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Shore Fishing in Coastal State Parks

A vehicle parking fee is required to enter most of the state parks during regular hours (8 a.m. - 6 p.m.).  Check the specific park for parking fee details.

Night Fishing Rules:  Anglers entering a park by vehicle must obtain a vehicle permit in order to park and fish.  No vehicle will be admitted into the day-use areas of the park from a.m. - 8 a.m.  Individuals entering the park without a vehicle do not require a parking permit, but must possess fishing tackle (rod and reel, bait, light, etc.), a marine waters fishing license and engage in fishing.

Bluff Point State Park, Groton  
Fishing is allowed at Poquonock Cove and the beach at Bluff Point. 24 hrs.
Fish to be caught: Winter flounder and snapper bluefish can be caught at Poquonock Cove.  Bluefish, striped bass, hickory shad, summer flounder, little tunny and blackfish can be caught from the beach.
Directions and Parking Fees

Fort Trumbull State Park, New London  Handicapped Accessible
There is 24 hour pedestrian access from Riverfront Walk to Pier 4 on the Thames River.  Regulations are posted on the pier.
Fish to be caught: Bluefish, striped bass, summer flounder, hickory shad, scup, tautog, winter flounder and weakfish.
Directions and Parking Fees

Ferry Landing State Park, Old Lyme  Handicapped Accessible
Fishing access (handicapped accessible) consists of a fenced bulkhead area and a fishing/crabbing boardwalk.  Parking is available inside the park after hours for fishing/crabbing only.
Fish to be caught: Bluefish, striped bass, summer flounder, catfish, tomcod, winter flounder, hickory shad and white perch.
Directions: I, Exit 70 to Route After 1/4 mile make a right onto Ferry Road. Follow to end. Telephone:
Parking Fees: None

Hammonasset Beach State Park, Madison    Handicapped Accessible  Camping
Fishing is allowed only at the Meig's Point Jetty (south end) and at West Beach Jetty during the peak season from 8 a.m. to sunset.  Night fishing is allowed along the entire beach (2 miles).  The entire beach (2 miles) is not open to night fishing during the off-season (October - May).
Fish to be caught: Blackfish, winter flounder, bluefish, summer flounder, scup, weakfish and striped bass.
Directions and Parking Fees

Harkness Memorial State Park, Waterford
Fishing is allowed along the beach. No swimming allowed.
Fish to be caught: Blackfish, bluefish and striped bass can be caught off the rocky point  and summer flounder off the beach.
Directions and Parking Fees

Rocky Neck State Park, Niantic  Camping
Fishing is allowed on the jetty year round.  The entire beach and jetty is open to fishing during the off-season. Jetty located on right side of beach.
Fish to be caught:  Blackfish, winter flounder, bluefish and striped bass can be caught off the jetty. Crabbing is allowed at designated areas.
Directions and Parking Fees

Sherwood Island State Park, Westport
Fishing is allowed at Sherwood Point, East and West Jetty during the open season (April 15 - Sept. 30).  The entire beach is open to fishing during the off-season from 8 a.m. to sunset only.
Fish to be caught: Blackfish, bluefish, scup, summer flounder, winter flounder and striped bass can be caught off Sherwood Point.
Directions and Parking Fees

Silver Sands State Park / Charles Island, Milford
Fishing is open throughout the area including the tombolo which extends about a mile from the mainland to Charles Island. Caution is advised when fishing or walking the tombolo. Swift tidal currents during a flood tide can make passage dangerous and person unfamiliar with the area may be stranded on Charles Island until low tide.
Fish to be caught: Bluefish, striped bass, summer flounder, hickory shad and weakfish.
Directions and Parking Fees


Content last updated March

Sours: https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Fishing/Saltwater/Shore-Fishing-in-Coastal-State-Parks

Connecticut Saltwater Shore Locations

( ct-enhanced Enhanced Shore Fishing Access Sites are locations where smaller summer flounder &#; fluke (16 inch minimum length) and scup (9 inch minimum length) may be taken.)

Branfordpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessBranford PointHarbor St. , Branford
Branfordboat launchBranford River State Boat LaunchGoodsell Point Rd. , Branford
Branfordpicnic areadock/pier accessStony Creek Town Dock and BeachThimble Island Rd. and Indian Point Rd. , Branford
Bridgeportdock/pier accesshandicap accessPleasure Beach Fishing Pier1 Central Ave. & Long Beach St. , Bridgeport
Bridgeportboat launchpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessSaint Mary’s by the SeaEames Blvd. (via Gilman St.)
Bridgeportboat launchpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessSeaside ParkPark Ave., Bridgeport
Clintonpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessClinton Landing53 East Main St., Clinton
Clintonpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessClinton Town MarinaRiverside Dr., Clinton
Clintonboat launchClinton Town Marina Boat LaunchRiverside Dr., Clinton
Darienboat launchpicnic areahandicap accessPear Tree Point Beach ParkPear Tree Point Rd,. Darien
Darienpicnic areahandicap accessWeed BeachNearwater Ln., Darien
Deep RiverBrockway Ferry LandingBrockway Ferry Rd.
Deep Riverboat launchpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessDeep River Town DockRiver St., Deep River
East Haddampicnic areahandicap accessGillette Castle State ParkRiver Rd., East Haddam
East HavenFarm River State ParkMansfield Grove Rd. and Short Beach Rd., East Haven
East Lymepicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessCini Memorial ParkMain St., East Lyme
East Lymehandicap accessHole-in-the-Wall BeachBaptist Ln., East Lyme
East Lymepicnic areahandicap accessMcCook ParkMcCook Place, East Lyme
East LymeRailroad BeachOld Rope Ferry Road/Route
East Lymepicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessRocky Neck State ParkRoute , East Lyme
EssexAlt Water Access AreaCollins Ln., Essex
Essexhandicap accessBushnell ParkBushnell St., Essex
Essexboat launchdock/pier accesshandicap accessEssex Town DockMain St., Essex
Essexboat launchpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessEssex Town ParkNott Ln., Essex
Essexhandicap accessLittle Point StreetLittle Point St., Essex
Essexdock/pier accessMack Lane Water Access AreaMack Ln., Essex
Essexboat launchNott Lane Open SpaceNott Ln., Essex
EssexNovelty Lane Water Access AreaNovelty Ln., Essex
Essexboat launchhandicap accessScholes Lane Water Access AreaScholes Ln., Essex
EssexTurtle Creek Wildlife SanctuaryFordham Rd., Essex
Fairfieldboat launchpicnic areahandicap accessAsh Creek Open SpaceRiverside Dr. and Turney Rd., Fairfield
Fairfieldpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessJennings BeachSouth Benson Rd., Fairfield
Fairfieldpicnic areahandicap accessPenfield BeachFairfield Beach Rd., Fairfield
FairfieldPenfield ReefFairfield Beach Rd., Fairfield
Fairfieldhandicap accessPerry GreenHarbor Rd., Fairfield
FairfieldPerry’s Mill PondsSturges Rd., Fairfield
Fairfieldpicnic areahandicap accessRickards BeachFairfield Beach Rd., Fairfield
Grotonboat launchdock/pier accessBayberry Lane State Boat LaunchBayberry Ln., Groton
Grotonhandicap accessBluff Point State Park and ReserveDepot Rd., Groton
Grotonpicnic areahandicap accessCalf Pasture Overlook Shennecossett Road
Grotonpicnic areahandicap accessEastern Point BeachBeach Pond Rd., Groton
Grotonpicnic areahandicap accessFort Rachel Marine44 Water St. & Fort Rachel Place,Groton
Grotonhandicap accessFort Street LandingThames St. at Fort St.
Grotonboat launchhandicap accessKenneth Streeter State Boat Launchoff Fairview Ave, Groton
Grotonboat launchMystic River State Boat LaunchRiver Rd., Groton
GrotonPalmer Court (Noank) Public AccessBetween 24 Palmer Court and 0 Riverview Ave., Groton
Grotonpicnic areahandicap accessUCONN-Avery Point Shennecossett Road, Groton
Guilfordpicnic areahandicap accessChaffinch Island ParkChaffinch Island Rd., Guilford
GuilfordEast River PreserveSullivan Drive or Clapboard Hill Rd. Trailheads, Guilford
Guilfordboat launchEast River State Boat LaunchNeck Road (via Madison, no Guilford access)
Guilfordhandicap accessGreat Harbor Wildlife Management AreaTrolley Rd., Guilford
Guilfordboat launchpicnic areahandicap accessGuilford Town MarinaOld Whitfield St., Guilford
GuilfordTrolley Road Coastal Access Trolley Rd., Guilford
Ledyardpicnic areahandicap accessErickson ParkMilitary Highway, Ledyard
LedyardPoquetanuck Cove Car-top Boat LaunchDrawbridge Rd. off Rte. 12 bridge, Ledyard
LymeEly’s Ferry LandingEly’s Ferry Rd., Lyme
LymeSelden Neck State ParkEast of River Rd./Joshuatown Rd., Lyme
Madisondock/pier accesshandicap accessEast Wharf Beach East Wharf Rd., Madison
Madisonpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessHammonasset Beach State ParkBoston Post Rd. (Rte. 1), Madison
Madisondock/pier accessWest Wharf BeachWest Wharf Rd., Madison
Milforddock/pier accessBelmont Avenue Fishing Access AreaBelmont St., Milford
Milfordhandicap accessConnecticut Audubon Coastal CenterEnd of Milford Point Rd., Milford
Milfordpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessGulf BeachGulf St., Milford
Milfordboat launchdock/pier accesshandicap accessHousatonic River State Boat LaunchNaugatuck Ave., Milford
MilfordMariners Point Condominiums Trumbull Ave., Milford
Milfordpicnic areaSilver Sands State ParkSilver Sands Park Way, Milford
MilfordStewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge-Milford Point UnitMilford Point Rd., Milford
Milfordpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessWalnut Beach East Broadway, Milford
Milfordboat launchpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessWilcox ParkShipyard Ln./New Haven Ave., Milford
Montvilleboat launchdock/pier accessTown of Montville Boat LaunchDock Rd., Uncasville
New Havendock/pier accesshandicap accessCriscuolo ParkChapel and James Streets, New Haven
New Havenpicnic areaEast Rock ParkEnglish Drive, New Haven
New Havenpicnic areahandicap accessEast Shore ParkWoodward Ave., New Haven
New Havenpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessFort Nathan Hale ParkWoodward Road Ave., New Haven
New Havenboat launchpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessLighthouse Point ParkLighthouse Rd., New Haven
New Havenhandicap accessLong Wharf Nature PreserveLong Wharf Drive, New Haven
New Havenhandicap accessQuinnipiac River ParkFront St., New Haven
New Havendock/pier accesshandicap accessThe Sound School Pier and Walkway17 Sea St., New Haven
New HavenWest River Memorial ParkE.T. Grasso Boulevard, New Haven
New Londonpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessCity Pier and Waterfront ParkCaptain’s Walk/State St., New London
New Londondock/pier accesshandicap accessFort Trumbull State Park90 Walbach St., New London
New Londonpicnic areadock/pier accessRiverside ParkAdelaide St. and Crystal Ave., New London
New Londonboat launchhandicap accessThames River State Boat LaunchEnd of State Pier Road (under Gold Star Bridge), New London
North HavenQuinnipiac River Water Access AreaBanton St., North Haven
Norwalkpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessCalf Pasture BeachCalf Pasture Beach Rd., Norwalk
Norwalkpicnic areaCommunity BeachRowayton Ave., Norwalk
NorwalkGrassy IslandNorwalk Harbor, Norwalk
NorwalkHarborview/T.J. MarinaCove Ave. and ThiRoad St., Norwalk
Norwalkdock/pier accesshandicap accessMaritime Aquarium Park10 North Water St., Norwalk
Norwalkpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessOyster Shell at Heritage ParkPutnam Ave., Norwalk
Norwalkpicnic areadock/pier accessPublic Boat Slips and Moorings at Veterans Memorial ParkSeaview Ave., Norwalk
NorwalkShea/Ram IslandNorwalk Harbor, Norwalk
Norwalkpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessSheffield Island LighthouseSheffield Island, Norwalk
NorwalkSono Harbor Associates Waterfront Overlook50 Water St., Norwalk
NorwalkThe Plains IslandNorwalk Harbor, Norwalk
Norwalkpicnic areaThomas Place EstateWilson Ave. and Bluff Ave., Norwalk
Norwalkboat launchpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessVeteran’s Memorial ParkSeaview Ave., Norwalk
NorwichGreeneville Dam Fishing AreaRoosevelt Ave., Norwich
Norwichhandicap accessHeritage Riverfront Park WalkwayChelsea Harbor Drive to Sherman St., Norwich
Norwichboat launchdock/pier accesshandicap accessHoward T. Brown ParkChelsea Harbor Drive, Norwich
Old Lymepicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessCT DEEP Marine Headquarters-Ferry Landing ParkFerry Road at CT DEEP Marine Headquarters, Old Lyme
Old Lymeboat launchFour Mile River State Boat LaunchOakridge Drive, Old Lyme
Old Lymeboat launchhandicap accessGreat Island State Boat LaunchSmith Neck Rd., Old Lyme
Old LymeGreat Island Wildlife Management AreaWest of boat launch (across tidal river) at the end of Smith Neck Rd., Old Lyme
Old LymeLieutenant River State Boat LaunchRoute Bridge, Old Lyme
Old LymePilgrim LandingNeck Rd., Old Lyme
Old Lymepicnic areaSmith Neck Town LandingSmith Neck Rd., Old Lyme
Old Lymepicnic areahandicap accessSound View Beachsouthern end of Hartford Ave., Old Lyme
Old Lymepicnic areaWatch Rock ParkJoel Drive., Old Lyme
Old Saybrookboat launchdock/pier accesshandicap accessBaldwin Bridge State Boat LaunchFerry Rd. (under Baldwin Bridge), Old Saybrook
Old SaybrookFenwick Grove Coastal Forest Maple Ave., Old Saybrook
Old Saybrookdock/pier accesshandicap accessOld Saybrook Town Dockend of Sheffield St., Old Saybrook
Old Saybrookhandicap accessSouth Cove CausewayRte. over South Cove, Old Saybrook
PrestonPoquetanuck Cove Water AccessRte. 2A, Preston
Sheltonpicnic areaSouth Bank Open Space River Rd., Shelton
Sheltonboat launchpicnic areahandicap accessSunnyside Boat Ramp River Rd., Shelton
Stamforddock/pier accesshandicap accessAvalon Communities on Stamford HarborSouthfield Ave., Shelton
Stamfordpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessCove Island ParkCove Rd., Stamford
Stamfordpicnic areadock/pier accessCummings ParkShippan Ave., Stamford
Stamfordpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessVillage at Stamford LandingSouthfield Ave., Stamford
Stoningtonboat launchhandicap accessBarn Island State Boat LaunchEnd of Palmer Neck Rd., Stonington
StoningtonBarn Island Wildlife Management AreaEnd of Palmer Neck Rd., Stonington
Stoningtonpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessMystic River ParkCottrell St., Stonington
StoningtonPawcatuck River Wildlife Management AreaRiver Rd., Stonington
Stoningtonpicnic areahandicap accessStonington PointWater St., Stonington
Stoningtonpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessStonington Town Dock Fishing Pier and MemorialNorthwest St., Stonington
Stratfordboat launchdock/pier accesshandicap accessBirdseye Street Boat LaunchBirdseye St., Stratford
Stratforddock/pier accessBond’s DockStratford Ave. and Shore Rd., Stratford
StratfordLong BeachOak Bluff Drive, Stratford
StratfordPoint-No-PointBeach Drive, Stratford
StratfordRussian BeachBeach Drive, Stratford
Stratfordpicnic areahandicap accessShort Beach ParkDorne Drive, Stratford
Stratfordpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessThe Dock Shopping Center Ferry Boulevard., Stratford
Waterfordboat launchDock Road State Boat LaunchDock Road/Pleasure Beach, Waterford
Waterfordpicnic areahandicap accessHarkness Memorial State Parkoff Great Neck Rd./Rte. , Waterford
WaterfordJordan Cove Water Access3 Reed Ave., Waterford
Waterfordpicnic areaJordan Mill Park Trumbull Lane, Waterford
Waterfordpicnic areahandicap accessMago Point ParkRiver St., Waterford
Waterfordboat launchhandicap accessNiantic River State Boat LaunchSecond St., Waterford
Waterfordpicnic areaWaterford Beach Park Great Neck Rd., Waterford
West Havendock/pier accesshandicap accessAltschuler BeachAltschuler St., West Haven
West Havenpicnic areaBaybrook BeachNew Haven Ave., West Haven
West Havenhandicap accessBradley Point ParkCaptain Thomas Boulevard., West Haven
West Havenboat launchdock/pier accesshandicap accessCity Boat RampBeach St., West Haven
West HavenDawson Avenue Beach/Abbott ParkDawson Ave. and Ocean Ave., West Haven
West Havenpicnic areahandicap accessMorse BeachMorse Ave./Beach St., West Haven
West Havenpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessOak Street BeachOak St., West Haven
West Havendock/pier accesshandicap accessPeck BeachPeck Ave./Beach St., West Haven
West HavenSandy PointBeach St., West Haven
West HavenSandy Point Bird SanctuaryBeach St., Sandy Point, West Haven
West Havenhandicap accessSavin Rock Conference Center Water AccessRock St., West Haven
West HavenSeabluff BeachCaptain Thomas Boulevard/Ocean Ave, West Haven
West HavenSouth Street BeachSouth St./Ocean Ave., West Haven
Westbrookboat launchKirtland LandingOld Clinton Rd., Westbrook
Westportpicnic areahandicap accessBurying Hill Beach and WetlandsBeachside Ave., Westport
Westporthandicap accessCanal Road Water Access AreaCanal Rd. and Cockenoe Drive, Westport
Westportpicnic areaCockenoe IslandCockenoe Island, Westport
Westportboat launchpicnic areadock/pier accesshandicap accessCompo Beach and MarinaCompo Beach Rd., Westport
WestportCompo Colonial CemeteryCompo Beach Rd., Westport
Westportpicnic areahandicap accessGrace Salmon ParkImperial Ave., Westport
Westportpicnic areaLongshore Club Park and Marinamouth of the Saugatuck River, Westport
Westportpicnic areahandicap accessPasacreta Park Riverside Ave., Westport
WestportRiver House Tavern Riverside Ave., Westport
Westportpicnic areahandicap accessRiverside Town Park Riverside Ave., Westport
Westporthandicap accessSaugatuck River Access83 Riverside Ave., Westport
WestportSaugatuck River Boardwalk Wilton Rd., Westport
Westportboat launchSaugatuck River State Boat LaunchElaine Rd., Westport
Westportpicnic areahandicap accessSherwood Island State ParkExit 18 off I, Westport
WestportSherwood Mill Pond Walkway Old Mill Rd., Westport
WestportWaterfront Walkway Riverside Riverside Ave., Westport
WestportWaterfront Walkway Riverside Riverside Ave., Westport
Sours: https://fishingnortheast.net/choose-your-state/connecticut/connecticut-saltwater-shore-locations/
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Enhanced Opportunity Shore Fishing Program

fishing at fort trumbullThis Marine Fisheries program is part of a broader Department effort to improve the fishing experience and quality of access to our Public Trust marine fisheries resources in Connecticut, especially in urban areas (also see Bonus Striped Bass Program). Shore-based fishing is the simplest and most affordable form of saltwater fishing and a popular way to enjoy Connecticut’s coastline. At the same time, shore fishing is an opportunity to catch the evening’s meal. To that end, minimum size limits have been reduced for two abundant marine species at 41 public fishing access areas listed in the DEEP Coastal Access Guide. These sites offer good shore-based summer flounder and/or scup fishing opportunities in at least 18 different communities distributed from Stonington to Westport.

At these sites, summer flounder may be taken at 17 inches (compared to 19 inches otherwise) and scup may be taken at 8 inches (versus 9 inches), giving the shore angler at these sites a considerably better chance of taking home a meal or two. To aid law enforcement the sites chosen for this program are separate from any boat launches or marinas where boat caught fish may be present. It is important to the success and continuation of this program that anglers at these enhanced access sites take their catch directly home after fishing. Possession of these species under the standard minimum size at other locations is a violation and can result in significant fines.

Enhanced Opportunity Shore Fishing Access Site Sign

Multi-Lingual Enhanced Marine Recreational Fishing Regulation Sign

Enhanced Shore Fishing Access Sites are locations where smaller summer flounder - fluke (17 inch minimum length) and scup (8 inch minimum length) may be taken.

Find an Enhanced Shore Fishing Access Site



Content last updated March

Sours: https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Fishing/Saltwater/Enhanced-Opportunity-Shore-Fishing-Program
Connecticut Surfcasting. Striped Bass

Going Large

Targeting water that many shore-bound anglers would neglect or overlook. Fishing spots knowing that you are there for that one bump. Casting and retrieving for hours to no avail, yet still having confidence that your hit could come at any moment. And shaking it off when you go home fishless. This should be the mindset of the angler who regularly plies trophy bass habitat.

So you have a few spots that cough up keeper-sized bass, with the occasional above average one mixed in. But how many plus-pound fish do these locations yield collectively throughout a season? If your answer is low, you should consider seeking out new haunts. Big fish spots are labeled that way because they are reliable. Trophy bass return to these areas not by accident.

One of the keys to success in the surf is knowing where your quarry feeds. After all, if you don’t know where big fish hunt, then you’re not hunting for big fish. Current, structure, depth close by and tide stages are the main ingredients in the big fish recipe. Factors like bait presence, wind direction, tidal stage, barometric pressure, time of year, and moon phase also come into the equation. Even luck plays a role, but you can be in right place, at the right time, more often, by doing your homework.

Classic examples of current and structure are Rhode Island’s three breach ways. Although they are not everyone’s favorite place to fish because of their occasional circus atmosphere, they do consistently attract trophy striped bass. Think of those salt ponds as refrigerators full of bait, emptying out into the Atlantic with every tidal exchange. It may be worth your time to suck it up, play nice and be part of the rotation at the ends of these breach ways. If you seek solitude, these well-known locations are not for you, unless you fish deep-night tides and nasty conditions. Fair-weather anglers won’t go out then, but the fish certainly don’t mind. Always have a fish-landing zone in mind on these rocks. Wear Korkers and watch your step too. Fly rodders can score here as well standing on the breachway rocks and casting to the inside and outside of the breachway.

How does one locate big fish spots? Good students of this sport use the latest technology, reconnaissance, networking, and publications to give them an edge. The most obvious, the Internet, can be a double-edged sword. Yes, many a spot have been burned to the masses on public fishing forums. However, many a spot have also been revealed to the saltwater angler studying satellite photos. Scouting in daylight during the lowest tides exposes structure that you can fish over during high water. Joining fishing clubs, attending seminars, listening to sharpies, hanging out in respected fly and tackle shops will cut the learning curve. Scouring books, magazines and articles, old and new, for every available piece of information is only helping your cause. A local legend once mentioned that loose lips sink ships. If someone is kind enough to share a spot with you, respect this. If you want to share it with someone else, ask first. Anglers are protective over their stomping grounds; for good reason too. Much hard work and effort goes into locating these big fish spots. Sometimes the best fishing areas are also the most difficult to access. It only takes one clown to ruin it for everybody else.

If you truly are interested in hunting trophy bass, find areas with both current and structure. Stick with them and they will treat you well. It takes years to acquire a solid rotation of big fish spots. But the mentality discussed above should help speed up the process. We will leave you with one last thought. This quick tip comes from Mike Everon himself, better known in surfcasting circles as “Iron Mike”. In a conversation a few years back, Mike said “Get a wetsuit and equipment that can handle being submerged. Plant yourself on a rock yards out and cast parallel to the shore.” Keep in mind that this came from an angler who scored two pound bass in one night. Now go get yours…

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Sours: http://www.ctfishguides.com/surfcasting.php

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How to Read The Beach - An Aerial View Over the Surf (Drone Surf Fishing)


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