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Build Battle - AVM Shorts Episode 17


Build Battle is an episode of Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts series. being the seventeenth installment overall and the third episode within Season 2.


The episode starts similar to the building scene of the Building Contest. The Second Coming is sleeping on the bottom left corner of the timer set to 5 minutes, and Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue are building a combine harvester (which is displayed on another tab next to the timer). Orange and the Fighting Stick Figures grade Red's (which is very crude), Yellow's (which actually works), Blue's (which is better and more articulate than the two), and Green's (which is even more realistic and even equipped with banner designs) which is declared the winner. Angry at their loss, Red, Yellow, and Blue launch 3 lit TNT's while Green is dancing the Fortnite default dance. Green notices the TNT's and bats them away from his creation using his trophy, protecting it from exploding. Yellow then turns to Orange and whispers something to him. Orange and Yellow then choose a picture of a toy robot and Orange starts the timer while trying to stay awake. Orange and the others the grade Red's robot (which is an Iron Golem), Yellow's (which also works), Blue's (which is bigger than Yellow's yet doesn't do anything). When they approach Green's build, they find that there is actually nothing there. Green then whistles and his build appears being able to think on its own. It then bows to Orange and the Fighting Stick Figures. Yellow then dances and his build copies his dance. Orang declares him as the winner. Red and Blue throw 2 lit TNT'S at the robot but it bats them away with a sword and chases Blue and Red. Next is another round of build battle involving building a bear. Green accidentally summons a wither and Blue is declared the winner.




Harvester Build

Other Builds

Special Thanks

  • Taysia
  • Lynn Genobaga
  • Arneho


Cultural References

  • The Title may reference the popular Hypixel game Build Battle.

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Sours: https://animatorvsanimation.fandom.com/wiki/Build_Battle_-_AVM_Shorts_Episode_17
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Music from the epic, popular short-film, "Note Block Battle - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep" animated by Alan Becker, with music composed by Aaron Grooves.

Alan Becker is the creator of the popular 'Animator vs. Animation' and 'Animation vs. Minecraft' series. His videos have received billions of views -- literally!

Watch "AVM 16 - Note Block Battle": youtu.be/c0egcErkap0

Watch "AVM 5 - Note Blocks": youtu.be/c9DrryMw

Watch the "Jazzy Note Blocks" Sheet Music Video: youtu.be/eKC2ykkYWDY


released March 14,

Composer/Producer: Aaron Grooves
- www.youtube.com/aarongrooves

Artistic Director: Alan Becker
- www.youtube.com/noogai89


all rights reserved

Sours: https://aarongrooves.bandcamp.com/album/avmnote-block-battle-ost-animation-vs-minecraft-shorts-ep
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  4. 3950x overclock

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Battle Royale

Air date

BR1: Aug. 4th,

BR2: April 20th,
BR Aug. 24th,
BR Sep. 7th,
BR Oct. 5th,
BR3: Oct. 19th,
Full: Feb. 1st,

Battle Royale is a series by Black Plasma Studios.

Episode 1

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Thumbnail of the Full Movie


  • Thomas originally uploaded the Soundtrack Video to his own Channel, but it got republished on BPC.
Sours: https://black-plasma-studios.fandom.com/wiki/Battle_Royale
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