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Skyrim: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Khajiit

Among the races of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Khajiit are one of the most interesting and unique ones, right after Argonians. With a feline appearance and their trademark way of speaking, Khajiit have a strong cultural background of their own that shines through each NPC and even a Khajiit Dragonborn.

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However, much isn't told about Khajiit in Skyrim alone. Most information about their kind can be deduced from how they're treated by the Nords and other races of Skyrim, but there's much more to the native people of Elsweyr that have become well-known as the nomadic traders of Tamriel.

10 They're Skooma Smugglers

Khajiit are best known for their appearance, but if there's one thing they're also quite famous for it's trading exotic items. As traders, Khajiit are sought after by many due to their strange wares, which includes a narcotic potion known as Skooma.

Within Skyrim, Skooma restores 25 stamina, but it's also described as a drug that's outlawed in the province. Due to this, Khajiit must smuggle it into the province illegally, which has given them a bad reputation.

9 In Combat They're Like Cats

Khajiit are not just catlike in appearance. Their behavior is very much feline as well, as proven by how they tend to behave when threatened or when engaged in combat. Just like actual cats, they tend to bare their teeth at their enemy.

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Their eyes will also become narrow and their ears will go flat against their head. It's a cool touch that further makes them unique and daunting enemies to encounter.

8 They Come From Elsweyr

Most fans will know that Khajiit are not native to Skyrim, but come from a faraway province known as Elsweyr. This province largely features in The Elder Scrolls Online, but what most fans may not be aware of is that the province of Elsweyr was once ruled by tribal clans engaged in bitter warfare.

In more recent times, the Aldmeri Dominion has exerted a lot of control and influence over Elsweyr as well. They could do this by claiming credit for putting an end to Void Nights, during which the moons of Tamriel Masser and Secunda disappeared from the sky, both of which are crucial elements to the Khajiit religion.

7 They Dislike Argonians

Unfortunately, due to the weakness of the Elsweyr Confederacy and the nomadic nature of the Khajiit people, there are many negative stereotypes surrounding them. This is quite similar to Argonians, who are also often considered second-class citizens by other races.

What's even more unfortunate is that rather than banding together against injustice, Khajiit and Argonians actually despise each other. This is also partly due to them being technically neighbor provinces, only separated by sea and parts of Cyrodiil.

6 They've Worked For Thalmor

The Aldmeri Dominion and Khajiit have a special relationship, which is difficult to explain due to how complex it is. In many ways, it's a case of the Altmer exploiting the Khajiit thanks to their political power and using their religion as a way to bolster their position.

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This is even seen in Skyrim during the main quest. The Thalmor will occasionally employ Khajiit assassins on their missions against the Dragonborn.

5 They're Assassins Or Thieves

Every race in The Elder Scrolls universe has a specialty, some sort of job or class which they're particularly good at. When it comes to Khajiit, they're known to be extremely agile and stealthy people, which is tied to their unique physiology.

Due to this, they'll often work in professions that best complement these skills. Many of them make excellent assassins and thieves, finding themselves in the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild.

4 They Deal Damage Up Close

Speaking of the unique physiology of Khajiit, one aspect they share with Argonians is their incredible ability to deal a ton of damage in hand-to-hand combat. In fact, many Khajiit prefer to use their bare hands when fighting rather than a weapon.

In Skyrim, unarmed combat as a Khajiit deals 12 damage, making it a completely legitimate build to complete the game with. Thanks to their claws, Khajiit are able to do so much more than other races.

3 They're Hated In Skyrim

Nords are not exactly known for being the most welcoming people in Tamriel, but Khajiit definitely get the short end of the stick when it comes to life in the northern province. They often faced discrimination from city guards, who address them as "cats."

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Moreover, the Khajiit are not allowed within the cities of Skyrim. Many of them tend to set up camp outside in the form of caravans since their presence isn't otherwise welcomed.

2 They Were Enslaved In Morrowind

The peak of the injustice the Khajiit have gone through definitely took place within Morrowind, a province famous for enslaving not only Argonians but Khajiit as well. The rich homes of dark elves were particularly guilty of this, until slavery was outlawed.

The treatment of Khajiit slaves was extremely inhumane. Their keepers would hold them with special bracers that would prevent the slaves from using spells in order to fight or attempt an escape.

1 Their Appearance Is Based On The Moon

There are many different types of Khajiit out there, and no two Khajiit are quite alike. While some might look more like lynxes or other large feline creatures, other have a much more domestic catlike appearance.

Their appearance ultimately depends on the moon under which they were born, which also plays a big part in Khajiit religion and beliefs.

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Skyrim: 5 Ways Khajiits Are The Best Beast Race (& 5 Why It's Argonians)

The Elder Scrolls has an array of races for the player to choose from during character creation. Most of them generally fall into the Men and Mer categories, allowing different kinds of humans and elves to coexist within the realm of Tamriel. Then, for those who are done with the typical choices of humans, orcs, and elves, there is a third option.

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The beast races are the true natives to Tamriel, having been there well before either Men or Mer arrived. Argonians are lizardfolk whose species hail from the Black Marsh, while Khajiits are a cat-like species with a massive range in appearances from Elswyr.

10 Khajiits Can Come In Many Different Shapes & Forms

The permanent appearance and physiology of a Khajiit is entirely influenced by the orientation of the moons at the time of their birth, leading to an entire species of wildly different looking sentient cats. They can range anywhere from looking just like a standard housecat, to a massive beast, to an anthropomorphic cat, and even becoming nearly indistinguishable from humans.

Only a handful of Khajiit have made an appearance throughout the games, but they have such a wide range to allow for some amazing creativity in design that none of the other races do.

9 Argonians Are Born Genderless

The lizardfolk of the Black Marsh are canonically born genderless and do not develop any reproductive parts until they lick the sap from a Hist tree. Their eggs do not even hatch without the presence of Hist nearby, and infant Argonians subsist entirely off of this sap much like mammals do off of milk.

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So it really doesn't matter that they are born genderless as they will immediately gain a gender, but it is still a really fun tidbit of lore to think about, as well as allow for some fabulous identity headcanon for the players.

8 Khajiit Have A Unique Way Of Speaking

One thing that is often overlooked in unique races such as Khajiits and Argonians is considering how they speak and interact with the world around them. With such a wide range of people within Tamriel, as well as different environments, it really should stand to reason that there would be more dialects and accents than there are. They aren't human, so maybe they shouldn't entirely act and sound like them?

Khajiits however, are always standing out with their unique phrasing and thick, third-person accents. Khajiit has wares, if you have the coin.

7 Argonians Can Breathe Underwater

Granted there is rarely anything underwater save for the occasional chest or something needed for a quest somewhere and therefore water breathing is rarely needed within the series, but the fact that they can do it at all is fabulous.

Need to literally shake some angered opponents off? Hop into the nearest body of water and wait. Eventually, they will either lose sight and give up, make themselves easy targets, or drown.

6 Khajiit's Claws Are Better Than Basic Weaponry

Lore wise, a Khajiit would prefer to use their claws to fight. In-game that translates to additional damage added for unarmed attacks for all Khajiits. This additional damage makes the early game a breeze, where the player can use all of the starting equipment as trade fodder for something better while still keeping up with having a decent weapon.

It also makes it so any time the player is forced into fisticuffs they have an edge. Five of them per hand, to be precise.

5 Argonians Have No Concept Of Time

There still hasn't been enough lore released about Argonians to explain some aspects of them, including their culture. One thing that has, however, been revealed is that Argonians have no concept of time. They don't even have a word for it and struggle to interact with other species when it becomes a factor.

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Just the fact that Argonians are not bound by the constraints of time is just heartening. They have other things to deal with, like navigating that awfully complicated Black Marsh.

4 Khajiit Are More Willing To Wander

Since they are not bound to the Hist, a Khajiit is more likely to travel further distances and explore. This is very clearly evident by traveling caravans of them, peddling wares to those who bother to stop by.

Khajiit are also well known for their refinement of Moon Sugar into Skooma, so even if their completely legal peddling doesn't quite pay the group enough, there's always someone looking for their next fix that they can cash in on instead. Some others might find their actions a bit less than ideal, since the caravans will sell to anyone regardless, but will probably be taking advantage of them if they aren't Khajiit.

3 Argonians Have A Natural Disease Resistance

Due to their natural home being a massive rainforest, swamp, marsh thing, Argonians are either immune or highly resistant to most diseases. This makes vampiric or lycanthropic Argonians highly unlikely, but it can still happen with enough effort.

Or stupidity, one. Depends on the particular Argonian. That does also mean that players will not have to worry about vampirism if they don't actually want to be one for some awkward reason as it is pretty hard to manage while playing an Argonian.

2 Khajiit Are Naturally Speedy

Another intense advantage Khajiit have over most other races is that they are naturally very dexterous and speedy. It makes them excellent rogues and difficult targets to face in battle.

They are quick, dangerous, and powerful when they want to be. While it isn't offered as a game mechanic, Khajiit almost always have massive fangs to go along with their powerful claws, so an unprepared fight with a Khajiit would almost certainly end poorly for anyone else involved.

1 Argonians Have Thick Skin

Argonians are literally covered in scales. Their skin is thicker and stronger than most other races, translating over to a slightly better base defense. Each one is also adorned with horns, sometimes big and sometimes small, and each one has a full mouth of sharp, rigid teeth.

Top it off with the fact that Hist sap is a hallucinogenic to every other race out there but them, and it stands to reason that they might also be slightly toxic. So all that being said, don't fight an Argonian while underprepared. They can take a hit and dish them back too.

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Skyrim: 10 Hidden Details About The Khajiit Only True Fans Know

Khajiit are one of the default player races of Elder Scrolls and are most known for their cat-like features. Their forms are basically if a human and a cat just collided in our imaginings.

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From Morrowindto Oblivionand Skyrim, these cat people have always been around. In terms of their racial lore, it can be easy to play without knowing anything about them. Some players prefer that. Hardcore fans do know a good bit though from past games, reading in-game books, and just paying very close attention to any dialogue. From their designs to their religion and homeland, there is a lot to know about Khajiit.

10 Khajiit Take Different Forms Based On The Moons Phase When They Were Born

This is part of the complex lore of Khajiit physiology. Based on the moons phase they are born under, Khajiit can range from looking like a regular tiger to a furry and clawed human. Note that this is moons plural, as the world of Elder Scrolls has multiple moons. The two moons are called Masser and Secunda.

Let's say a Khajiit is born under a Masser new moon and waxing Secunda, then they will be born as the Khajiit forms often found in Daggerfall. To know all these forms, a fan would need to do a load of research.

9 They Might Be One Of The Few Playable Races That Are Native To Tamriel

Along with the Argonians, Khajiit are possibly natives to Tamriel. For a long time, the main piece of evidence was that they lived there long before the elves arrived.

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We may never know, as game developer Matt Firor said in an interview that while it would be cool to know where the Khajiit came from, sometimes it is best to keep certain parts of lore unknown.

8 They Don't Have Customizable Eyebrows

You wouldn't think about the lack of eyebrow customization outside of the character creator but if the whole face is fur, then does a Khajiit really have eyebrows or does that mean its all eyebrow? You wouldn't think about it but when you're confronted with the fact it makes sense.

It won't really detract from your experience because as a cat person your character is going to stand out for most other folks regardless of what their eyebrows might look like. 

7 One Of The More Popular Playable Races

If you have friends who play Skyrim, then its likely you know at least one person who plays as Khajiit. After all, there are very few video games out there that let you play as a cat person.

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There hasn't been a big official poll for the most played Skyrim race, but there have been little ones on Reddit. Based on a poll of over 200 people, Khajiit are the third most played race, just behind Bretons and Nords. Khajiit do have chaotic neutral or neutral evil vibes, which are very fun to play.

6 They Have Spiritual Leaders Called Clan Mothers

In Khajiit culture, their villages have Clan Mothers. These matriarchal roles serve as leaders for their communities and it often falls on them to share old stories and teach history. In terms of their spiritual leadership, they are known to listen to the Moons. The moons are very important to Khajiit, so they find the words of Clan Mothers to be most important because they have a deep relationship with the Moons.

They are known to be quite wise and there is still a lot of unknowns players wish to know, like how does a Khajiit become a Clan Mother?

5 They Have A Different Punch Animation From Most Other Races

While humans, orcs, Imperials, Breton, elves, Nords, and most other races punch with closed fights, Khajjit keeps their fingers open for slashing with their cat-like claws. This trait is only shared with one other race: the Argonians.

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The punching animation is just one of the many special details that make Skyrim a special game and make Khajiit an awesome race to play as. Also, yes, it does give their unarmed attacks a damage boost.

4 Moonsugar Is Important To Them

Moonsugar is native to the Tenmar Forest in Elsweyr, the homeland of Khajiit. For Khajiit, moonsugar is a part of their daily lives in their culture. However, it is illegal under the laws of the Empire. It is because it can be dangerous due to its addictive qualities. In fact, its a key ingredient in skooma (though Khajiit did not invent skooma).

Khajiit believe moonsugar to be "crystallized moonlight" and do not use it like a drug. In fact, they are naturally tolerant of it since they use it everyday as part of their diet.

3 They Can Have Tail Bugs

Skyrim is well-known for its bugs, and Khajiit characters can have some pretty hilarious glitches with their tails. This is especially likely to occur when Khajiit die. Like many Skyrim glitches, their bodies may get all jiggly upon death. Their tails can go absolutely bonkers as well.

For unfortunate players, this can occur while alive as well. Some get kinks in their tails or they have run and stopped running but their tails still swish around as though they are still in fast motion.

2 Khajiit And Argonians Are The Only Races That Can Have Piercings

Like the special punch animation, both Khajiit and Argonians are the only race to have this trait in common. In character creation, the ears can be adorned with various earrings. There are a lot of players that wish this could be done for other races, but that can easily be cured through fan-made mods.

The Khajiit deserve this after all. It could make up for the lack of eyebrow customization.

1 Unlike In Oblivion, Skyrim Khajiit Resemble Lynxs

Khajiit in various games tend to resemble different cats. They can be more like lions, cougars, tigers, leopards, domestic shorthairs, and more. In Oblivion, Khajiit resembled jungle cats like leopards and jaguars. In Skyrim, they are more similar to lynxes due to their thick cheek fur and pointed ears.

It is unknown whether the game developers did this on purpose or not.

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Skyrim - The Best Khajiit Mods - LE, SE

How Skyrim's Khajiit Differ From Those in Morrowind, Oblivion, and More

By Joshua Duckworth


Despite a few racial similarities, the Khajiit in Skyrim differ vastly from those find in its predecessors, Morrowind and Oblivion.

It's easy to overlook Khajiit when playing Skyrim, as there are so few found in-game unless players choose one to play. Any option for a race in Skyrim is good, but the Khajiit afford unique roleplaying opportunities due to their being outcast. Khajiit are mostly seen in caravans outside of city walls, as many Nords do not trust or like the Khajiit, but that's only one aspect to their in-depth lore.

Khajiit biology and lore is unique, even among the many men, mer, and beastfolk of The Elder Scrolls. In fact, this is exactly what helps them differ in-between each game, as many may not have noticed that the Khajiit of Skyrim look vastly different from those found in Morrowind and Oblivion.

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The defining feature of Khajiit are, of course, their feline traits. Some will look like mountain cats, lynxes, bobcats, tigers, leopards, or even domesticated cats, and typically, Khajiit will share a plethora of facial features with these species. Notably, however, some Khajiit could pass for any human or elven race in Tamriel, sometimes creating issues of mistrust both with men and with Khajiit. They typically have some sort of markings of real-world cats on their faces, but can go from relatively hard-to-see to near-impossible. They also tend to accessorize much like any other Elder Scrolls race, but these also come in the form of fur extensions, beads in hair, and more.

Khajiit in Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, and More

When playing as a Khajiit, players will notice some of the above but also some general characteristics that differ. For example, Khajiit are the only playable race in Skyrim without customizable eyebrows, and unlike other races (except the Argonians), they do not use fists in combats—they use claws. Appearance-wise, the Khajiit seen in Skyrim are considered Cathay, if just a small sampling of appearances for this particular breed. They tend to look like lynxes, with pointed ears, angled faces, and patches of thick fur around their cheeks.

In Oblivion, the Khajiit tend to have smaller, blunted ears and rounder features than their Skyrim counterparts. Most often, they tend to look like jaguars or leopards instead of lynxes. Meanwhile, in Morrowind, only the Suthay-raht could be found. These Khajiit tend to be larger than the Suthay breed of Khajiit, but smaller than other races seen in Morrowind, as well as in comparison to Khajiit seen in Oblivion and Skyrim. Interestingly, for whatever reason, most games tend to focus on one style of fur presentation and breed.

The Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls: Arena, for example, were the Ohmes. Perhaps due to technical difficulties (and justified via lore), the Ohmes Khajiit resembles elves and men more than other Khajiit. They have no fur, no tail, and few, if any, feline features, thus Ohmes would typically paint their face with feline paint. In Daggerfall, the Khajiit were of the Ohmes-raht breed, which means still resemble men more than more feline versions of Khajiit, but these do have fur and a tail unlike the Ohmes. Meanwhile, the Khajiit breed found in Oblivion and Skyrim are various versions of the Cathay.

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Khajiit Appearances, Breed, and Moons

As aforementioned, the Khajiit seen in Skyrim and other areas are Cathay, but the possible forms range from the bipedal to quadrupedal, from house cat to feral beast. Many Khajiit forms and characters are seen in The Elder Scrolls Online (although the Suthay-raht are the only playable breed). The above image from The Elder Scrolls Online, for example, shows how vastly the Khajiit can vary. Some have the size and appearance of house cats, while others are ginormous beasts. Their appearances and patterns vary just as much as their height, with 17 known breeds of Khajiit existing but the Empire believing there to be more than 20 (for one reason or another).

But all of this begs a question about how Khajiit appearances relate to their breed and their location of birth, and interestingly, it ties back to moons and their phases. There are two known moons on Tamriel that impact Khajiit: Masser and Secunda. Masser is the biggest moon and will determine the overall body shape of a Khajiit:

  • Masser Full - Large Quadruped
  • Masser Waxing - Large Biped
  • Masser New - Small Biped
  • Masser Waning - Small Qadruped

However, it only gets complicated from there as the alignment of the two moons and their phases further divide them into the following breeds:

  • Masser Full/Secunda Full - Senche, Tiger-like steeds used by other Khajiit.
  • Masser Full/Secunda Waxing - Senche-raht, giant battle cats (bottom right of the above image).
  • Masser Full/Secunda New - Pahmar, very similar to the Senche.
  • Masser Full/Secunda Waning - Pahmar-raht, not unlike the Pahmar or Senche, but bigger.
  • Masser Waxing/Secunda Full - Cathay, as seen in Skyrim, and Oblivion.
  • Masser Waxing/Secunda Waxing - Cathay-raht, larger Cathay and also known as Jaguar Men.
  • Masser Waxing/Secunda New - Tojay, known to live in Southern Elsweyr.
  • Masser Waxing/Secunda Waning - Tojay-raht, bigger Tojay who live in the same area.
  • Masser New/Secunda Full - Ohmes, as seen in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.
  • Masser New/Secunda Waxing - Ohmes-raht, as seen in Daggerfall.
  • Masser New/Secunda New - Suthay, similar to the Ohmes but with more feline features.
  • Masser New/Secunda Waning - Suthay-raht, as playable in The Elder Scrolls Online and most common seen in Morrowind.
  • Masser Waning/Secunda Full - Alfiq, which look like house cats (seen on the left in the above image).
  • Masser Waning/Secunda Waning - Alfiq-raht, larger house cat appearance.
  • Masser Waning/Secunda New - Dagi, small and slender felines that tend to live in trees.
  • Masser Waning/Secunda Waning - Dagi-raht, bigger but still slender Dagi.
  • The Third Moon - The Mane. There is a rarely occurring third moon which, when aligned with the other two, result in the birth of the Mane. They are known for their long, beautiful manes, so much so that other Khajits cut theirs out of respect for the Mane to wear as fur attachments.

Of course, while some breeds like the Cathay are more likely to have varied fur patterns and appearances, it's a curiosity why only certain designs for the above Khajit breeds tend to appear in certain countries outside Elsweyr. The games do not give any real explanation, but the most likely answer is proximity. Just as high schoolers are likely to date or marry someone from their own school, the Ohmes-raht likely bred with Ohmes-raht in Daggerfall, the Cathay in Skyrim with other Cathay, and the Suthay-raht in Morrowind with other Suthay-raht. And with a more limited gene pool as a result, it's likely one fur expression was the dominant gene. Either way, understanding Khajiit appearances and breeds is by no means a simple task, but it is an interesting one.

Skyrim is available on all major platforms.

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Skyrim khajiits


This page or parts of this page were previously transcluded from lore pages per this discussion.
This page should be checked for potential unrelated lore and other information. Please remove this banner when the page has been cleaned up.
A compilation of the preset Khajiit faces available in Skyrim

Illustration of a typical Khajiit male

Khajiit are cat-like people who come from Elsweyr, known for high intelligence and agility. These traits make them very good thieves and acrobats, but Khajiit are also fearsome warriors. However, they are rarely known to be mages. Khajiit mostly stay on land, but piracy and Skooma trade does draw some to work as sailors.

Khajiit anatomy differs greatly from both men and elves, not only because of their fur, tail, and sometimes toe-walking stance, but also their digestive system and metabolism. Khajiit, Argonians, and Imga are the so-called "beast races" of Tamriel because of these large differences. Khajiit have a lifespan similar to that of humans. There are no well-documented cases of cross-breeding between Khajiit and other races, though there are rumors of such a thing. The foreign appearance and behavior of Khajiit make them common targets of racial discrimination.

For more information, see the main lore article.

In-Game Description[edit]

Hailing from the province of Elsweyr, they are intelligent, quick, and agile. They make excellent thieves due to their natural stealthiness. All Khajiit can see in the dark at will and have unarmed claw attacks.


  • Claws ability (FormID ): Khajiit claws do 12 points of damage in addition to their base damage value of 10 points for unarmed combat.
    • Although the in-game text says "Khajiit claws do 15 points of damage.", the actual effect magnitude is only 12 points.
    • The game data also describes the effect as "Khajiit claws do four times the damage of a man's punch."
  • Night Eye lesser power (FormID ): Improved night vision for 60 seconds, multiple times per day.
  • Fortify WarmthCC (FormID ): Your Khajiit blood improves your resistance to cold environments by 15 points.
  • Raw DietCC (FormID ): Your Khajiit blood allows you to eat raw meat without risk of disease.
  • Height: 1 (M), 0.95 (F)


Khajiit, like Argonians, make good thieves due to their bonuses in skills typically associated with stealth-oriented classes. Night Eye is a handy lesser power while dungeon-crawling or for seeing at night, when many thieves do their work. Their claw bonus helps in brawls, and, combined with the Fists of Steel perk, makes unarmed combat viable.

In combat, players have the opportunity to take advantage of the Khajiit's bonuses to one-handed and ranged weapons, and their strong bonus to Sneak makes sneak attacks accessible at early levels.

Khajiit may be taunted with "You'll make a fine rug, cat!" and "You remind me of my cousin's cat. Killed that too!" in combat. Upon finding a dead body they may also say "I'll claw the eyes out of whoever did this!"


Notable Khajiit[edit]


  • The Khajiit Claws racial bonus to unarmed damage stacks with other sources of damage increase, such as perks like Fists of Steel and equipment like the Gloves of the Pugilist.
  • As Khajiit lack the relevant dialogue, you cannot marry them even through use of the console, although it can be utilized to transform a marriageable NPC into a Khajiit. If the player is a Khajiit, marriage is still possible with any marriageable NPC.


  • Khajiit tails may sometimes continue to move after death. This is more common with dead bodies that were put in areas for show, such as finding a dead body in a jail cell in a dungeon, and not as common with actual NPCs that are killed. If a Khajiit, the player's tail will often continue to move after death.
  • Khajiit tails may sometimes stop moving at all after death, freezing in the place where they were in the moment of death.
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