make a Decals Sticker for your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, or iMac, a heap of information is required. But Decals comes equipped with information on countless Apple products so that all you need to do is simply select the desired ones - difficulties in operation is something that is inconceivable in Decals. So, shall we get started?

Decals for macOS

Supported models: iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, iPad mini 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad Air 1, 2, iPad Pro 9.7”, 10.5”, 12.9” MacBook 12” Early 2015~2017, MacBook 13” Late 2008, MacBook 13” Early 2009~Mid 2009, MacBook 13” Late 2009 ~ Mid 2010, MacBook Air 11” Late 2010~Early 2015, MacBook Air 13” Late 2008~2017, MacBook Pro 13” Mid 2009~Mid 2012, MacBook Pro 13” Late 2012~Early 2015, MacBook Pro 13” 2016~2017, MacBook Pro 15” Late 2008~Mid 2012, MacBook Pro 15” Mid 2012~2015, MacBook Pro 15” 2016~2017, iMac 20” Mid 2007~Early 2009, iMac 21.5” Late 2012~2017, iMac 27” Late 2009~Mid 2011, iMac 27” Late 2012~iMac Pro.

Creating a Decals Sticker is as easy as pie.

So, you'd like to create a Decals Sticker sticker for your lovely iPhone, iPad, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac. All you need to do is select the desired image on your device and drag it. Adjust the size and position then print, and voila! Plus, there is no need to worry about image formats since a myriad of formats, including GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, TIF, PDF, PSD, ICNS, ICO, BMP, SVG, are supported.

Decals for macOS

Over 1,000 clip art ready for immediate use.

Over 1,000 stylish clip art images are provided by Decals. Simply drag the desired image. Drag a number of different images into a stunning collage and create the Decal Sticker that is truly unique. Try it now!

Decals for macOS

The Chameleon Canvas

The canvas in Decals is like a chameleon. With a multitude of available background colors matching your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or iMac you can immediately get the feel of how your Decals Sticker will look. And apart from the obvious ability to enlarge or reduce in size, this canvas provides guidelines that show you the size of the selected device and the printing area, to enable you to work to the finest detail. You'll be feelin' it in no time!

Decals for macOS

Any position is possible.

When creating a Decals Sticker the image is centered around the Apple logo on your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or iMac. The images you will be using for the sticker can easily be positioned behind, inside, or on top of the logo. Then Decals takes care of the rest. It is so simple that you won't have time to break a sweat.

Decals for macOS

Preview the final result.

The preview feature in Decals is real - it is not a mere preview but the exact image of how it would look once printed. Through the preview feature little mistakes can be easily prevented and you can make sure that the result is just as you imagined it. Simply click.

Decals for macOS


To print, all you need to do is place the Sticker Paper Sheet in your printer. Once printed simply cut out and stick. Piece of cake!

Decals for macOS


We're always here to help with any question or comments - feel free to contact us.

Decals's 'Help > Send Feedback...' menu item is perfect for privately sending us issues and feedback.

Decals Help

Buy Decals for Only $4.99

Open in Mac App Store - Decals for macOSOpen in Mac App Store - Decals for macOS

Category: Graphics & Design
Latest Version: 1.0.3 ()
Compatibility: Requires OS X 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor

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New colorful iMacs include a pair of matching Apple stickers

The new lineup of 24-inch iMac with M1 chips start arriving to customers this Friday, and the reviews just dropped. Apple has gone all in color with this generation, with the new iMac coming in seven vibrant finishes and the computer ships with color-coded accessories, power cable, default wallpaper, … and, yes, even matching Apple stickers.

As pictured by Brian Tong, the new M1 iMac box includes two Apple stickers. The stickers are coloured in two shades, matching the saturated and more subdued tones of the iMac itself.

The new iMac design features a two-tone look with the more vibrant color being used on the sides and the back of the unit.

The other lighter tone is used for the front of the iMac. The paler shade is used here so as not to distract from the display content. This front face is also accompanied by a white bezel around the screen itself.

To add to the fun, the Apple stickers reflect these colors as well.

The inclusion of a white Apple sticker in Apple’s products has been a long-running tradition for the company. However, this is not the first time that the stickers are color matching. For example, the iMac Pro would ship with dark gray stickers to reflect its professional space gray finish.

The color-matching accessories like the new Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard are currently only available with the purchase of a new iMac. Although Apple hasn’t confirmed this, we expect these accessories will eventually be sold separately too.

Apple’s renewed dalliance with color started last year with the redesigned iPad Air. Following the iMac’s lead, we expect Apple will continue to spread the rainbow into other redesigned Macs, such as the new MacBook Air.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.More.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

You’re reading 9to5Mac — experts who break news about Apple and its surrounding ecosystem, day after day. Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow 9to5Mac on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay in the loop. Don’t know where to start? Check out our exclusive stories, reviews, how-tos, and subscribe to our YouTube channel

How To STICKERBOMB your Laptop! - MacBook Pro 16-inch 2020 - The BEST Technique!

The 77 MacBook Stickers You Need to See

Apple MacBooks have become more than just a high-quality laptop that appeal to professionals and teenagers alike.

Owning a MacBook is every bit a status symbol as much as it was to obtain a state-of-the-art computer. Credit to Apple's marketing and advertising, but one reason MacBooks have become so popular?

Decals and stickers. For your MacBook, that is.

The commercial highlights but a fraction of the popular designs that are marketed and sold as laptop stickers online and in stores around the globe.

We decided to track down a handful of the MacBook stickers you need to see. Whether you're a fan of Marvel comics, enjoy witty humor, or just want to "dress up" your laptop's look, see the images below.

Afro Man


Big - in size - doesn't always equal big in personality. This sticker gives the exterior of your MacBook some great personality featuring a large afro to sit atop the Apple logo.

MacBook stickers playing off the center Apple logo are common, but few pack the personality punch of this Afro Man laptop decal.

Egyptian Pyramids


One of the wonders of our modern world, the pyramids in Egypt draw people from all over the globe. But now you can bring them to your MacBook!

Nobody will wonder what your laptop sticker is supposed to be, these iconic structures will look amazing on the outside of your computer.

Guitar Pick


Music fans: This is the sticker for you! The next time you want to be strumming your guitar but are instead on the computer for school or work, at least you can be reminded of one of your greatest passions.

This guitar pick is large and with the bright, white Apple logo "on" it, it certainly stands out.

Mickey Mouse Hand


Disney characters are always popular among kids and families, and this Mickey mouse MacBook sticker is both playful and fun. Instead of one of those "in your face" decals of Mickey's face, the subtle touch of just his hand is whimsical.

Zebra Stripes


Take a look at this laptop from far away and you may think you're in the African safari! Okay, maybe not. But these zebra stripes do give your MacBook a unique look that honors the zebra native to the continent of Africa.

If you love the zoo, zebras, or just want an animal print laptop decal, this is a good choice for you.

FYI: We're creating the Official MacBook Stickers Pin Board over on Pinterest. You should definitely click over to follow, see the full collection, and even suggest new stickers! The board will be updated continuously.

Hat and Tie Man


Another small decal that depicts the Apple logo as a human being, this neat little sticker allows the logo to sport a lovely hat and tie in order to "dress up" a bit.

Minimalist design is a common trend in 2014 and has plenty of benefits. If you're a fan of that design and art style, this might be the laptop sticker for you.

New York City Skyline


One of the most iconic skylines on the globe, New York City can grace the exterior of your MacBook in an amazing way.



Any vintage video game fan will have a strong appreciation for this MacBook sticker. Pac-Man is one of the most iconic figures in video games and can relate to a variety of ages and people with different backgrounds.

Get this decal for the Pac-Man fan in your circle of friends or family (even if that's you!).

Cat Eating an Apple


This cartoon cat shows off quite a bit of personality and will probably only work with a variety of people you know. However, a playful art design like this is perfect for a MacBook sticker.

A Trance


Woah. Dizzy, much? This is a laptop decal that will make other stare into the abyss at your computer while you get ahead in the world and get some work done. This could be fun for many different people.

MacBook Sticker Resources

These are some of our favorites, but there are thousands upon thousands of MacBook stickers out there that are worth mentioning and writing about.

In fact, we're not the only one to notice: there are a lot of other neat articles and blog posts out there about this very topic.

For more fun reading about MacBooks and all their cool laptop stickers, check out the five recommended pieces of content below:

Enjoy! Have fun using stickers and your Apple laptop to express yourself to the public and with your friends.


On macbooks stickers

Stickers are great, and skateboard stickers are the best of all. Which is why, when it comes to decorating/ruining/improving your new 16-inch MacBook Pro, you should be covering it with badass skate designs.

Even if you’re not a sticker kind of person, there’s an argument to be made that the MacBook needs at least one sticker, just to fix the stupid upside-down Apple logo on its lid. So, without further rambling, here are the 10 best skateboards stickers to stick on any MacBook.

This post contains affiliate links. Cult of Mac may earn a commission when you use our links to buy items.

Why skate stickers?

Any sticker can be cool, but almost all skateboard stickers are cool. They’re colorful (or not), they’re often funny (or at least witty), and you have years and years of great designs to choose from.

But even among skateboard stickers, there’s a hierarchy. The best of all designs, in my opinion, come from the 1980s and 1990s, with some classic designs coming from the 1970s. That’s when the iconic Santa Cruz screaming hand was born, and Powell Peralta’s Bones Brigade was riding, along with an absurd number of amazing deck and sticker designs.

This list takes stickers from all these eras and skate companies, and adds in some relatively recent designs from Toy Machine and Real Skateboards. But whatevs. Let’s see the damn stickers already.

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand

The Santa Cruz Screaming Hand is an excellent skateboard sticker for your MacBook.

This might be the classic skate sticker design from Santa Cruz Skateboards. If you pick only one sticker, pick this one. Oh, and you probably do need at least one sticker. After years and years using Apple’s iBooks and PowerBooks and MacBooks, I still place the computer down so that the Apple logo is right-side up as I look at it. And, of course, this means that the hinge is at the front edge.

So, my first step upon getting a new MacBook is to cover up the logo with a sticker, stuck the other way around. This is easier on new machines, because the Apple logo no longer glows through the sticker.

Bones Brigade Ripper

The Bones Ripper also makes a good MacBook sticker.

You could say that the Bones Brigade Ripper is more iconic than the Screaming Hand. If you did, I wouldn’t argue.

Toy Machine Monster

Toy Machine Monster.

It’s hard to miss this one, and it looks killer either on its own in the middle of the big space gray MacBook lid, or in the middle of a crowd of stickers. I have this one on the back of my iPad.

Toy Machine Knuckle Tattoos

Toy Machine Knuckle tats.

This one’s just funny. Good for filling in a long, thin space.

Skateboarding is not a Crime

Skateboarding is not a crime.

Another classic, seen on stickers and T-shirts or scrawled onto mini-ramps with a marker. Even XKCD has featured it.

Real Skateboards Blow Me

Real Skateboards Blow Me sticker is not the most subtle statement.

Visual puns. Who doesn’t love them?

Real Skateboards Pest Control

Must. Eat. Donuts.

How do you catch a cop?

Bones Brigade Tony Hawk Skull

Tony Hawk skull.

Another classic, from a company that seemed to design nothing but classics. Powell Peralta’s Tony Hawk Skull is just plain badass.

Thrasher logo

Thrasher logo.

Where would skating be without Thrasher magazine?

Animal Chin

Have you?

If you know what this sticker is, then you probably already have a pile of skate stickers. Maybe even some skate sticker tattoos.

Where to buy skate stickers

The book 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers is worth every penny if you're looking for MacBook stickers.

In the United States, Amazon seems to be a good bet. In Europe, you can buy from It’s based in the United Kingdom, but offers free worldwide shipping if you spend enough. And for everyone, everywhere, there’s the amazing sticker book from Sticker Bomb. It’s called 150 Classic Skateboard Stickers, and is full of high-quality, peelable stickers from Girl, Santa Cruz, Real, Alien Workshop and Toy Machine. It’s totally rad.

Buy from:Amazon

A word on MacBook stickers placement

Want a MacBook sticker? Stick 'em up.

There are no rules on MacBook sticker placement (or for iPads, either). Or rather, there’s one rule: Don’t make them too neat. Lining up stickers is the equivalent of ripping the sleeves off your denim jacket, only to find your mom has sewn hems on them to tidy up the ragged edges.

My own strategy, as you can see from the photo at the top of this post, is to make it look as awkward as possible. With just three stickers, I have managed to make the layout look both off-balance, and slightly annoying. And that’s before I use the thing, whereupon everyone looking will see the designs upside down, and get doubly annoyed by them.

The only trouble is, I have a spare Screaming Hand sticker that would fit perfectly in the bottom right corner. Must … resist …

Top Cool and Creative MacBook Stickers - laptop skin


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