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MBTI®: 10 Marvel Superheroes Who Are ENTJs

Superheroes generally prove their mettle on the field of battle. But maybe some of them want to be sure they're the right fit. It takes more than just ability; they need the right personality for the rigors of the job. One way for them to see if they're a good fit is by taking The Myers-Briggs® personality test.

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For a lot of heroes, it's enough to be a willing defender of truth and justice. But some might be more suited to lead. If their test result was for the ENTJ personality type, then they're likely good leaders. Here are ten Marvel superheroes who have proven to be ENTJs.

10 Black Bolt

Black Bolt is one of the heroes on this list who is more than just the leader of a team, he's the leader of a people. Black Bolt became the ruler of the Inhumans when he was still a pretty young guy, just twenty, but he has the innate qualities necessary to be a leader.

His confidence and charisma helped win over those who might have doubted whether he could lead his people through their discovery by the human race and the many trials and tribulations that followed.

9 Mister Fantastic

Reed Richards likely spans a few different types on The Myers-Briggs® spectrum. He's certainly an adventurous (ISFP) and entrepreneurial (ESTP) but his best quality is his ability to lead. As the head of the Fantastic Four, he has captained his team and extended family through decades of challenges that few other people would be able to weather. First, there was the traumatic transformation from scientists to superheroes.

He also rallied them and the world against one threat after another, including Doctor Doom and of course the world-threatening Galactus.

8 Cyclops

Cyclops has been the field captain of the X-Men, with a few breaks, since the beginning of the team. He was selected for a number of reasons, including his ability to manage difficult situations. He's seen his fair share of those over the years, including his girlfriend turning evil, and then he turned evil, and both of them died at least a couple of times, but they got better.

Managing life and death is another key quality for a leader fighting against those willing to do anything and Cyclops can do it.

7 Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers has the power, charisma, and experience to be a natural leader. And like all good leaders, she views failure as educational. Many people suffer defeats great and small, and they're down for the count.

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Getting back off the mat is a huge necessity for any leader, especially one rallying superheroes against overwhelming odds. Captain Marvel got knocked down her entire life, from her years in the Air Force to the Star Force and of course being absorbed into Rogue. She never quit.

6 Iron Man

A key element of being a good leader is the ability to evolve. There is perhaps no better example of character growth in Marvel and certainly the MCU than Tony Stark.

Initially a self-serving and maybe just a little narcissistic, Stark transforms over the course of his journey into the heroic defender Iron Man and a leader of the Avengers. This arc was wonderfully concluded with his moving sacrifice to save the universe at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

5 Professor X

Leaders must have great compassion and empathy if they're going to be somebody others can identify with. Professor X uses his natural sense of people and his practical assets to provide mutantkind a place and a voice in the world.

A downside some ENTJs might run into though is a sense of being a bit ruthless. While Charles Xavier has demonstrated extraordinary compassion, as recent events attest, there comes a point in which some may stop reacting and start acting.

4 Namor

There are pros and cons to being a natural leader. Qualities like confidence, charisma, and efficiency all serve to galvanize others. For ENTJs, the pitfalls of being this type include being cold and arrogant. Namor falls on this side of the equation.

Wavering between hero and villain, with his focus on that of Atlantis and then his own personal goals (his single-minded pursuit of the Invisible Woman comes to mind), Namor is a leader who doesn't always consider others.

3 Black Panther

Like Namor, Black Panther is more than just the leader of a team; he's the leader of a nation. Wakandans know how strong a leader T'Challa is by virtue of his ability to multi-task. Not only does he keep their interests at heart, but he's also able to do it while defending the rest of the world.

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Black Panther has been able to utilize his intelligence, strength, and natural ability to lead for Wakanda, the world, and the galaxy. A great leader is a tired leader, but no one will ever see it from him.

2 Storm

Great leaders know how to sacrifice. Ororo Munroe has done it time and again. She's lost her powers, her position as leader of the X-Men, and dear friends and allies, but she's never flinched from staying true to what she believes is right.

During Avengers vs. X-Men, Storm sided with the X-Men to prevent mass violence from breaking out, while her then-husband Black Panther chooses the Avengers. He annuls their marriage, breaking her heart, but she did what she felt was right.

1 Captain America

An essential quality in any good leader is never giving up. ENTJ-types are strong-willed, to say the least. This fits Captain America to a tee. Perhaps the quintessential leader among the entire roster of Marvel superheroes, his dedication, bravery, and tenacity throughout the years have inspired countless others.

Steve Rogers has led the Avengers into battle and against incalculable odds many times. Whether it's fighting the Nazis in World War II, HYDRA, or Thanos, he does whatever it takes.

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MCU Characters Who Share Your MBTI® Type

For over ten years, audiences have followed the adventures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, the comic book action and interwoven stories are part of the charm, but the real selling points of this franchise are its relatable heroes. With the vast array of characters, anyone can find a hero they identify with. Kevin Feige and his team have done an incredible job bringing these heroes to life in an empathetic way.

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One of the best ways to understand a character's archetype and psychology is by applying the Myers-Briggs® personalities. This specified classification is often used to surmise one's social tendencies and ticks.

Updated on April 10th, 2021 by Kristen Palamara: There are countless well-developed characters, heroes and villains and everything in between, who appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and all of them have unique personalities that are developed during the dozens of movies already in the MCU alongside several shows set to be released on Disney+ like WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Since each character has a distinct personality, and most of them have had several appearances to flesh out their strengths and weaknesses, it's easy to match them with their corresponding MBTI® personality type and audiences can connect with them even further.

15 Star-Lord - ESFP

Star-Lord has a fun-loving nature in any scene he's in and is most similar to the ESFP personality type. In his introduction scene in Guardians of the Galaxy he breaks into song and dance while venturing into the unknown, which is a classic ESFP move.

ESFP personalities are social extroverts, entertainers, typically focused on personal aesthetics, can be a little unfocused at times, and can become easily bored, which Peter Quill fits all of these traits perfectly.

14 Ant-Man - ESFJ

Ant-Man is a constant source of positive energy on the Avengers and he's optimistic even in the darkest of times like when he was one of the only ones with hope after the snap and his time in the quantum realm. Scott Lang is a character who is able to encourage others and be supportive while always being able to make others, including himself, laugh.

Scott is also a loyal and heartwarming character as he's loyal to the Avengers and has a special bond with his daughter Cassie although sometimes he can be a little too selfless but he always has his heart in the right place. All of Scott's strengths and weaknesses as a character are similar to the ESFJ personality type.

13 Falcon - ISFP

Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, is a charming character who quickly gets along with both Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff in Captain America: Winter Soldierand is building a relationship with Bucky Barnes in Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Sam is a passionate character who does what he thinks is right and is empathetic toward others as he is always ready to jump into the fray to help. Sam's an independent and curious person as well and all of these traits are similar to the ISFP personality type.

12 Winter Soldier - ISFJ

Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, is introduced in Captain America: The First Avenger as a loyal and hard-working character who has unending support for his best friend Steve Rogers. He's imaginative and interested in science while also being a strong defender of what's right when he goes to fight in World War II.

Bucky's an empathetic character, not including the years when he was brainwashed by Hydra, while also being humble and more introverted making all of Bucky's traits similar to the ISFJ personality type.

11 Vision - ISTJ

Vision is very similar to the ISTJ personality portraying most all of the ISTJ strengths and weaknesses on screen in the MCU and in the Disney+ series WandaVision. He's an honest and direct character who is calm and practical but sometimes, near the beginning of his character arc, was a little insensitive.

He's a very responsible, logical, and dutiful character who is capable of almost anything from his beginnings as JARVIS to his humanoid form as Vision.

10 Thor - ESTP

Thor, God of Thunder and Space Frat-Bro, is full of versatility and humor. This son of Asgard is a strong-willed leader who loves to tackle problems head-on. Though he is assertive, Thor still likes to let loose and have fun, though occasionally at his downfall. Out of all the types, Thor is clearly an ESTP.

ESTPs are classified as energetic problem solvers. They love addressing problems immediately and with as broad a scope as possible. Sometimes though, the tendency towards immediate action can lead to a narrower and less detail-oriented approach. Luckily, their good-natured humor and natural likability overcome their blind enthusiasm.

9 Captain Marvel - ISFP

Carol Danvers might be new to the MCU, but there is no denying her immediate impact (just ask that poor Blockbuster Video). Fans around the world immediately identified with this new galactic hero. When applying the MBTI®, Captain Marvel fits right into the ISFP type.

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ISFPs are compassionate and concrete, often holding a strong moral compass. Carol has a strong will, and her values are incredibly important to her. Although she is loyal to the Kree, she does not sacrifice her beliefs for them. ISFPs hate having their personal freedoms and emotions limited, mirrored in Carol's journey from Kree Pawn to an independent hero.

8 Scarlet Witch - INFP

Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff, is a hard character to place. Much of this is due to her reserved and complex tendencies. Because of this, no better type exists for her than INFP. Full of compassion for others, it was the clear archetype for a character like Wanda.

This is not to say that Wanda is weak. Instead, Wanda is selective as to when she chooses to be vulnerable. There are few characters apart from Vision who she chooses to open up with. INFPs are very empathetic, but choose when to express it.

7 Groot - INFJ

Everyone loves this friendly giant, Groot, and the baby version of him as well. Groot might be a being of few words, but his gentle demeanor and peaceful nature screams INFJ.

INFJs are identified by their insightful, private, and loyal personalities. Groot is that and more. He is a serene being who is dutiful to those he loves. He is not a fan of conflict, loudness, or disorder, and just wants everyone to get along. If INFJs had a motto, it'd be "We are Groot".

6 Black Panther - INTJ

T'Challa is a character who has a lot on his shoulders. Running a kingdom, losing his dad, and learning that his family covered up a murder and abandonment plot are just a few of the things he's handling in Black Panther. Only someone calm, cool, and collected can take all that stress.

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T'Challa is an INTJ and conceptual planner. INTJs face problems thoroughly, logically, and decisively. Procrastination is a major point of stress for INTJs, along with micromanaging and indecision. As the king of the most secretive and powerful nation on earth, T'Challa does not have time to second-guess or overthink.

5 Black Widow - ISTP

Myers-Briggs® characterizes an ISTP by their realism, adaptability, and adventurous nature. Black Widow's nearly pessimistic personality and spy skills make her a stand out ISTP. When the protective guise disappears, Black Widow is a relatively straightforward and blunt individual.

She does not appreciate disregarding her practicality, independence, and occasionally cynical outlook. She is an expedient and practical member of The Avengers who brings a grounded sense to even the most alien of circumstances.

4 Bruce Banner - INTP

No role fit Bruce Banner better than INTP. As a scientist and logical thinker, Banner had to go into this archetype. INTPs are some of the most ingenious types in all of Myers-Briggs®. They are analytical thinkers who apply logic and complex problem-solving to each task that comes their way.

Bruce is obviously also a character who hates a lot of disruptions and noise. He is introverted and awkward in the most endearing way possible. Though their inward view of the world can alienate them from others, their critical lens is crucial to any team's success.

3 Spider-Man - ENFP

Spider-Man is known for his carefree and fun attitude. He is full of energy all his own. Because of this, Peter Parker is the prime example of an ENFP personality type. Spidey is known to be full of life, joy, and relatability.

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ENFPs are known for looking at multiple solutions to problems and trying anything that might stick. They are not fans of detail and scrutiny, and sometimes that can lead to their downfall. But their authenticity, friendliness, and sociable personalities overcome any big-picture issues.

2 Captain America - ISFJ

Steve Rogers/Captain America is the heart of the MCU. The ultimate leader, everyone in the MCU looks up to Cap for significant decisions and guidance. With this mentor role Cap never loses sight of compassion and understanding. With all this in mind, Cap exudes the role of ISFJ.

These types are characterized by their honor, tradition, and duty. ISFJs value the collective forces for good, and the inherent power of the individual.

1 Iron Man - ENTP

Headstrong, analytical, and witty. All of these describe Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. He is a figure who invites challenge and debate but has the best intentions. Somehow arrogant in the best way, Tony is a full-blown ENTP.

This type is often seen as a devil's advocate, always inviting discourse and discussion. They want to address problems in the most creative way possible, sometimes to their disadvantage. ENTPs are intelligent beyond belief, outspoken, and full of energy. Tony lives all of these traits and more.

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Which Marvel character are you?

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Marvel Comics (MCU), is an overhead world and a common world composed of a series of movies independently produced by Marvel Comics Studio based on the characters in Marvel Comics publications. Founded in 1939, it has produced many comics, movies, dramas and other media works. The series of films such as Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers have achieved great success all over the world.

The new Marvel universe character test is carried by the professional Miles Briggs type indicator (MBTI), which includes Dozens of classic Marvel heroes such as, Spiderman, Wolverine, Ironman, Rogue, Captain America, Deadpool, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Black Widow, etc. Want to know which character you will become in this universe full of wonders and adventures? Come and test it!

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    Do you have proofs?

    This is the funniest joke I have heard this entire year!

  • If you are a superhero designer, which character flaw would you give to your character?



  • When travelling alone, what would make you most happy about?

    Perfectly complete all the plans I set for myself

    Have a wonderful love encounter

    Winning the cost of my round trip tickets

    Encounter a local festival that happens once every five years

  • When attending a gathering with your friends, you mostly feel:

    Happy and cozy

    Bored and tired

  • If you are praised by your seniors or boss in public, how would you feel?

    Happy or does not matter

    Distressed and embarrassed

  • Which of the following do you like best?

    Reflecting on oneself

    Heart-to-heart relationship

    Relaxed and comfortable


  • Do you often jump from topic to topic while chatting with your friends?



  • Are you very particular in choosing a name for your accounts when playing games?

    Yes, I would spend time in choosing a name.

    No, I would randomly make up a name and start playing.

  • If you are a superhero, which mission would you choose?

    In a hundred people, pick out 50 to live and the other 50 will die

    To survive three days in a strange and unknown place

  • If you can choose, which do you wish for?

    Wide range of interests and talents

    Focus on one goal and walk till the end

  • During your school breaks, what would you do with your school-given assignments?

    Finish assignments first then play

    Play first then do the assignments

  • If a good friend of yours dyed his/her hair to a really bad color and asked for your comments, what would you say?

    Your new haircut looks cute! Honestly though, I LOVE your previous hairstyle, it was gorgeous.

    Can I be honest with you? You need a new haircut!

  • Spider-Man51000Real NamePeter Benjamin ParkerTeamAvengers; SHIELD; Future Foundation, etc.First AppearanceAmazing Fantasy #15 (1962)Main SuperpowerSpider Powers; Spider sense; Adhesive Stick; Immune SystemSpider-Man was an ordinary student, he worked as a reporter in the Daily Bugle after graduation. At an exhibition, he was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained super-spider powers. He gained super-human toughness, reflects, and speed. On top of the responsibilities he had as a superhero, he had to face all the troubles a teenager had to go through.Your personality is similar to that of Spider-Man, Peter. You are kind and have a sense of justice. At the same time, you love to think and use your brain, and you are willing to give up the present enjoyment for your bigger dreams. Under an optimistic and positive appearance, you are often alone under external pressure and inner loneliness.//
  • Iron Man51010Real NameAnthony Edward “Tony” StarkTeamAvengers; Illuminati; Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.First AppearanceTales of Suspense #39 (March 1963)Main SuperpowerIntrinsic connection to his armor; Iron Man Armor; genius intelligenceIron Man at the age of 19 effortlessly graduated as class valedictorian with double majors in physics and engineering. Later he became the CEO of Stark Industries. He was kidnapped and shot through his chest. In order to save his own life, he asked Ho Yinsen, the physicist who was kidnapped with him, to assist him in building an Arc Reactor. The Arc Reactor generated power and they secretly made an armor (Mark 1). They were able to escape. Later on, he was one of the founding members of Avengers.Your personality is similar to that of the unquestionably genius, Iron Man. You are independent, confident, assertive, longing for freedom, like to act single-handedly, and play cards out of routine. But at the same time, you have a strong ability to think and create. In the face of problems, you can remain as comprehensive as possible and explore the deep meaning behind the problems.//
  • Captain America51111Real NameSteven RogersTeamAvengers; S.H.I.E.L.D.; U.S. Army, etc.First AppearanceCaptain America Comics #1 (March 1941)Main SuperpowerUnarmed and armed combat expert; using pan-alloy shield; worthy of lifting Thor's hammerCaptain America was a fragile skinny young man. He volunteered for Project Rebirth and was given by the US government chemical enhancement, in which he gained super-human abilities and became the first Super Soldier. He was given a shield made of vibranium, one of the strongest metals on earth. He had a lot of achievements during World War II. During one of his missions, he fought against Red Skull, fell into the ocean and was trapped into the ice for 70 years. He was found by S.H.I.E.L.D. and joined the Avengers. He led the Avengers in winning many battles.You and Captain America, Steven, have similarities in personalities in that you have strong self-principles, and stick to your own bottom line. At the same time, you have first-class decision-making ability and leadership skills, which are from your accurate sense of things and prediction of future trends. In a team, you can often be convinced by everyone by virtue of your own appeal and management ability, which would also bring you success in your career/academy.//
  • Hulk50010Real NameBruce BannerTeamAvengers; Defenders; Fantastic Four, etc.First AppearanceThe Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #1 (May 1962)Main SuperpowerIncredible superhuman strength, speed, energy, durability; healing factors, etc.Hulk was a famous Physicist. With an accident, he was exposed to a massive dose of gamma-ray from the Gamma Bomb he created. His body was then mutated. Whenever he gets emotional and raising of heart beats, he would turn into a green monster, which later was known as the Hulk.You and Hulk have similarities in personality in that you have contradictory and complex multiple personalities. The denial of self and the expectation of the future repeatedly beat on you, which also affects your mentality. You are more inclined to gain true mental freedom through self-discipline and self-management than to indulge in impulsive fun.//
  • Deadpool51011Real NameWade Winston WilsonTeamAstonishing Avengers; the Secret Defenders; Deadpool Corps, etc.First AppearanceThe New Mutants #98 (February 1991)Main SuperpowerSuper healing factors that made him near-immortal; marksmanship and swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combatantDeadpool was in the Canadian Special Forces. He participated in Weapon X Program in the hope to heal himself from his terminal illness. His cancer was healed after injected the DNA of Wolverine. However, it also brought deformities on his skin including his face. With his sense of humor and always made jokes and sarcastic comments, he was given the name “Merc with a Mouth.”You have a hint of Deadpool in you in that to others, you are someone who does not value achievement, nor try to find the easy way around. You also don’t act according to the card. In your heart, there is a pure, kind, and positive child who believes in and accepts the goodwill of the world without losing himself.//
  • Thor51100Real NameThor OdinsonTeamAsgard; Avengers; Warriors Three, etc.First AppearanceJourney Into Mystery #83 (August 1962)Main SuperpowerAbility to manipulate weather and electricity; superhuman strength, speed, endurance and senses, etc.Thor was the son of Odin and Frigga. He was the guardian and heir to the Throne of Asgard. He earned his worth in using the Mjølnir, the powerful enchanted war-hammer. He became arrogant and was sent to earth to learn about humility. He lived as a doctor on earth. He fell down a pit by accident when he was travelling in Norway. He picked up a wooden staff, which turned into his Mjølnir when hit the ground. That was also when he gained back his identity and power. From then on, he became a superhero, protected the earth from criminals and villains.There are similarities between you and Thor’s personality. No matter what industry you are in or what kind of public occasions you participate in, you will always leave others with a unique and strong impression of your personal style. You are more inclined to stick to who you are and rather than being influenced by the world, you actively change the world.//
  • Magneto50101Real NameMax EisenhardtTeamHellfire Club; X-Men; Brotherhood of Mutants, etc.First AppearanceUncanny X-Men #1 (September 1963)Main SuperpowerMagnetic control; manipulation of metal; magnetic flight, etc.Magneto, a survivor of the Jewish Holocaust, parted ways with his old friend Professor X due to human reasons and founded the Brotherhood of Mutants. Because of the cruelty of World War II and the crazy attacks on mutants by humans, Magneto hated humans extremely and had repeatedly turned against superhero teams such as X-Men and Avengers, who were in his way. He believed that mutants should do everything possible to defend their rights, even if this means domination of the world, they should not hesitate.Your personality is similar to Magneto. You are a natural fighter, and you will never make haste your life because of the doubts of others and the expectations of others. In your opinion, it is very important to bravely fight for and stick to your beliefs. Fortunately, you have great discernment which can help you make decisions.//
  • Daredevil51101Real NameMatthew Michael “Matt” MurdockTeamThe Defenders; The New Avengers; SHIELD, etc.First AppearanceDaredevil #1 (April 1964)Main SuperpowerSuper-human senses of touch, smell and taste; human-peak strength and will, etc.Daredevil was abandoned by his mother when he was young and raised by his boxer father alone. From an early age, he learned that rules were needed to restrain people’s behavior, and was determined to study law. After being accidentally contaminated by the radioactive materials spilt on the truck, he became blind. Unexpectedly it in turns enhanced his other senses. Later, under the rigorous training of the blind martial arts master Stick, Matt mastered his super senses and became a powerful warrior.There has a hint of Daredevil in you in that you have a strong sense of principle. Externally, you treat others with courtesy, and internally, you seek inner peace. For you, power and money are not the driving force that urges you to move forward, but the growth of your soul is what you pursue and yearn for.//
  • Doctor Strange50011Real NameStephen StrangeTeamNew Avengers; Avengers; Illuminati, etc.First AppearanceStrange Tales #110 (July 1963)Main SuperpowerMastery of mystic Arts; Expert neurosurgeon; superb fighting skills, etc.Doctor Strange, originally a well-known surgeon, was praised by the outside world as a gift from God to the surgical industry for his superb medical skills. Due to a car accident, his hands suffered comminuted fractures and he could no longer pick up a scalpel. He traveled all over the world, just to seek healing. When he was desperate, he came to the Himalayas to visit the legendary magician “Ancient One”. After Strange's plea, he accepted him as a disciple. Strange then received training from Ancient One on the use of spirit and spells to perform magic. In the process of learning magic, Stephen's hands gradually recovered. After leaving the master, he became Doctor Strange. He used his magical abilities to solve various supernatural events. After the death of Ancient One, for a while, Strange took over his position and became the supreme magician. He also joined the Avengers.In some aspects of your personality, you and Doctor Strange are similar. You pursue the depth of your thoughts, the vastness of knowledge or ideas, you are willing to think and study, dare to question authority, and you are very good at using explanatory concepts. People seem to be almost unable to refute your point of view and think that you are quite attractive.//
  • Wolverine51001Real NameJames Jimmy “Logan” HowlettTeamX-Men; Avengers; Alpha Flight, etc.First AppearanceThe Incredible Hulk #180 (October 1974)Main SuperpowerRetractable bone claw; Regenerative Healing Factor; Slowed aging, etc.Wolverine, since his childhood found out that his biological father killed his adoptive father, and Logan’s mutant ability began to appear. He had anti-ageing and high self-healing ability, and his hands can also extend claws. Later, he was captured by William Stryker and was put into the X weapon plan. They injected Adamantium into his bones, and the bone claws on his hands were replaced by the indestructible steel claws. This made Logan officially Wolverine, after which he joined the X-Men and Avengers and other superhero teams.In Wolverine, you can find a personality similar to yours in that you have the charisma of a “leader”, can bring correct and rational opinions to people around you, make people involuntarily want to come close to you and believe in you, and can bring unlimited peace of mind. For your future, you know what kind of life you want to live, and you would make plans for it and stick to it.//
  • Cyclops50100Real NameScott SummersTeamX-Men; Champions; Phoenix Five, etc.First AppearanceThe X-Men #1 (September 1963)Main SuperpowerOptic blasts, intuitive sense of spatial geometry, etc.Cyclops, a mutant, was born with the ability to emit red shockwaves in both eyes. He was later recruited by Professor X to join the X-Men. Because of his outstanding leadership skills, he served as the captain of the X-Men for a long time and later took over as the headmaster of X Academy, the leader of all mutants. As a leader, Scott’s philosophy is different from that of Magneto and Professor X. It is a gentle realism, advocating friendly relations with human beings and maintaining justice. However, at the same time, in order to protect the few mutants left, he destroyed the evil organizations that had slaughtered thousands of mutants.Your personality is similar to Cyclops. You don't want to get into conflicts with other people for your personal gain. You maintain a not-too-distant “social distance”, so you can integrate into the group and yet have your own personal space. But if you become the leader of a team, you will exert strong decisiveness and lead with the principles of “fairness” and “balance”.//
  • Silver Surfer50000Real NameNorrin RaddTeamGalactus; The Defenders; Annihilators, etc.First AppearanceThe Fantastic Four #48 (March 1966)Main SuperpowerAbility to absorb and manipulate the universe's ambient energySilver Surfer, a young astronaut from the outer galaxy planet Zenn-La. When the Planet Devourer came, Norin tried to negotiate with the Planet Devourer to help him find a suitable planet for food. The Planet Devourer accepted the Silver Shadowman’s conditions and gave him a powerful cosmic power. The moment he came into contact with this power, a full silver shell covered his body, and his memory, good and evil, conscience, and moral values ​​disappeared completely.In some aspects of your personality, you and Silver Surfer are similar. You have a noble and courteous character that others don’t often have, and you have an “absolute realm” in your heart that is almost impossible for others to find out. Even in the face of the closest person, you will maintain a gentle and steady attitude.//
  • Punisher51110Real NameFrank CastleTeamUS Marine Corps armed reconnaissance forces; the Defenders; Savage Avengers, etc.First AppearanceThe Amazing Spider-Man #129 (February 1974)Main SuperpowerWell-trained armed and unarmed combat; immune to mind control, etc.Punisher was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. After he was discharged from the Vietnam War, he served as a troop training instructor. When he was with his wife and children in the park one day, they were shot by the Mafia because they accidentally witnessed their unlawful acts. After being discharged from the hospital, Frank used his intelligence system to find the murderer of his wife and children and resorted to law. However, the mafia escaped sanctions with various channels and legal loopholes. Frank, who was completely desperate for justice, wanted to avenge his wife and children then decided to resort to force in his own way to get justice for his wife and children. He started killing any criminals without pardon.Your personality is similar to that of Punisher’s. You are always ahead of others in understanding things. You know what to do and when to do it. You know how to solve problems in the fastest and easiest ways. As for your ideas and ideals, you have always insisted on not being influenced by what other people say.//
  • Hawkeye50110Real NameClinton Francis BartonTeamAvengers; Defenders; World Counter-terrorism Agency, etc.First AppearanceTales of Suspense #57 (September 1964)Main SuperpowerMaster archer and marksmanship; human-peak strength and speed; had received enhanced visionHawkeye was formerly known as Goliath and Ronin. He was an orphan who grew up in a circus. He studied Swordsman and Trick Shot. Because of his talents, he obtained the nicknames “Hawkeye” and “The World's Greatest Marksman”. After seeing Iron Man saving people in a certain performance, he decided to use his abilities to become a superhero, and later joined the Avengers and became an important member of it.In some aspects, your personality is similar to Hawkeye. You always have a sense of stability and reliability. You are more self-disciplined and planned than ordinary people. At the same time, you have the ability to see other people’s thoughts and motivations. Super capable, so you can always make the best choices in the shortest time.//
  • Vision50001Real NameVisionTeamThe Avengers; The Defenders; The Avengers A.I. etc.First AppearanceAvengers #57 (October 1968)Main SuperpowerDensity control; genius intelligence; solar energy projection; Holographic disguise, etc.Vision, a mechanical organism created by Ultron, was moved by the human nature of the Avengers in many battles with the Avengers, and thus betrayed Ultron to join the Avengers. There he encountered Scarlet Witch, who is also a member of the Avengers, fell in love and became married. There are three Visions in Marvel Comics. The Vision that has been active in comics for a long time is the second-generation Vision.Your personality is similar to that of Vision’s. Before starting a project, you will test and investigate in depth to make sure nothing goes wrong. For you, introspection and the pursuit of the most accurate way are all thoughts that should be considered, and this has also made you a calm and dependable person.//
  • Doctor Doom50111Real NameVictor von DoomTeamTerrible Trio; Latveria; Avengers, etc.First AppearanceFantastic Four #5 (July 1962)Main SuperpowerGenius level intelligence; black magic, demon summoning and sorcery; electronic device induction control, etc.Doctor Doom was born in a small country of Latveria. His mother is a gypsy. He did not have any superpowers. After learning and by chance, he has mastered a lot of magic knowledge. His magic level was enough to compete with Doctor Strange. Due to his disfigurement in an experiment, he wore a metal mask and developed armor no less than Iron Man, as well as various high-tech equipment. By virtue of the two skills of magic and high-tech, Victor dominated the party and seized La Tovinia’s supreme power. He step by step promoted it to a world power, and at the same time tried to conquer the outside world, fighting against superheroes such as the Avengers and Fantastic Four many times.In some aspects of your personality, you are similar to Doctor Doom in that you have a compelling temperament. You are good at observing the weaknesses of others, are serious and persistent, and dare to boldly expose the hidden truth. You are good at grasping the overall direction and the complete blueprint.//
  • Rogue00100Real NameAnna Marie RavenTeamX factor; X-Men; Uncanny Avengers, etc.First AppearanceThe Avengers Annual #10 (August 1981)Main SuperpowerAbsorption of life force, abilities, memories, personality, and physical characteristics of others via skin-to-skin contactRogue’s rebellion prompted her to run away at a young age, and was later adopted by Mystique and became her daughter. She was recruited into the Brotherhood of Mutants. Later, because of the continuous absorption of the power of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, she gained long-term flight ability, strengthened physical strength and endurance. She learned to freely control her own power and can use the superpowers of several people at once without side effects.Your personality is similar to Rogue. For the things you love, you are willing to work hard. Even if there is an unknown predicament ahead you do not hesitate. In front of your lover, you like to be yourself and follow your feelings. You are also caring and gentle.//
  • Jean Grey01001Real NameJean Elaine GreyTeamX-Men; X FactorFirst AppearanceX-Men #1 (September 1963)Main SuperpowerTelepathy; Telekinesis; Transferring her mind/soul, etc.Jean Grey was born with telepathy and mind power. At the age of 10, Jean Grey’s good friend died unexpectedly. Her superpower was triggered because of her grief, and she couldn’t control her power. Her parents sent her to Professor X’s X Academy. With the help of Professor X, she gradually learned to control her superpowers and became a member of the X-Men.There are similarities between you and Jean Grey. You are creative, as bright as an artist, with intense emotions and a strong personality. Facing the internal conflicts and struggles of the self is a manifestation of the complexity of your personality. The real self and the expectations of others are entangled and netted in your heart, which also brought you pressure.//
  • She-Hulk00111Real NameJennifer Susan WaltersTeamThe Avengers; Fantastic Four; SHIELDFirst AppearanceSavage She-Hulk Vol 1 #1 (February 1980)Main SuperpowerSuperhuman strength, speed, durability and endurance RegenerationShe-Hulk was originally a criminal lawyer. Because the case she took over involved a gang group, the gang group shot her to prevent her from appearing in court. After being seriously injured, Jennifer urgently needed a blood transfusion, but because of the shortage of the hospital blood bank, she had to receive the blood of Dr. Bruce Banner. Jennifer had a mutation in her DNA and became a She-Hulk.In some aspects of your personality, you and She-Hulk are similar, whether it is love or family affection, it is almost impossible for you to lose yourself or dismiss your nature. Once you decide on a matter, you would focus and work hard on it. No matter how many difficulties and obstacles there are, you will not stop.//
  • Scarlet Witch00000Real NameWanda MaximoffTeamUncanny Avengers; Brotherhood of Mutants; Avengers, etc.First AppearanceX-Men #4 (March 1964)Main SuperpowerIllusions casting; chaos magic; reality warping; probability manipulation, etc.Scarlet Witch, the twin sister of Quicksilver, the original setting was Magneto’s daughter, Iron Man’s mistress, and Captain America also had an affair. The setting was modified in the comic series at the end of 2014. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are High Evolutionary genes. The genetically modified people produced in the experiment, who were not mutants. She joined the Brotherhood of Mutants led by Magneto with his younger brother before, but after learning the truth, joined the Avengers. She met Vision, who was also a member of the Avengers, and the two fell in love and became husband and wife.In Scarlet Witch, you can find a personality similar to yours. When you fall in love, you will show an honest, romantic and enthusiastic personality. When you love someone, you will try your best and go all out. you have a kind nature, are unwilling to hurt others, and if your own interests conflict with the feelings of others, it would make you feel stressed.//
  • Storm01101Real NameOroro MunroeTeamAvengers; X-Men; Fantastic Four, etc.First AppearanceGiantSize X-Men #1 (May 1975)Main SuperpowerWeather manipulating; flightStorm was born in Manhattan, New York, United States. Her mother was a Kenyan immigrant. The family has inherited the super power to control the weather for thousands of years. She was born to control lightning, create tornadoes, and rain torrential rains. Therefore, the locals once worshipped her family as gods. After being discovered by Professor X, she was invited by him to join the X-Men and became the deputy captain. Later she married a member of the Avengers, who was also the King Panther of Wakanda, and became the queen of Wakanda. She and Panthers are now divorced.Your personality is similar to that of Storm and has a great charm. In most cases, you are steady, rational, good at scheduling work, and manage deadlines and various staffing. You are a trustworthy and stable management talent. You are also a person who can be entrusted in a crisis.//
  • Black Widow01111Real NameNatalia Alianovna RomanovaTeamS.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers, Champions, etc.First AppearanceTales of Suspense #52 (April 1964)Main SuperpowerSlowed aging; hand-to-hand combatant; mastery of various weapons, etc.Black Widow refers specifically to the second generation. She had been trained as a special agent by former Soviet agents since childhood. Her body was modified by the former Soviet government to greatly delay the ageing rate, enhance her immune system and anti-strike ability. On top of that, she for many years went through various physical and mental training. She became a deadly poisonous spider, “Black Widow”. She later betrayed the former Soviet Union agent organization “Red Room” and joined the Avengers.In Black Widow, you can find a personality similar to yours. You are not a dreamer locked in an ivory tower, but a truly independent creator. For your own situation, you have a keen insight, do not depend on others, are independent, are strong, and stay steady and firm every step of the way.//
  • Shadowcat00010Real NameKatherine Anne “Kitty” PrydeTeamX-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D., Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.First AppearanceX-Men Vol 1 #129 (January 1980)Main SuperpowerPhasing Extension; Electrical DisruptionShadowcat, a descendant of Jews, was a happy normal person when she was a child. However, her frequent headaches grew worse and troubled her a lot. Later, her mutant ability began to gradually show. When she discovered her ability to change, she joined the X-Men Academy. She had a puppy-love relationship with Colossus on the team. Later, she accepted Star-Lord’s proposal and got married. When Star-Lord was declared the emperor of Spartax, she became the first lady of the kingdom.Your personality is similar to Shadowcat. You are smart, clever, and good at using technical terms, so you are popular in school/work. But when things go on for a period of time, you may feel that you can’t lift your energy. It’s not because of insensitivity, but the pursuit of freedom and changeability in your heart.//
  • White Queen01011Real NameEmma Grace FrostTeamX-Men, Phoenix Five, Cabal, etc.First AppearanceX-Men Vol 1 #129 (January 1980)Main SuperpowerTelepathy and Organic Diamond FormWhite Queen was born in a wealthy family in Boston, USA. Her father was a ruthless businessman, and her mother abused mental drugs due to family pressure. In school, Emma was an ugly duckling who had poor grades and was ridiculed by her classmates. During this time, Emma’s telepathic ability appeared. After growing up, Emma inherited a lot of wealth and became the majority shareholder of Frost International, a multi-billion-dollar group. She received an invitation from the Hellfire Club to become the “White Queen”. Later, on Genosha Island, the second ability—diamond transformation—was inspired by the sentinel robot. After joining cooperation with the X-Men, she joined the team. She even developed feelings for Cyclops.In some aspects of your personality, you and the White Queen have similarities. You are very sensitive to the sensory world in your life, know how to appreciate beauty, and are good at creating beauty. As for yourself, you are always trying to get rid of the influence of the environment and others on you, and are eager to find a strong point so that you can boldly be yourself.// English QR Code Generator


Avengers as the 16 types (meme) #16typesMarvel

MBTI®: 10 Marvel Villains Who Are ENFJs

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) provides a range of sixteen different personality types to help people get a better understanding of who they are. One of the types, the ENFJ (Extroversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judgment) is most commonly associated with heroes - after all, it's also known as The Protagonist type. But some villains fall under the category as well.

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Every personality type has its good and bad sides, and these 10 Marvel villains definitely all land on the bad side. Here are ten Marvel villains who fall under the ENFJ personality type.

10 MCU Mysterio

Protagonists tend to be the stars of their own stories, wanted or not, and Quentin Beck is the star of his own virtual reality show. This fact is blown up to huge and deadly effect with his MCU version, in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Beck masterminds a complicated plot involving holograms and drones to obtain a pair of high-tech glasses from Spider-Man. His fluctuating self-esteem - a key weakness of the ENFJ type - is on full display throughout the film.

9 Black Cat

ENFJ types are often naturally charismatic. Felicia Hardy definitely has charisma in spades. She skirts the line between hero and villain - a common theme of characters on this list, which suggests something - and most often uses her skills to lobby Spider-Man into something he doesn't want to do.

Black Cat acts as a bad influence in Peter Parker's life - usually - with her personal goals often running counter to his more altruistic ones. Still, she fits the bill of the type quite easily.

8 Scarlet Witch (House of M)

Scarlet Witch is normally a hero and the embodiment of the ENFJ type. She's passionate, supportive, and genuinely caring. But everyone has a bad day, and Wanda Maximoff has had a few. One of the worst is when she unilaterally decided the world would be better off without mutants.

The House of M storyline saw Scarlet Witch use her powers to a frightening degree, altering reality to diminish mutants to all but a handful. The worst tendencies of the type came out in this terrible moment.

7 Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey is arguably a Protagonist type. Like Scarlet Witch, she's very caring, supportive, and operates well at any level of the team hierarchy, whether that's as a soldier or a leader. So it makes sense her evil incarnation, the Dark Phoenix, would be an ENFJ as well.

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As the Dark Phoenix, Jean Grey wasn't particularly interested in being a leader. She put her end goals - power and well, just more power - ahead of everyone and everything else, forcing a deadly confrontation that left Jean dead. Well. Not really.

6 Cyclops (Phoenix)

Another hero who broke bad on the Phoenix side of things (really - is it any good at all? Ok, sometimes) is Cyclops. Cyclops is a natural-born leader, an ideal choice to head up the X-Men with his charisma, experience, and commitment to the cause.

All of those things make him a good ENFJ candidate, but also make him prone to its downsides. With the power of the Phoenix, Cyclops let out some of the anger that had built up as a result of his nagging insecurity and overinflated sense of self.

5 Dormammu

Dormammu is the greatest villain of Doctor Strange, for good reason. Dormammu is the ruler of the Dark Dimension, his charisma and authoritarian personality inflicting cosmic levels of damage.

His powers are kind of insane - suffice to say they're enough to conquer other dimensions - and his power has certainly gone to his head. Self-deluded and myopically concerned with only acquiring more power and dimensional territory, Dormammu is an ENFJ gone bad.

4 MCU Thanos

There's little difference between the comic and screen Thanos in terms of their apocalyptic intent, but their motivations are slightly different. Comic book Thanos just wants to impress a girl (ok, she is the living incarnation of Death), whereas the MCU Thanos wants to eliminate half of all life because he thought it was the only solution to his planet's woes, and he was ignored.

That rejection more than anything else drives Thanos, regardless of what he states. His narcissistic crusade becomes megalomania by the end and results in an absolute catastrophe for the entire universe.

3 Netflix Madame Gao

One of the downsides of an ENFJ-type personality is that persuasion can turn into manipulation. Charisma becomes something more sinister. That's the case with Madame Gao, who turned out to be a major cog in the criminal wheel of The Hand in the Marvel Netflix series.

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Madame Gao seems old, frail, and unassuming, but peel the layers back and she's the puppeteer behind numerous criminal enterprises around the world. She has also been shown to hold some pretty serious grudges and has carried out vendettas against her enemies.

2 MCU Hela

The MCU version of classic Thor villain Hela really amps up the character's conceitedness. After being imprisoned for a seriously long time thanks to her past misdeeds, the first thing she does when she's free is to go to Asgard and set up shop as queen.

She demands loyalty, under pain of death, and goes about destroying everything and everyone that doesn't revolve around her. She is convinced the story of Asgard is really her story - and sadly, in some ways, she was right. But still too much murder.

1 Loki

Both the screen and comic book versions of the Asgardian trickster are very proud of themselves. Somewhat like Hela, Loki imagines that he is the star of the show, but it's a different show than the one going on.

A master manipulator and of course a legendary trickster, he's able to fool others - and himself - of whatever reality he wants to present. The result is an ongoing battle between brothers, gods, men, and Loki's own conscience, which occasionally surfaces.

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Mbti marvel

Myers Briggs Marvel Superhero Characters

Myers Briggs (MBTI) Marvel Superhero Characters

Anyone who enjoyed comic books as a kid (or as an adult) has thought about which superhero they would most like to be. Here we have narrowed it down for you, and organized each Marvel Superhero into MBTI Personality Types. Enjoy!

INFJ- Professor Charles Xavier (X-Men Series)

Professor X has a dream of harmony between the humans and mutants, and does what he can to coexist.  He is a powerful telepath and a scientific genius. He believes in fighting for others, even when they turn against him. He is intuitive and intelligent, and desires to have a world where everyone can be at peace with one another. He is very caring and supportive and always there to help others.

ENFJ- Jean Grey aka Phoenix (X-Men Series)

Jean Grey is intuitive and possesses powerful telekinetic powers. She has the ability to speak outwardly about issues, and is very outgoing and strong-willed. She fights for mutants rights, and is somewhat of an activist. She is well spoken and intelligent, and wants to do what is right for the good of others.

INFP- Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff (X-Men, Avengers Series)

Scarlet Witch is extremely powerful and can tap into mystical energy to alter reality in many ways. She has a rich inner mind, and is very in touch with her own emotions. She is very independent and is comfortable spending vast amounts of time in solitude. She has an internal and intuitive way about her, and doesn’t like to be stuck in one place for too long. She has a desire to improve upon herself, and understand herself better.

ENFP- Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde (X-Men Series)

Kitty is outgoing and enthusiastic. She is caring, but also has a very witty sense of humor. She is bubbly and has a sometimes infectious personality. She is a very powerful mutant, with the ability to become intangible and phase herself through other objects. She is one of the most likable characters of the series.

INTJ- Doctor Octopus (Spider-man Series)

Doc Ock is a physicist and atomic researcher. He is constantly on a mission to prove his superior intelligence, especially after one of his experiments went terribly wrong. He is intuitive and highly intelligent, living inside his own mind most of the time. He has a way of figuring things out and finding a scientific solution to most anything. His intelligence is his greatest strength but also his greatest weakness.

ENTJ- Magneto aka Erik Leshner (X-Men Series)

Magneto is aggressive and ambitious, wanting to create the life that he desires. He is unbelievably intelligent, with a near genius level IQ. He is constantly seeking new knowledge and information on mutants and various other subjects. He is very powerful and is driven towards controlling his environment.

INTP- Spider-Man aka Peter Parker (Spider-Man Series)

Peter Parker is extremely intelligent and logic-driven. He has an intuitive way of figuring out how things work, and constantly strives to improve upon things. He is capable of thinking outside of the box and seeing new potential outcomes. He is introverted and internal, often living inside of his own mind. He is likable, and has a very witty and off-beat sense of humor.

ENTP- Iron Man aka Tony Stark (Avengers Series)

Tony Stark is gregarious and outgoing. He has an over the top and hard to miss personality, and is constantly moving. He is very sure of himself and confident in his abilities. Tony Stark is a genius, capable of creating new technologies that have made him who he is. He is a natural problem solver and is good at seeing different potential outcomes. Tony is charismatic and likable, although his unbelievable self-confidence can rub people the wrong way sometimes.

ISTJ- Cyclops aka Scott Summers (X-Men Series)


Cyclops is extremely loyal and disciplined. He is a strong leader and is always capable of getting the job done. He fulfills his duties and sticks it out until the very end. He prefers routine and for things to remain the way that they always have been. He is an always reliable character, and is there to support the ones around him.

ESTJ- Nick Fury (Avengers Series)

Nick Fury is a natural leader, he assumes the role of being in command with ease. He has a fantastic strategic mind and knows very well how to get the job done. He is grounded and honest, with a very no-nonsense personality. He believes in being loyal and steadfast. He has no problem telling others that they are wrong, no matter the consequences.

ISFJ- Captain America aka Steven Rogers (Avengers Series)

Steve Rogers is a reliable and introverted character. He is honest and strives to provide others with what they need. He values tradition, and does not like change much at all. He enjoys when things remain the same, and is happiest in a harmonious environment. He does not understand indifference and is put off by cold or selfish people.

ESFJ- Thing aka Ben Grimm (Fantastic Four Series)

Ben is extremely hard-working and driven towards the future. Even though he becomes trapped in a monstrous form and finds himself very unhappy, he continues to be a reliable member of the team. He is caring and considerate of others, and always does what he can to make others happy.

ISTP- Wolverine aka Logan (X-Men Series)

Logan is very fast-paced and in touch with the physical world around him. He enjoys being alone and often keeps to himself. He is introverted and lives in his internal thoughts most of the time. He is a skilled and capable fighter, and is able to maneuver very well. Logan has a quick-wit and dry sense of humor, that sometimes comes across as cold to others.

ESTP- Gambit aka Remy LeBeau (X-Men Series)

Gambit has the ability to manipulate and control pure kinetic energy however he wants. He is very in touch with the physical world, with skills in hand to hand combat and card throwing. He is witty and fast-paced, developing skills in a wide variety of subjects. He is also a master thief and a wanderer.

ISFP- Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner (X-Men Series)

Nightcrawler is very agile and an important member of the X-Men team. He is intelligent but also reserved, with a gentle spirit. He is caring and happy-go-lucky, with a teasing personality.

ESFP- Thor (Avengers Series)

Thor is outgoing and expressive. He is very charismatic and in touch with the physical world around him. He is a grounded and strong-willed but also very humorous. He has a positive and likable personality. Thor is a natural warrior.

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The Avengers but it's actually MBTI 16 personalities meme. [Highly stereotyped]

Captain Marvel: A Passionate Personality (Avengers Personality Series)

“Control your impulses.”

Yon-Rogg to Carol Danvers (a.k.a. Vers) during training

So, Marvel likes to have us sit through the end credits of their movies to receive the cinematic crumbs that hint at the future direction of our Avengers heroes. These hints then encourage the Internet to smolder endlessly with speculation until the next film. Not a bad marketing device.

The crumb at the end of Infinity War has Nick Fury sending a signal with a clunky pager-like device as chaos from “the Snap” envelops New York City. Just in time, too... because, poof. Nick is gone. Maria Hill is already dust. But the Captain Marvel symbol glows on the device’s tiny screen, inviting our hero to be a key player in the follow-up movie. And so here we are, on the eve of Endgame, talking about Carol Danvers.

Since Captain Marvel is still in theaters as of this writing, we’ll avoid spoilers – mostly. At least, we won’t reveal any more than the trailers do. That will be easy, though, since we’re discussing Carol Danvers’s personality type. The film reveals much about her basic ways of thinking and acting long before many of the plot twists occur.

Personality Analysis

We believe that Captain Marvel has an Assertive Entertainer (ESFP-A) personality type. We often talk about Explorers as individuals who are so flexible that they “think on their feet” when finding solutions. They are people of action, and that can truly be said of Carol Danvers.


Danvers is an outgoing team player. Her interaction with the Kree team and flashbacks to desert bars and flyboy – that is, flygirl – camaraderie on Earth demonstrate her Extraverted personality from the beginning.

Throughout the film, we get only a gregarious vibe from her. While capable of working on her own when necessary – and it’s often necessary (see the Prospecting section below) – she appears to need people and to gather energy from them. When she can’t sleep, she finds her trainer for a workout session rather than hanging out alone.


Fury: Okay, your turn. Prove you’re not a Skrull [shape-shifter].

[Danvers destroys the bar’s jukebox with rays from her hands.]

Fury: And how is that supposed to prove to me you’re not a Skrull?

Danvers: That’s a photon blast.

Fury: And?

Danvers: A Skrull cannot do that.

While Carol Danvers struggles with identity issues, she doesn’t spend a lot of time navel-gazing over them. When Fury asks for proof that she’s not a shape-shifter in the dialogue above, she doesn’t come up with a wordy argument. She acts. “See. There. I did that,” could be the Observant personality type’s mantra.

While she may well have ideological underpinnings for what she does, she’s mostly about finding concrete solutions to concrete problems. Not only does she not present Fury with a conceptual argument, but she might actually need to work on her logic a little. This brings us to the next personality trait.


Her Kree trainer and leader, Yon-Rogg, reinforces for us that this is the personality trait through which Danvers makes most of her decisions. He cajoles her throughout the film to rely less on her feelings. It’s a repeated theme.

She is reactive, not in the Turbulent sense (see the Assertive section below), but in the sense that she responds to situations according to what her feelings advise. These will fluctuate, as emotions do. Danvers is not unintelligent. She just prefers to lean on emotions as a filter to decide things – perhaps, at times, subordinating coldly rational decision-making to her gut instinct.


The Prospecting personality trait is the secret sauce that, when combined with the Observant trait, makes all Explorers what they are. Danvers improvises constantly. She is always looking for the advantage, thus showing her flexible Explorer nature. She frequently pushes beyond standards and conformity while looking for novel ways to respond to her unique life.


While Danvers might be reactive, it can easily be argued that this isn’t because she’s insecure. She’s confident to the point of being headstrong. Link her Prospecting nonconformity with her Assertive confidence, and you have someone who makes her own way. As an Assertive Entertainer personality, she is unlikely to follow a path others make. She deals skillfully with gargantuan stressors and doesn’t second-guess herself or indulge in regret for long.


When typing fictional characters here at 16Personalities, the type we present is determined only by what we’ve seen of the character’s behavior and actions in the movies or books in which they appear. Ultimately, they are fictional and are used as a way to help others better understand aspects of personality type.

This personality typing is based on the character as portrayed in Marvel’s Captain Marvel movie released in 2019.

So, will Captain Marvel play a pivotal role in the defeat of Thanos? We shall see. But for the most part, if you want to accomplish something that’s challenging, you could do worse than a photon-blasting Entertainer who happens to fly.

What do you think about Captain Marvel’s personality type? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Types of Self-Discipline

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Many of us dream of becoming superheroes. Questions like, “If you could pick any superpower what would it be?” or “Which superhero would you be in real life?” can entertain us for hours.

While we might not be getting superpowers any time soon, we all have things in common with superpowered characters. There are characters from the Marvel universe of just about every personality type, and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find at least one that you relate to.

Full disclosure: I’m not much of a comic book reader myself (and the ones I do read are all Star Wars), so these typings are based almost exclusively on the characters as portrayed in the movies. For some characters, I also reference what other type enthusiasts who have read the comics have to say.

Not sure what your personality type is? Take our new personality questionnaire here. Or you can take the official MBTI® here.

Estimated reading time: 15 minutes

ENFJ – Charles Xavier/Professor X

I’m pretty sure all NF types could find Professor X relatable for his idealism and his drive to help others, but in the film versions at least I type him as an ENFJ. Especially as a young man, Charles is very outgoing and friendly in social situations and prioritizes others’ well-being. He’s also more live-in-the-moment than the introverted NFs, partly a result of having Extroverted Sensing as his tertiary function.

In many ways, Xavier’s superpower is an extension of how NFJ minds naturally work. Extroverted Feeling is often linked to an ability to feel others’ emotions and Introverted Intuition works like advanced pattern-recognition software. Put those two together, and it’s almost like INFJs and ENFJs can read minds.

You might also relate to Nakia.

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ENTJ – Max Eisenhardt/Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto

I didn’t want to put villains on this list, but I think you can make a good case for Magneto as an anti-hero and he’s a great example of an ENTJ. An intensely logical visionary and inspiring leader, Magneto is driven by a vision of a future that’s better for people like him.

One of the markers of Thinking types is that they make decisions impersonally. While Magneto is clearly motivated to help people in his own way, he is also dispassionate enough to make tough calls to forward his cause. He’s also an Intuitive, which supports his Thinking side to make him a formidable strategist able to predict his enemy’s moves and plan how to bring them down.

You might also relate to Peggy Carter and Nick Fury.

INFJ – Susan Storm/Invisible Woman

INFJ personality types tend to avoid the limelight, and it makes sense that we’d relate to one of the superheroes capable of turning invisible. Susan Storm is a warm, compassionate character who cares deeply about the people around her. She’s capable of seeing the big picture as well as of seeing things from other’s perspectives, and she uses those talents to help hold her team together.

Even though INFJs are great at connecting with others and care deeply about people, we’re also masters at putting up barriers that keep others from getting too close. This mirrors the Invisible Woman’s other superpower, which she uses in creative ways as a defensive and protective tool.

You might also relate to Loki, Jean Gray, and Groot.

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INTJ – Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange

Many INTJs in fiction find themselves cast as villains, but in the Marvel universe we have a few examples of them playing heroes. Doctor Stephen Strange is one example of an INTJ who is incredibly confident in his role and his abilities as a surgeon and, eventually, as a sorcerer. I went with INTJ because I think Stephen’s drive to understand, learn, and explore possibilities indicates Introverted Intuition is his favorite function even though we get to see a lot of his Extroverted Thinking side.

When his accident removes everything he staked his identity on, we get to see a great example of an INTJ’s Extroverted Sensing stress response as he becomes obsessed with external data and develops an adversarial attitude toward the outer world. We also see glimpses of his tertiary Introverted Feeling when he acts based on his internal values.

You might also relate to Matthew Murdock.

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ENFP – Peter Parker/Spiderman

I had the hardest time finding an ENFP for this post. I’m still not convinced Spider Man qualifies but I do know of ENFPs who see him as a very relatable character, especially as portrayed by Tom Holland in the MCU films.

ENFPs tend to be intense, clever, lovable, and talkative. Especially when in the Spidey suit, the MCU version of Peter has a classic ENFP-esque personality, cracking jokes during the fights and suggesting it’d be so much nicer if we all stopped fighting and became friends.

You might also relate to Daisy Johnson/Quake.

ENTP – Tony Stark/Ironman

Few fictional characters represent a specific type more perfectly than Tony Stark does for ENTPs. The way Tony’s mind processes new information and arrives at decisions is a great example of ENTP mental functions.

Their dominant Extroverted Intuition helps them bounce from one idea to the next quickly and experiment with different possibilities. Auxiliary Introverted Thinking focuses on the purest, most accurate form of information. Couple that with tertiary Extroverted Feeling, which is good at reading other people, and you get the perfect type for an innovative, charismatic genius.

You might also relate to Shuri.

INFP – Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff #INFP

If any superhero would have an ability to manipulate reality, I think it would be an NFP. Extroverted Intuition is all about exploring the outer world, generating possibilities in it, and seeing how it can be manipulated. Wanda’s character isn’t all that well-developed in the Marvel movies, but it seems to me she’s an INFP and I’ve read that the comic version is as well.

Like many INFPs, Wanda is a creative and unique individual with strong personal values. She has the sort of perspective needed to understand other people no matter how strange they are. She uses her personality traits and her superpowers to stand up for what she thinks is right and to connect with others who share her values.

You might also relate to Mantis.

INTP – Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Bruce Banner #INTP

Absent-minded professor is one of the most common INTP stereotypes, and Bruce Banner is a great fictional example. Like many INTPs, Dr. Banner is an introspective troubleshooter who follows an internal set of rules, which he refines based on new information and experiences. He’s not so tied to tradition, scientific or social, that he isn’t willing to step outside the rules in order to come up with innovative solutions and inventions.

I find it fitting that an INTP’s less-developed function that shows up when under stress is Extroverted Feeling. Personality Hacker calls our inferior function the “3-year-old” process because it’s not very mature, and it’s interesting to think of The Hulk as an expression of Bruce’s unexpressed Extroverted Feeling side.

You might also relate to Jessica Jones, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Peter Parker/Spiderman.

ESFJ – Ben Grimm/The Thing

Even with an alter-ego who’s an incredibly strong superhero, Ben Grimm is still one of the sweetest and most trustworthy characters out there. He has an SJ type’s commitment to duty, family, and protecting others, providing a great example of why David Keirsey called them Guardian types.

Like other FJ types, Ben is committed to maintaining harmony within groups (which helps explain why he puts up with Johnny so well and why he keeps forgiving Reed over and over again). ESFJs are often stereotyped as “mom characters,” so it’s not all that surprising to see him switch between cooking dinner in an apron to “it’s clobbering time” if anyone needs defending.

You might also relate to King T’Chaka and Foggy Nelson.

ESTJ – Nick Fury

It was really hard for me to pick between ESTJ and ENTJ for Nick Fury, but I think the film version at least leans a bit more toward Sensing. Either way, Fury leads with a strong Extroverted Thinking function and he’s good at getting the job done efficiently. He has zero patience for people who make stupid decisions, and he has cultivated the power needed to go around them.

Fury is motivated to make the world a safer place, even if he has to do that in ways that upset other people. He is highly pragmatic and makes decisions based on what he has learned in the past, which is typical of ESTJs. He’s also concerned with the big picture and future security, which might be more typical of N-types but could be related to an ESTJ’s tertiary Extroverted Intuition.

You might also relate to Odin.

ISFJ – Steve Rogers/Captain America

Steve Rogers ISFJ

Like many ISFJs, Steve starts out wanting to work within established authority structures. Again and again, he aligns himself on the side of law and order. It’s only when the authority structures fail to match what he knows is right that Steve stands up against them. He’s invested in making social systems work, but only so long as they’re helping people. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and he refuses to compromise when it comes to doing what’s right.

I also think ISFJs will identify with the hints we see of Steve’s sense of humor and his occasional puzzlement when he’s looking at the world around him. His quirks fit in well with what Isabel Meyers said about how an ISFJ’s view on the world “may be absurd, irreverent, touching, or hilarious, but never predictable because their way of sensing life is intensely individual” (Gifts Differing, p. 103).

You might also relate to Edwin Jarvis.

ISTJ – Okoye

Okoye is an intensely loyal, no-nonsense character deeply motivated by what she believes is right. In the film Black Panther, we see Okoye as a fierce warrior who is firmly rooted in her people’s traditions. Like other SJ heroes, she acts to protect people and to support systems that she believes in.

As a Thinking type, the decisions she makes are primarily based on impersonal criteria (to the point that she states she could kill her husband “without question” for betraying Wakanda). With her tertiary Introverted Feeling, she softens this Thinking side just a bit by also aligning her decisions with what she firmly feels is right rather than blindly following the letter of the law.

You might also relate to Nebula and Pepper Potts.

ESFP – Sam Wilson/Falcon

It might be a bit controversial to type Sam Wilson as an ESFP because he doesn’t quite fit the stereotype of the fun-loving performer. However, the more I think about it the more I think he’s a great example of a healthy and emotionally stable ESFP. Like other SP types, Sam is quick to adapt to the changing, unpredictable realities of the present moment (the neuroscience behind this is really cool—brain scans show that Extroverted Sensing types’ brains fire in a “tennis hop” pattern that lets them react quickly).

We also get to see quite a bit of his other extroverted function, an ESFP’s tertiary Extroverted Thinking. He relies on it quite a bit (possibly more than the typical ESFP), effortlessly blending his Sensing and Thinking sides to deal with reality straightforwardly and efficiently. Thinking isn’t what he bases his decisions on, though. That’s Introverted Feeling, which prompts him to stick with what he believes is right regardless of what other people say.

You might also relate to Peter Quill/Star Lord, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, and Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

ESTP – Thor

I love Thor’s character development in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Early on, he’s defined 100% by Extroverted Sensing traits such as impressive physical skills, a live-in-the-moment focus, and a disregard of future concerns. Then, as the films continue, he learns to balance that with auxiliary Introverted Thinking, becoming better at analyzing his own actions and making strategic decisions.

He also learns to use his tertiary Extroverted Feeling to connect with other people and (to a certain extent at least) see things from their perspective. We even get to see him spiral into the “grip” of his inferior Introverted Intuition when under extreme stress. ESTPs tend to bounce back quickly from grip experiences, but until they do many withdraw, feel overwhelmed and confused about the future, and start to act paranoid and irritable like Thor does in Endgame.

You might also relate to James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes and Howard Stark.

ISFP – Scott Lang/Ant-Man

Like many ISP action heroes, Scott Lang excels at coordinating sensory details and using his past experience and knowledge to tackle new problems. He possesses the hands-on skills typically shared by SP types, such as the ability to burgle houses in impressive fashion even before having the Ant-Man suit. He’s also trained as an electrical engineer and we see him doing skilled hands-on work throughout the film.

Unlike TP types, Scott tends to make decisions based on what he feels is right rather than on logical, impersonal reasoning. He’s not at all hesitant to share or talk about feelings, though since that side of his personality is introverted he’s not always very in-tune with how others will respond.

You might also relate to T’Challa/Black Panther.

ISTP – Natasha Romanova

It can be hard to separate which parts of Natasha’s personality come from her Black Widow training and which from her psychological type. Still, it seems to me that dominant Introverted Thinking and auxiliary Extroverted Sensing are the functions on display in her instinctive ability to make logical, in-the-moment decisions and take decisive tactical action.

Like many other ISTPS, Natasha has developed a particular skill set that she’s insanely good at. She also uses those skills based on a very personal code; one that doesn’t always make sense to other people but which she sticks to regardless of their opinions.

You might also relate to Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Logan/Wolverine.

What Do You Think?

What do you think of this list? Any characters you’d like to add? Let’s discuss in the comments! You can discover more about your personality type in the eBook, Discovering You: Unlocking the Power of Personality Type.

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Ever wondered which Marvel character has your personality type? Take a look and find out in this article! #MBTI #Marvel #INFJ #INFP
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Marissa Baker is the author of The INFJ Handbook (available in the Amazon Kindle Store). You can find her online at where she blogs about personal growth and development from a Christian perspective.

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Ever wondered which Marvel character has your personality type? Take a look and find out in this article! #MBTI #Marvel #INFJ #INFP

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