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full size deer with vitals

Get on target for hunting season! Whether you use our life size animals with swing out vitals or just an 8", 10” or 12” rifle grade gong to get the confidence you need for that perfect kill shot. We have just what you need.

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Our products have been designed to maximize your shooting enjoyment. The plates are painted with high-visibility colors, and stay firmly positioned at excellent shooting heights. We have even developed an automatic reset target that resets without levers or ropes - just shoot at the reset plate and you're ready for another set.

We invite you to view our Made in the USA products. If you have any questions just ask us and to truly enhance your target shooting experiences order our targets - we know you'll be pleased!

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This is as close as you can get to a full size buffalo. 47” Tall by 80” Long. 2 Piece construction, (so you can also move it around) ALL AR plate 3/8” thick we can do any shape, and most any size!



Portable Steel Targets

Shop All Steel Targets

Shooting on steel targets is one of the most exciting things you can do on a range! The satisfaction of hearing that &#;clang&#; or seeing that target bounce or fall is not only fun, but it helps create muscle memory to make you a better shooter at the same time.

Action Target offers a full line of portable steel shooting targets to enhance your new or existing range installation. With a variety of styles available, you&#;re sure to find something to fit your space, budget, and training needs. Shop Action Target Steel Now.

Action Target portable steel targets:

  • Made with quality steel that lasts.
  • Provide instant audible feedback with hit
  • Add variability to your training scenarios
  • have an entire line of compatible stands and accessories available to match
  • Provide visual feedback when using our reactive steel targets

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Steel target

Steel targets used in cowboy action shooting
A smaller steel target used for airguns

Steel targets are shooting targets made out of hardened (martensitic) steel, and are used in firearm and airgun sports such as silhouette shooting, cowboy action shooting, practical/dynamic shooting, long range shooting and field target, as well as recreational plinking. They are popular in both training and competitions because the shooter gets instant acoustic feedback on a successful impact, and can often also visually confirm hits by seeing the bullet getting pulverized, leaving a mark on the surface paint, or moving/knocking down the target. Hanging steel plates (colloquially called "gongs") or self-resetting steel targets also have the advantage that the shooter does not need to go forward downrange to tape the targets, making it a good option for shooting ranges that otherwise have electronic targets. Steel targets also are weatherproof, contrary to paper targets, which do not hold up in rain and wind gusts.

Precautions regarding ricochets[edit]

If correct precautions are taken, the chance of ricochets when shooting at steel targets are minimal. The materials of which both the target and bullets are constructed should be chosen to cause the bullets to pulverize on impact, and therefore hardened steel targets and regular lead core bullets or copper jacketed bullets should be used. Unhardened steel should be avoided for use in targets, and ammunition with armor-piercing properties (i.e. steel cores) should also be avoided.

Furthermore, it is important always to shoot steel targets at an angle in both vertical and horizontal direction so any ricochet immediately strikes the ground away from the shooter. This angling of the target also reduces distortion of the steel target and prolongs its lifetime. Localized heating, causing loss of hardness, is also reduced. Additionally, not mounting the targets solidly but allowing swinging or moving when shot reduces stress on impact. However, it has a downside in that shooters should only shoot at targets that are not moving to avoid accidentally reducing the angle of impact and thus possibly causing ricochets.

Target material[edit]

Steel targets made out of ordinary soft steel are quickly worn and are dangerous to use.

As a safety precaution, steel targets must be made out of hardened steel, which is more resistant to plastic deformation than regular, soft steel. For steel targets, the steel should have a Brinell value of or slightly more. One American producer of steel targets claims to use only steel with a hardness greater than , most often between – They also claim that the steel gets too brittle if higher Brinell values are used.[1] Hardened steel is available in different Brinell values or thicknesses, and stainless variants are also available. A common trademark in the United States for hardened steel is AR

Regular steel is too soft, resulting in bullets either punching through the target or making a crater whereupon subsequent bullets may bounce back toward the shooter or spectators, often with great force. Even thick plates quickly get holes and craters if they are made of regular steel (i.e. 10&#;mm or 3/8").

Processing of the steel target[edit]

Many workshops have the tools to manufacture steel targets out of hardened steel, but it is important that it be done correctly. For instance, water jet cutters or laser cutters are preferred, but plasma cutters can be used. In contrast, angle grinders or normal welding damages the hardening. Hardened drill bits are also needed to cut holes in hardened steel targets.

Thickness and distance to the target[edit]

The required thickness of the target depends on the distance intended for shooting, steel quality, caliber, bullet type, and bullet speed. High velocity rounds more easily penetrate steel targets, meaning that faster bullets even of relatively small calibers or diameter are more likely to punch through a target.

Manufacturers recommends at least 1/4" thickness (&#;mm) with Brinell value for pistol shooting with common calibres such as 9 mm, S&W and ACP, with a safety distance of 10 yards (approx. 10 m). For rifle shooting, manufacturers recommend at least 3/8" (&#;mm) Brinell steel, and different distances according to what caliber is used. For calibers like and at least yards are required for long target life. For larger and faster calibers such as , , Win Mag or Lapua yards or farther is recommended. Nevertheless, the targets can often been shot at from much closer without any problems, provided proper angles are maintained.[1]

Bullet choice[edit]

Lead core or frangible bullets are preferred, since they are pulverized upon high-velocity impact, and the dust will then be spread out to the sides of the target. However, bullets with hard cores (like steel, or "bi-metal") are not pulverized and can either penetrate or ricochet, causing them to be potentially dangerous. Since lead isn't magnetic, competition organizers may use a magnet to check for the presence of a ferromagnetic core. Copper jacketed bullets work fine with steel targets, provided that minimal distance guidelines are followed.


Chains and shackles make the most sound and are the most popular methods for fixing hanging targets. Sections of old fire department hose are also popular, for reasons of longevity. Ropes are quickly torn, but another alternative that lasts for quite a long time are the inner tubes of tires.[2]

Competition use[edit]

Practical shooting[edit]

In practical shooting, administered by IPSC, both cardboard and steel targets are used. Standardized steel targets, called "poppers", are often used, but other forms and shapes can be used as long as they comply with the rules. The smallest sizes for respectively circular and square targets, both for rifle and pistols, are 15&#;cm Ø/ 15x15 cm, while the largest targets allowed for pistols are 30&#;cm Ø/ 30x30 cm and for rifles 30&#;cm Ø/ 45x30 cm.

  • IPSC Popper (formerly known as the Classic Popper).

  • IPSC Mini Popper (formerly known as the Classic Mini Popper).

  • Pepper Popper, now obsolete.

  • Mini Pepper Popper, now obsolete.


In biathlon, self-indicating steel targets are used that flip from black to white when hit, giving both the biathlete and spectators instant visual feedback for each shot fired. The target is placed at 50 meters, and has a diameter is 45&#;mm when shooting in the prone position, and &#;mm when shooting in the standing position. This translates to angular target sizes of about 1 and &#;mrad respectively.

  • An example of the mechanical self-indicating targets used in biathlon since

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DIY Target Stands!

MGM Targets!

Steel targets offer a safe, convenient, and reliable performance for all your target-shooting needs. Take advantage of the latest technology in steel shooting targets for your recreational, competition, or professional shooting experiences. Explore our catalog of steel targets and accessories to discover why MGM Targets is the leader in quality, American-made products.

World-Class Targets Take aim at a target from our world-class manufacturing line. Since , our products have been used for a wide range of calibers. If you’re looking for an option that keeps up with your target shooting demands, you’ve come to the right place.

We use AR steel to create a target that outlasts the competition. AR stands for abrasion resistant steel with a rating of on the Brinell hardness system. This is the gold standard of target steel and can withstand multiple thousands of impacts from rifles, handguns, and machine guns without compromising its structure.

Our entire target line is made of 3/8-inch thick AR steel with the exception of our rimfire line. Our rimfire line uses 3/inch AR or 5/inch AR All of our targets are made using laser-cut steel with a certified hardness rating, so you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe option for your target shooting needs.

Why Choose MGM Targets

Our iconic and registered hexagon shape is a sign of quality targets for every type of practice. Whether you’re training for service in the armed forces or local law enforcement, we have world-class options for you to stay prepared for any crisis.

Competitive shooters will enjoy the affordable and versatile nature of our target catalog. You’ll find diverse target shapes, sizes, and systems to create your own training ground to prepare for competitive shooting events.

A wide variety of target options allows you to practice your own way. Here are a few common categories of targets for sale at our online store:

Rifle shooting targets

Three gun shooting targets

Poppers and auto poppers

Cardboard targets

Tactical Targets

Gravity-moving targets

Knock over systems

Plate racks and dueling trees

Compare these common target options and our more specialized options today. Whether you’re sighting in a hunting rifle, preparing for a big competition, or preparing for a professional situation, you need an uncompromising target.

Professional Practice

Brave men and women serving around the world and around the country in our armed forces and law enforcement need to be prepared for any situation. Reliable strike plates covered by a generous warranty are the exact thing you need to be sure you’re ready for any incident on the job.

Set up a dueling tree, auto popper, or other target option. Sight in your pistol with a close-range target, or choose a long-range rifle target for your center rifle or shotgun. Many of our professional target options use a silhouette shape or small hexagons which are easy to set up and transport.

Competitive Edge

A competition can feel bewildering without the right training. Whether you invest in a few AR steel targets or create a complete course on your property, our competition targets use the same robust designs and materials as our professional line of targets.

Invest in quality gear to host your own competitive event. Local competition can match your head-to-head with local professionals and other gun enthusiasts. Train with other serious shooters to give yourself a competitive edge at the next event.

Durable Recreation Options

Hunters, target shooters, and everyday gun enthusiasts love our targets. Our recreational targets use the same laser-cut AR steel as our professional and competitive options for long-lasting use. Pick up a basic target on a hanger system or choose a silhouette of a big-game animal to gear up for an exciting hunt. Select an unusual silhouette, like a zombie or werewolf, for an interesting shooting range experience.

Competitive Warranty

Components of our targets that aren’t intended to be directly hit with a bullet are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. The target plates are also covered by the same warranty if you choose to use only a pistol. Enjoy warranty coverage that keeps you shooting straight for years to come.

If you notice any imperfection in your target, send it back within two weeks for a new model or a full refund. We stand by our targets and our manufacturing quality. Centerfire rifles create more significant impacts on our targets, so frequent and continued use may result in a crack, dent, or hole. Our warranty doesn’t cover these damages.

Shop Today

Choose the worldwide leader in reliable, convenient targets today. Shop online for MGM Targets to discover how our affordable designs and durable laser cut AR materials keep you practicing for years to come. Invest in a target that fits your firearm, shooting style, and budget, and prepare to sight in your favorite gun. Explore our shop to find out what makes our targets stand out and compete successfully with other manufacturers and materials.


Shooting targets metal cheap

Steel Shooting Targets



Gun Gear



Our Top Picks For Steel Shooting Targets

Reviews Of The Best Steel Shooting Targets From Our Research

Highwild AR Steel Hostage Target

Highwild AR Steel Hostage Target 12' x 20' x 3/8' Armored Steel Bullseye Reactive IDPA Shooting
Highwild AR Steel Hostage Target 12" x 20" x 3/8" Armored Steel Bullseye Reactive IDPA Shooting
  • ▶ Includes 12" x 20" AR hostage target, 4" AR top swivel paddle, 6" AR center swivel paddle and 2x4 + T-post mounting bracket
  • ▶ Targets are all laser-cut from 3/8" AR steel plate in our own facility. Great for most pistol and rifle calibers, including 9mm, 45ACP, , & as well as most other high powered
  • ▶ Universal Target Mounting Bracket for use with either 2x4 board, T-post or Highwild adjustable steel post. Holds target at an approx 20 degree angle.
  • ▶ Fun Shooting - The Swivel Paddles use gravity to swing from side to side while shooting, different directions of movement will show the shooter different colors(Orange/Yellow).

This reactive steel target is designed for close-range shooting only. It is perfect for use in IDPA, IPSC, 3Gun, or steel challenge competitions making it an excellent choice for advanced shooters.

The size of the target (12 inches in width and 20 inches in height) makes it suitable for both handguns and rifles.

The Highwild AR Steel Hostage consists of a 12 x 20 inch 3/8" thick armored steel plate with a painted outline of a hostage on the front and a separate centered steel plate with a cutout silhouette where shooters can place the 2X4 T-post bracket.


  • Target is made of high-quality AR steel.
  • Designed for heavy use with handguns, rifles, and shotguns.
  • The body has a thickness of 3/8" (10 mm).
  • A special coating on the target surface makes it durable against abuse and impact damage.
  • Four swivel paddles are used to strike the target surface.
  • Comes complete with a mounting bracket for 2x4 lumber.


  • Reactive shooting on steel targets is fun and challenging
  • T-post bracket works well, secures the target on wood posts very well
  • Perfect IDPA, IPSC 3Gun, or steel challenge competitions
  • Ar steel is strong enough to endure heavy use from rifles and handguns


  • A little bit pricey compared to a regular steel target.

Highwild Steel Target Stand AR Shooting Target System

This is a complete steel target system designed for rifle use. It contains six 11 x 18 inch AR steel targets, four swivel paddles, and one stable stand.

The Highwild Steel Target Stand allows you to shoot your AR or other plate steel targets at distances of up to yards with guns and rifles. It is very easy to use, and you simply need to hang the target with the swivel paddle allowing for a safe and secure attachment.

The stand can be set up either on concrete or wooden posts, depending on your preferences.


  • Come with a set of six 11 x 18 inch AR steel targets
  • Designed for rifle use on distances of up to yards
  • Features chain mount kit and swivel paddles for attaching the target to the stand
  • The stand can be used on concrete or wood posts.
  • Great for rifle targets
  • Includes extension beam, legs, and chain mount kit for attaching the targets to the stand


  • Come with all necessary hardware for a complete setup, including targets, chain mount kit, and swivel paddles
  • Targets can be used on both concrete and wooden posts
  • It comes with a set of six targets giving you the opportunity to switch between them without having to buy more.
  • Ar steel is durable enough for repeated abuse from rifles.


  • The target system is on the expensive side.

New 6Pcs 6" x 3/8" Steel Target Dueling Tree DIY Shooting Kit

This is a simple yet effective steel target system that can be used to train for rifle shooting. It has six individual gong targets made of 3/8 inch thick AR steel.

Each of the targets comes with two different sides having either one or two cutouts, each suitable for pistol and rifle use. The dueling tree stands are made of heavy-gauge steel tubing and come with three different extension tubes that fit interchangeably to provide varying height options.

They are ideal for practicing rifle shooting on distances of up to yards.


  • Designed for rifle use on distances of up to yards
  • It comes with three extension tubes that fit interchangeably to provide varying height options.
  • Easy setup and takedown allowing you to switch between plates very quickly
  • Perfect for steel challenge training


  • Simple design makes it easy to build a variety of different sized targets to suit your training needs by using just one set
  • Targets can be used on both concrete and wooden posts.
  • Provides the option of switching from rifle to pistol in a matter of seconds.
  • It comes with all necessary hardware for a complete setup, including plates, extension tubes, and stakes which makes it a good value for money.


  • Some users have complained about the targets being delivered with damaged boxes.


The first thing that you notice about this system is that it comes with six AR steel targets. However, do not let that fool you into thinking that there are only six plates included as they come in pairs.

The set includes three 8-inch gong targets, two inch gong targets, and one inch gong target. It is a very adaptable system that can be used either on wooden posts or concrete posts and also allows for all the plates to be used as one large dueling tree.

The TITAN Dueling Tree Targets provide an excellent shooting experience that will allow you to improve your marksmanship skills.


  • It comes with six steel targets made of 3/8 inch thick AR steel
  • All plates can be used as one large dueling tree or separate depending on the scenario you want to practice.
  • Great steel core.
  • Great steel target thickness.
  • Features double-sided targets so that you have twice the number of options for pistol and rifle shooting.
  • It comes with 22mm steel tubing that fits 1 inch ID tubes which are commonly used in the industry.


  • Great value for money as it comes with six targets in total, giving you multiple options to train on different scenarios.
  • All plates can be used either separated or together, depending on what you want to train on.
  • Perfect for rifle, pistol, and even airsoft training as the targets can take a beating from pellet guns without affecting their structural integrity.


  • The system is bulky, so if you are looking for something portable, it will not be ideal unless you have a truck or van to transport them in.

Solid Tactical AR Steel Targets for Shooting

These are solid steel plates made of AR steel which provides you with consistent and reliable target performance. The targets come in 2 different sizes, each featuring a center.

A zone measuring 11 inches in diameter and two sides smaller half-circles (of the same size) measuring inches in diameter is perfect for shooting pistols at close range. The targets are designed to be used on wooden posts or steel posts with a 1/2 inch or thicker base and come with all the necessary hardware you will need for setup.


  • 1 Pack 18 Inch AR Steel Silhouette Target Plate
  • Versatile Use
  • The target Plate is 18 inches high and inches wide.
  • Hanging targets option
  • Cheap steel targets


  • Great value for money as it comes with six targets in total, giving you multiple options to train on different scenarios.
  • All plates can be used either separated or together, depending on what you want to train on.
  • Durable steel plates
  • Perfect for rifle, pistol, and even airsoft training as the targets can take a beating from pellet guns without affecting their structural integrity


  • It is not as versatile as some of the other products on the list, which limits your shooting options.

Buyer's Guide For Steel Shooting Targets

Steel shooting targets are a growing trend in firearms training. In recent years more shooters have been using them to improve their shooting skills. They provide a faster platform for learning, especially when it comes to drawing from a holster or transitioning between multiple targets.

There are various types of steel shooting targets fitted for different purposes and popular among all kinds of shooters, from beginners to advanced. From reactive steel targets, bullseye targets, and AR targets to laser beams and other shiny stuff like the Mozambique drill set, here is a list of some


The size of the steel target you choose depends on what type and caliber of guns and ammo you plan to use in your training. If you are going to be using pistols, then targets that measure between 12 inches and 20 inches in diameter will be ideal.

Targets that are for rifle or airsoft should measure around 30 inches in diameter or larger.


Steel targets come in different types of steel depending on the manufacturer, but most commonly, you will find AR, AR, and mild steel. The number or refers to the Brinell hardness of the material, which indicates how hard it is.

For example, is harder than , so if they both have a Brinell hardness of 10, then the will be harder than the This does not mean that one is better than the other as it depends on their intended use.

AR steel targets are designed to withstand intense rifle fire and provide reliable target performance time after time, whereas AR steel targets can take a beating from handguns over extended periods of time without wearing out.


Price is one of the main factors that people use for choosing their steel targets, but you should be careful as budget is not necessarily an indicator of quality. The price largely depends on the type of metal used, which can range from mild steel to AR

Buying cheap might not be a good option as they can bend due to the impact from bullets which will have an effect on their structural integrity and performance.

The higher quality steel targets may cost you more but will last a lot longer, so it is a good idea to do some research before buying them.

Target Performance

Knowing how well your steel target performs is vital as you need to know that it will take your bullets safely without ricocheting. There are a number of indicators that can help you determine the performance level of steel targets, including visual inspection and sound testing.

Visuals include checking for cracks, dents, and deformities which will indicate whether the target has been severely damaged or not.


The brand behind the target can help you determine the quality as well. If it is a good brand, then they are likely to produce high-quality steel targets that are designed to stand up to different levels of calibers, but if it is not a popular name, then you should find out more about them before buying their products.

Frequently Asked Questions For Steel Shooting Targets

What are the best steel shooting targets?

Steel targets provide you with a portable and inexpensive way to practice shooting at different ranges. All you need is a sturdy target post, and you can begin training on how to shoot effectively.

What are steel shooting targets best for home use?

The size and material of steel targets are suitable for home use, depending on your gun. For pistols, we recommend the sizes 12 inches and 20 inches for handgun use. For rifles, we recommend targets made from AR steel or even mild steel, so it does not wear out as quickly if you plan to keep using them.

How to shoot a steel target?

To shoot a steel target, you will need a sturdy stand with a backstop. You can attach the metal targets to the stand and then fire your gun at them to begin practicing accuracy. For further tips, you can check out our guide on how to shoot handguns accurately.

Are steel shooting targets safe?

Yes, most steel plates are designed to take high-powered rifle rounds. They are made from a special alloy that is capable of taking the impact without ricocheting back at you. We recommend having some sort of barrier behind your target if it is not fixed to something sturdy.

What are the best steel targets for pistols?

Pistols and handgun calibers do not have the power of rifles, so we recommend using steel targets that are made from mild steel. If you own a pistol with more than Magnum rounds, then it is time to consider upgrading your target.

What are the best steel targets for AR?

AR targets are great for use with any rifle calibers, even high-powered ones like Winchester. They can take repeated fire, which is vital for shooters who want to improve their skills.

How to make steel targets?

There are several ways of making steel targets. You can either use molds and pour liquid metal into them, or you can hammer sheets of mild steel into different shapes. Whichever method you decide to use, ensure that the thin edges are protected with welding to prevent them from getting sharp.

Can steel targets be recycled?

Yes, if you want to recycle your steel target, all you need to do is cut it into smaller pieces and then melt them down again. This makes it easier for recycling companies to process them.

What are the best steel targets for beginners?

If you are mastering the art of shooting, then it is vital that you use steel targets that are designed specifically for beginners. We recommend using inch plates as they can take even rounds without any damage.

What's required to replace my current steel target?

For shooters who want to upgrade their current steel targets, all you need is a sturdier stand that will support the weight of your target. We recommend AR steel targets which are suitable for all calibers for rifles and handguns.

Are steel shooting targets legal?

Steel targets are legal to use everywhere in the US. However, if you live in an area where there are restrictions on their use, then it is best to check with local authorities before purchasing them.

Can I take my steel targets elsewhere?

Yes, most steel plates are designed for portability, so they can be used pretty much anywhere you want. However, if you are using a steel target for training, it is best to choose one that can take repeated rounds as well as allow you to practice long-range shooting.

Where can I purchase steel shooting targets?

You can purchase steel targets from most gun accessory stores as well as online websites such as Midway USA and Amazon. We recommend purchasing them from reputable dealers as they will be able to give you advice on which steel targets work best for your specific needs.

Final Thoughts

Steel targets are a great way to practice long-range shooting as well as improve accuracy.

If you are keen on improving your marksmanship, then moving from paper targets and investing in the best steel targets will be money well spent. Just remember to purchase some stands before dashing out and buying some steel plates.

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