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Diy Desert Terrarium Background

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Installing a superior quality 3D aquarium background to your fish tank or reptile enclosure is a wonderful way to add new levels of detail and dimension, while enhancing appearance and providing a more natural setting for your fish and pets.  All fish tank backgrounds from Universal Rocks are manufactured here at our Dallas Texas area headquarters, using a unique process and hand coloring that results in unrivaled detail.


Backgrounds in this section were molded from specific areas in Australia and are only available in the sizes listed.

*They can be cut smaller at your request to fit smaller enclosures.*

Each realistic aquarium background we create is painstakingly molded from specific regions in Australia and the Southern US, and are available in all of the sizes featured below.  They can be cut smaller at your request to fit smaller enclosures, so be sure to visit our custom backgrounds page if you’re looking for something that’s not featured in this section of our online catalog.

Sours: https://www.universalrocks.com/fish/backgrounds/3d
  1. Ffbe drop rate
  2. 341st bomb group
  3. Bronze with copper highlights pulls

Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to elevate your reptile’s enclosure is to add a realistic background.

Whether you choose to buy or DIY, a good terrarium background can add a stunning natural element that both you and your pet will be happy with.

Here, we’ve compiled the best reptile tank backgrounds that both you and your pet will be happy with.

Buyer’s Tip: These specific reptile terrarium backgrounds are MOST popular with our readers. 

Zoo Med Forest & Cork Bark Tile Backgrounds

Zoo Med Natural Cork Tile Background, 18 x 18-Inches

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution that adds an elegant look without being too bulky, then the Zoo Med Tile Background is for you.

Similar to that of a corkboard, these 3-D Zoo Med Tile Background tiles adhere to the walls of your enclosure through various means such as with silicone, velcro, or even cement.

Zoo Med background tiles are available in four sizes that can be cut to accommodate both small and large terrariums with ease. And if you have a rather large enclosure, you can simply combine the tiles side by side for a seamless installation.

If your reptile enjoys climbing, then you can take solace in the fact that these backgrounds won’t leave behind a mess and deteriorate how using a foam background would.

Buyer’s Tip: Not fond of the cork background? Check out the Zoo Med Forest Tile Background which has the appearance and feel of natural tree bark.

And the best part? These mold-resistant and mildew repelling backgrounds are available in the following four sizes:

  • 12 x 12 in.
  • 12 x 18 in.
  • 18 x 18 in.
  • 18 x 24 in.

Universal Rocks With Ledges Background

Universal Rocks 48-Inch by 20-Inch Ledge Flexible Aquarium Background

Are you looking to turn your terrarium into a real showpiece? With pieces that measure 48 in. x 20 in., this highly intricate Universal Rocks background can be easily cut or bent to turn your terrarium into a real head-turner.

And what’s more, this background has protruding ledges and overhangs that your reptile can easily scale or hide under.

At approximately 8 inches at its widest point, you will want to first make sure that you still have plenty of room for your reptile to roam without compromising and intruding upon their living quarters.

Herp fanatics like myself agree that the level of detail in this background is fantastic, so much so that you must see for yourself here.

And the best part? This particular brand sells matching rocks that you can strategically place to add another level of realism.

These rocks are open bottom with the same level of detail that matches this background. You can place each of these separately sold rocks in a freestanding position or stack them together to create larger structures and even tunnels or hideaway spots.

To attach this background, you’ll use clips like these which are unfortunately sold separately.

Universal Rocks Without Ledges

Universal Rocks 48-Inch by 20-Inch Rocky Flexible Aquarium Background

Do you want a terrarium background with the same intricate look and feel of realistic rock but without protruding ledges that can really minimize your pet’s ability to roam? If so, you’re in luck!

Universal Rocks offers this model as a space-saving alternative to its 3D counterpart.

Made from material that is equal parts flexible and sturdy, this background can be cut or bent to meet the needs of your tank.

Readers agree that this background is stunning for the price and will bring your reptiles enclosure to life!

It is recommended that you use an aquarium grade silicone to install this background.

Exo Terra Foam Background

Exo Terra Foam Backgrounds for PT2614

Are you looking for an inexpensive background that creates a multi-dimensional habitat and insulates the walls that you put it on?

This Exo Terra Foam Background can be easily cut to size and the option to put them together if you have a bigger enclosure.

This foam background isn’t solely for Exo Terra tanks, either. In fact, this background is universal in that it works with any terrarium which has walls!

The black polystyrene material not only allows you to hide scratching and claw marks from your pet but also visibly hides any wires or tubing you wouldn’t want showing.

Desert Poster Background

Reptile Habitat, Terrarium Background, Cool Desert Sky - 18 Tall

Are you looking for a simple background that doesn’t involve much more than a few minutes to setup? If so, look no further.

This Desert post background has dimensions that fit most 40-gallon tanks. 

Simply use a clear sticky adhesive to mount this background on the outside of your terrarium.


If you are looking to purchase a reptile pet that is strong and healthy, instead of sickly and malnourished - you should never purchase a reptile from a pet store. Find out the three reasons why here.

With many backgrounds to pick from, choosing a good terrarium background doesn’t need to be difficult.

Keep in mind that terrarium backgrounds aren’t only for your benefit. 

In fact, this key element is meant to help keep your pet happy and comfortable too, so try to get one that resembles their natural habitat.

Happy shopping!

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Making a Fake Rock Background for Desert Reptiles

Buying or making a terrarium background in one of the great ways to transform and add naturalistic appeal to your reptile enclosure as well as highlight its theme, including semi-arid (desert), tropical forest, aquatic.

Besides the aesthetic aspect, having habitats that closely look like their natural habitat makes these pets react best and happier.

Finally, some of your pets, such as bearded dragons, often get upset, disturbed, or stressed when they see their reflection, especially if you have a glass terrarium type, a reason why they glass-surf. In such a case, buying a background is one easy way to prevent such reflections.

Which background fits your tank?

The market has many brands of reptile and amphibian reptile enclosure backgrounds. Choosing the right one may be so baffling. To help you settle on an excellent one, here are some things to consider:

a). Type of pet you have – desert, jungle or aquatic

There are many types of pets to keep in terrarium and aquariums, which include bearded dragons, fresh and saltwater fish, turtle, tortoise, iguanas, geckos, frogs, newts, skinks, snakes, tarantulas, hermit crabs, scorpions, among other reptiles amphibians and invertebrates.

Each of these pets may require a different type of background to create the most natural-looking enclosures. It should closely resemble their natural habitats in the wild. However, you can also choose to digress and create a unique habitat.

b). Blends well

Always buy a background that blends well with your other décor and furniture, including your hammock, hideouts, feeding and water bowls, live and artificial plants, substrate, basking rocks, climbing branches, and so on.

c). Size

Since they are available in various sizes and shapes, consider the dimension of your reptile, fish, or amphibian tank. While you can still customize it to fit your enclosure, it should be large enough to allow you to do so.

Having a 10, 20, 30, 40, 55, 100, or 120-gallon tank doesn’t say it all. You need to consider the dimensions, i.e., the length and height of where you want to place your background.

d). 2D vs. 3D reptile background

You can buy either two dimensional or three-dimensional ones. The former will be ideal if you are trying to economize on space while the latter is better if you want to create extra dimension for climbing and a more life-like enclosure.

e). Durability

Go for a brand that will last long and withstand the various terrarium conditions, including humidity and temperature. The material of construction may influence how long it will serve you.

f). Easy to clean

Maintaining proper hygiene is essential when it comes to having any pet, including your reptile and amphibians.

A good background should allow you to clean your vivarium easily and should not absorb or keep pathogens like bacteria or parasites. Avoid porous ones as they often harbor pathogens.

Finally, we cannot underscore the personal preference and cost when it comes to buying a good background for your vivarium.

Best tank backgrounds reviews

If you prefer buying backgrounds on sale, some of the best brands you should consider buying include the following:

1. BannersNStands Reptile Habitat Blue Sky with Mountains & Cactus

This BannersNStands is an alluring desertic background with cactus and mountains. Its lifelike look will convert your ordinary-looking terrarium to a breathtaking one.

Key features                  

  • You will get it in a wide range of sizes, i.e., about 17 different sizes
  • It is printed on a smooth, matt polyester making it tear, scratch and water-resistant
  • It features highly detailed and vibrant colors and images.

People love this background for its stunning look, vivid, and vibrant image, and how easy it is to install it. Just tape it behind your cage on the other side.

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2. Exo Terra Rock Terrarium foam background Foam

The Exo Terra Rock Terrarium fake rock wall is a stunning, true-to-life background made from black, non-toxic polystyrene (foam) that will add charm to your reptile or amphibian cages.

Key features

  • Customizable, i.e., it is easy to cut so that it fits well in your reptile enclosure.
  • Natural-looking ideal for desert or tropical terrarium
  • It comes in many popular sizes, i.e., the 12” x 12”, 12” x 18”, 18” x 18”, 18” x 24”, 24” x 18”, 24” x 24”, 36” x 18”, and 36” x 24” that fits the various Exo Terra terrariums.
  • It works well for both terrariums that are humid and dry desert-like ones.
  • Its material of construction, polystyrene is an excellent heat insulator, hence will help keep heat in your terrarium
  • The deep ridges will entirely hide tubing or wires for your heat rocks, thermometer and hygrometer probes, and so on.

What we loved most about it is its great naturalistic look, value for money, and how easy it is to install.

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Some Exo Terra enclosures come with backgrounds such as the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Mayan, Tiki, and Buddha. However, they seem not to sell these tank’s replacement backgrounds separately.

3. Zoo Med Cork Tile Background Terrarium

With a bark-like natural appearance, the Zoo Med cork tile background is a spectacular brand designed to fit in the various Zoo Med reptile enclosures.

Key features

  • It is very resistant to mildew or molds, making it durable and ideal for even high humidity habitats.
  • Comes in four sizes, i.e., 12″ x 12″, 12″ x 18″, 18″ x 18″, and 18″ x 24″. However, you can cut or joint it together if you have a smaller or bigger vivarium.
  • It is easy to install or modify

Value for money, easiness in fixing it, and great appeal are the most noted attributes of this background.

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4. Universal Rocks Rocky Flexible Aquarium Background

This 48-Inch by 20-Inch background is not more than an inch is ideal for your reptile enclosures or aquariums.

Key benefits

  • It closely looks like a real rock
  • Is easy to install
  • Flexible making it suitable both on tanks that have center braces or on the wall. You need to bend it until it fits on the center braces.
  • You can easily cut it to any desired sizes.

This rock-like background is an excellent choice worth every penny you invest in it. However, ensure you buy clips separately since it doesn’t come with them.

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5. BNS Reptile Habitat, Terrarium Background, Cool Desert Sky

BNS has one of the most vivid and natural-looking desert horizon backgrounds suitable for desert reptiles such as your Western Banded Geckos, horned lizards, desert iguanas, bearded dragon, chuckwallas, fence lizard, desert snakes, small skinks, among other reptiles.

Key features

  • It features durable, tear-resistant material with a UV print
  • It is resistant to scratch
  • It is waterproof hence suitable for aquariums
  • It is easy to install. Just tape them on the backside on your vivarium or aquarium.

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6. Universal Rocks Ledge Flexible 3D Aquarium Background

If you love a 3D rock background, this brown colored Universal Rocks Ledge is what you need. It is a natural-looking rock background that has ledges or projections where your pet can hide, rest, or climb on.

Key features

  • It is easy to install
  • You can cut or trim it to any size you desire to fit in your tank well.
  • Flexible as it can be used both on walls center braces, i.e., bend it around tanks that have a center brace.
  • It is light in weight

If you decide to buy it, this naturalistic piece is worth every coin you invest in it. However, ensure you separately purchase clips as it doesn’t come with time.

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7. Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Habitat Background, Gothic Castle – 40 gallons

If a gothic appeal is all you desire, the attractive Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Habitat  Gothic Castle landscape background will do precisely that.

Key features

  • With 15.75″ x 36″ dimension, it will fit in most 36x18x18 40-gallon terrarium tanks
  • Has a first quality UV light print on a moisture resistant PVC to ensure it lasts for a long time.
  • It is easy to install. All you need to tape it on the backside of your glass vivarium

Its excellent quality and easy to install features make most users love it. However, on the downside, it is a bit pricey.

Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Habitat Background, Gothic Castle – 40 gallons

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8. 24″ (60cm) Double Sided Aquarium Background Backdrop for Fish and Reptile Tank

This scenic background has a high of 24″ (60cm), and varying lengths, i.e., 2 ft, 3ft, 4ft 6ft, 8ft, or 10 ft, is ideal both for your reptile tank or aquarium.

Key features

  • The print is on a tough glossy vinyl of highest quality
  • You will get it in various lengths, which you can cut.
  • Printed with great details to give a life-like crisp, clear three-dimension impression.
  • It is printed both on the front and backside (double sides).

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9. Galapagos (05401) Arid Terrarium Clings poster or wallpaper

If you have a freshwater fish aquarium, this is the ideal background for you. It comes in dimensions of 11.125-in x 36-in, ideal for a 30-gallon tank.

Key features

  • Features static clings installation without any mess. You don’t need glue. Just stick it on the backside of your aquarium.
  • It can withstand UV light hence very durable
  • It has lively high-resolution imagery that will light up once you turn on your terrarium lights.

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10. Reptile Habitat, Terrarium Background, Sunny with Green Trees, Waterfall & Mossy Rock

This background with a waterfall and a mossy rock is ideal for tropical and aquatic pets will as it closely mimics their natural habitats.

Key features

  • It comes in many sizes. You have the freedom to pick the one that fits your vivarium dimensions well.
  • It will last long, i.e., as it is scratch, tear, and water-resistant, thanks to its matt polyester material.
  • Has a realistic and naturalistic looking

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DIY Vivarium or terrarium backgrounds and ideas

If you are DIY savvy, you don’t have to spend money on a reptile or amphibian tank backgrounds. Instead, you can make your own. Some of the excellent ideas include:

a). Printable terrarium background or wallpaper

Buy printable one and have it printed on a PVC or smooth, matt polyester with a very smooth surface or a poster board.

b). Plant backgrounds

If you have pets that thrive under high humidity, a real plant terrarium background will work well, mainly if made from safe tall plants or vines.

c). DIY reptile tank backgrounds

We don’t intend to go into details or steps. Instead, we are going to list some excellent guides. Look at them and choose what works best for you.

Some excellent guides online include

  • Josh’s Frogs – Has a detailed, step by step guide for a professional-looking vivarium background. They use wood, dry fine ground coconut fiber, net cups, vivarium safe silicon, and Great Stuff Spray Foam (expanding foam).
  • Instructables – In making theirs, they use foam boards such as styrofoam board, Great stuff, coconut husks, brown spray paint, bark chicks, rocks, or other décors and gorilla glue.
  • Bigalspets – Has a helpful stepwise guide to making a natural vivarium background using black expanding foam, black aquarium silicon, Reptile Mulch Bedding, cork bark, and driftwood.
  • Ndherpetoculture – have a good but a little complicated guide ideal for pros.

Finally, always ensure any product you use, including glue, paint, sealants, and so forth, are safe to your pets.

Sours: https://petcareadvisors.com/reptiles/best-terrarium-and-vivarium-backgrounds/

Background terrarium 3d desert

Best Reptile Tank Background Reviews & Guide – 2021

best reptile tank background

A reptile terrarium or vivarium doesn’t have to be just functional — it can be a visual piece in your home, too. Of course, the primary job of your vivarium is to ensure your pet is happy and safe and should include everything they need to survive, but once you have achieved this, you can begin to make your reptile tank something easy on the eyes, too.

A reptile tank background is a fantastic way to transform your tank into something aesthetically pleasing. You can buy the best reptile tank backgrounds that mimic the wild in which your reptile could be found in, such as desert, tropical forest or aquatic.

Reptile backgrounds don’t just have to look good to us; they can actually be very beneficial to your pet, too. Some owners report that their reptile is happier in a tank that closely mimics their natural habitat. What’s more, animals such as bearded dragons don’t like to see their reflection in the glass of their tank, so a background can be a great way to eliminate this problem.

If you’re thinking about a background for your reptile vivarium but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our buying guide below. We’ve also included some of our top picks of the best reptile tank backgrounds out there on the market today.


Best Reptile Tank Background – Comparison Table


What To Consider In A Reptile Tank Background

There are a few things you should consider when purchasing a tank background so you can be sure you get the right one for your reptile.


Type Of Reptile

First of all, think about the type of reptile you have. Terrariums and aquariums can be home to a great range of animals — iguanas, snakes, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, turtles, tortoise, frogs, crabs and many more — and they don’t all come from the same place.

Try to find a background that closely mimics your reptile’s wild habitat. This will give you the most natural-looking tank. However, it is up to you if you want to create a unique vivarium — maybe you want to give your fish a desert background!


When choosing a background you are creating an aesthetically pleasing tank. Make sure your background blends well with the other decor you have in the vivarium already, such as decorations and water and food bowls.


The background isn’t going to be much use if it doesn’t fit in your tank. Not only should you consider the gallon capacity of your tank, but also the height and width dimensions of it.

2D v. 3D

The majority of backgrounds are two-dimensional, but you can also buy three-dimensional backgrounds that really stand out and add to the look and aesthetic. These backgrounds can also help your pet to feel more at home, as some have climbing ledges that are interactive for your reptile. However, 2D backgrounds are great if you are trying to economize on space.


You’ll want a long-lasting and durable background that you won’t have to replace too often. Go for well known brands and materials that you know are sturdy and strong. The background should also be able to withstand terrarium conditions, such as the temperature and humidity.

Ease Of Cleaning

The best background will allow you to clean it easily. If the background isn’t easy to clean, it will become dirty and the tank can start to smell. It can also be a breeding ground for bacteria which could harm your pet.

Now you know all about what to look for in a tank or aquarium background, take a look at the best backgrounds we recommend below. These are all available to you on Amazon.


The Best Reptile Tank Backgrounds Reviewed

1) BannersNStands Orange Desert Sky with Cactus Background

This tank background from BannersNStands is a tear, scratch and water resistant background with a desert theme. Great for reptiles that descend from the jungle, this gives a realistic yet very eye-catching look to your reptile tank. The background is printed on a smooth, matt polyester material and is highly detailed to give a great aesthetic to your vivarium. It tapes from the outside for easy use, so you don’t need to worry about it getting dirty.

Key Features:

  • Tear Resistant.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Realistic Look




2) Galápagos Woodland Terrarium Background

This background from Galápagos has a woodland print and is great for a range of different reptile enclosures. Printed in high-resolution, this background offers a nature theme to your tank that will really make your vivarium stand out from the crowd. With a long-lasting design, it holds up to UVB light and sticks to the tank from the background so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty. Even better, it static clings to your tank without glue for less mess.

Key Features:

  • Hi-Resolution Vibrantly Real Background
  • Long-Lasting – Holds up to UV light
  • Ideal for freshwater fish
  • No mess! Static clings stick without glue




3) PINVNBY Cork Terrarium Background

This cork background from PINVNBY is made of natural back, providing the most natural and realistic tank for your reptile. Providing a healthy habitat for your pet, it has artificial moss which adds to the natural look and you can easily cut this background down to size so it fits your tank properly. It is also very easy to clean and can be reused over and over. This cork background comes in a pack of two, great for a range of different tank sizes.

Key Features:

  • High Quality Material
  • Easy To Cut
  • Suitable For-fit For Decorative Of Terrarium
  • Natural Healthy Safe Habitat For Pet.




4) BannersNStands Blue Sky with Mountains Background

This background is another from BannersNStands and shows a mountainous desert with blue sky. Perfect for desert reptiles, this high quality print gives a natural feel to their tank while also being impressively eye-catching. The vivarium background is tear, scratch and water resistant and so is durable and will last a long time. It also tapes to the tank from the outside, so you don’t need to worry about it getting too dirty, nor will you have the hassle of trying to get it out of the tank when it needs a clean.

Key Features:

  • Tear Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Realistic Look




5) BNS Reptile Habitat Jungle Background

This background from BNS has a jungle design, great for any reptiles you might own who hail from the jungle. It comes in a range of different sizes so it doesn’t matter what capacity of tank you own. The material is scratch and tear resistant and also waterproof, as well as being UV resistant. This means the background won’t fade under any UV lights you might be using. Again, this background tapes to the outside of the tank so it is much easier to clean.

Key Features:

  • Tear Resistant UV Print
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Realistic Look




6) Exo Terra Rock Terrarium Background

This background from Exo Terra is a 3D background that creates a natural rock look for tropical or desert terrariums. Not only does it create an extra dimension for the tank, but it also provides insulation and a place for your reptile to climb. Made with black, non-toxic polystyrene, it is completely safe for your pet and is very durable. The rock wall is also easy to clean and comes in a range of different sizes.

Key Features:

  • Creates a natural rock look for tropical or desert terrariums
  • Insulates the terrarium, creates an extra dimension
  • Made with black, non-toxic polystyrene
  • Provides an ideal climbing aspect for reptile




7) BannersNStands Creepy Mossy Forest Background

From BannersNStands, this background provides a somewhat “creepy” vibe to your tank! An ominous mossy forest design, this background will certainly provide a unique aesthetic to your reptile’s home and make a great talking point for visitors. Thanks to the high quality, it also really looks real! Like the other backgrounds listed here, it is tear and scratch resistant, as well as being waterproof.

Key Features:

  • Tear Resistant.
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Realistic Look




8) Carolina Custom Cages Reptile Habitat Gothic Castle Background

A background for those that want something completely unique, this reptile tank background from Carolina Custom Cages has an epic gothic castle design. Designed for 40 gallon tanks in size, this background is very durable and made from PVC material to resist damage. It is also UV resistant to protect from UV lights you may have in the tank, and is waterproof, too. To prevent extra damage of mess, you can stick this background to the outside of your tank.

Key Features:

  • Epic scenic background
  • Moisture resistant,
  • UV resistant,
  • PVC material




9) Universal Rocks Ledge Background

Another 3D background, this background from Universal Rocks gives a realistic rock replication that not only makes your pet feel at home, but will give your reptile ledges to sit on and climb. Adding dimension to the tank, this is perfect for any animal that would enjoy rocky terrain out in nature. The rock background is lightweight and flexible and can be squeezed to fit into any tank, as well as being easy to cut down to size.

Key Features:

  • Realistic rock replication flexible background with ledges
  • Easy to install
  • Product is flexible
  • Can be cut to size if necessary to suit your tank




A reptile terrarium background can be a great way to really make your pet’s terrarium stand out from the crowd. Either mimicking their natural environment or giving you reptile a completely new unique home, backgrounds not only make the tank eye-catching and impressive, but can also help your pet to feel more at ease. Always ensure you buy one that fits your vivarium correctly and is easy to clean. We hope you find a background you love in our list above.


Sours: https://animalcorner.org/best-reptile-tank-background/
How to Build a Realistic Reptile Background Ep2 with a Removable Cave

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