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Avengers Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14,

Avengers assemble! It’s time to hero up…the fate of the party is in your hands! Since we finally got closure in Avengers: EndGame and the spoiler ban has been lifted we can talk about it now. If you still haven't seen it, you might want to skip right to the part about the Invitations.

Okay so wow! Who cried? The courage of our heroes is rousing in a way that makes our hearts swell and their sacrifice is piercing. None of us will ever be the same after facing the reality that some of our favorite characters are really gone, gone. Seeing everyone from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fighting to bring back those we lost in Avengers: Infinity War was like seeing your favorite team playing in a Super Bowl of multi-verse proportions. Their determination and loyalty give us so much hope and gives us a glimpse of what greatness looks like in action. There are things that are worth fighting for and even if the battle seems lost, together they are stronger. But the plot device of time travel opens up so many doors and given the fact that time travel is tricky business, we don't really know if some of the missing characters are living life happily in another timeline. In any case, we celebrate them, and we love them and we will never forget. In honor of their heroic actions, invite the Avengers to your next birthday party.

The Avengers team is full of energy, so shouldn't your Avengers party be just as exciting? If your kid loves The Avengers movie or Avengers comics, this is the superhero party guide for you! This Avengers guide is brimming with birthday ideas for an Avengers theme party as well as tips for Avengers decorations, favors, invitations and more.

Avengers Birthday Party Invitations

Call your friends to Avengers Headquarters with these colorful Avengers themed invitations. Personalized invitations make it easy to set up all your invitations at once without having to write out the information for each guest.

Would you rather try your hand at making DIY invitations? Creative invitations build excitement and set the mood before the party even starts! If you have time to make your own, consider these suggestions for your Avengers party invitations.

  • Attach a card-style invitation to one of our personalized invitations and hand deliver them to your guests. Our personalized Avengers invitations work great with this idea!
  • Include an superhero sticker or superhero tattoo with your invitation and seal the envelope with a personalized sticker printed with the party info or a fun message!
  • Cut out one large red circle, a small blue circle, a white ring and a white star out of construction paper. Glue the pieces together to create Captain America's shield and write your party info in the center star!
  • Make your invitations look like The Avengers case files from S.H.I.E.L.D. by typing out your party info next to a photo of your birthday child. Send invitations in manila envelopes marked "TOP SECRET."

Avengers Birthday Party Decorations

Throw an epic Avengers party with a blockbuster buffet table!  This candy buffet table is inspired by the 6 Infinity Stones: The Space Stone is blue, the Reality Stone is red, the Power Stone is purple, the Mind Stone is yellow, the Time Stone is green and the Soul Stone is orange. Use costume props to fill in the spaces of your table set-up.

To create an out of this world table-scape start with galaxy table covers and blue and black fringe curtains. Affix balloons, made to resemble the Infinity Stones, to the galaxy backdrop so they appear to float in outer space. Gem balloons are simple and easy to make using black washi or electrical tape on round mylar balloons.

Thanos’ gauntlet is not only a fun photo prop but it also makes a great centerpiece for your candy buffet. And even though you wouldn't actually invite Thanos to your birthday party (would you?), his paper mask will remind you who the enemy is.

Use purple, blue, red, green, orange, and yellow table covers to continue with the Infinity Stones theme. Place candy corresponding to each color in apothecary jars, vases, or bowls. Guests will have fun collecting their “stones” just like Thanos!

Create a heroes table by decorating each table setting in the theme of one of the Avengers. Guests can choose if they’d like to be Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, or the Hulk. Choose corresponding parytware in the colors of each hero to complement the Avengers themed party supplies. Red and yellow for Iron Man, blue and red for Captain America, silver and red for Thor, and green and purple for the Hulk.

Avengers Birthday Party Food Ideas

These Infinity Stone Cupcakes are a cinch to make with purple, blue, red, green, orange, and yellow sanding sugar topping.

Limited on space? Create a food and favor tower. Themed food is always a hit at parties. Below are some ideas for food at an Avengers party:

  • Iron Man – red and yellow layered Jell-O
  • Captain America – red, white, and blue chocolate popcorn
  • Thor – marshmallow and pretzel rod hammers
  • Hulk – “smashed” potatoes
  • Hawkeye – fruit kabobs
  • Spiderman – mini brownie bites with eight black licorice legs
  • Nick Fury – Chocolate OREO Thins “eyepatches”
  • Black Widow – blueberry lemonade

Avengers Birthday Party Activities

One of the best things about an Avengers party is that there are so many activities to choose from. Any age crowd can enjoy a game of Pin the A on Captain America!

Maybe it's just us but having a photobooth is almost mandatory at every party, so a backdrop or City Skyline cardboard stand up will help set the scene. Avengers photo props will help even the shyest guest get in on some of the fun.

Choose a few characters and create games around their abilities.

  • Spiderman: silly string war
  • Hulk – “smash” balloons with Hulk fists. The first one to pop the balloon wins
  • Captain America – practice shield throwing skills using a poster of Thanos and Frisbees
  • Thor: set up a tower of boxes and throw Thor’s hammer. The first one to knock them all down wins
  • Iron Man: pin the reactor on a poster of Iron Man

Avengers Birthday Party Favors

Your guests will love all the goodies from an Avengers party! Send them home with masks from their table setting, “stones” from the buffet, bouncy balls, pencils, keychains, Pez dispensers, stickers, or a party pack. There are tons of little Avengers themed goodies you can stuff into a favor bag for your friends.

Here are a few Avengers party favor ideas:

  • Decorate plain color favor bags with The Avengers symbols. Fill the Avengers tote bags up with toys and superhero favors!
  • Add paper masks and capes to lollipops to create superhero candy favors.
  • Avengers Crafts: Let guests create their very own superhero masks, capes, and t-shirts! Set up a craft station with pre-assembled masks, capes or plain t-shirts. Let guests decorate their hero costume accessories with fabric markers, plastic gems or other decorations. Then, take your creations home as a super party favor!

Party styled and designed by Kylie from Made by a Princess. Head over to her blog for more party tips, recipes, and free printables. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with all of our party ideas and see our favorite ideas on Pinterest!

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Avengers Themed Birthday Party

avengers-birthday-party-ideasI know many, many little boys who are absolutely crazy over the Avengers! So when I came across this Avengers Themed Birthday Party, I knew I had to find out more! How awesome is this for the little guy in your life?!?!

Avengers-Dessert-TableAvengers-CharactersThis Avengers party was all done in shades of red, yellow, green, and blue. Each color represented one of the Avenger Heroes, which were the main attraction for the event!  The idea was to create something light and colorful.  

Avengers-CakeOh my, check out this fabulous cake! Talk about being the perfect cake for a little Super Hero!  

Avengers-Main-TableAvengers-Candy-DessertsThe dessert table was absolutely fantastic! The cute fondant cupcake toppers, along with the cute Avenger chocolate pops really made this table pop!  I just love the white wooden letters spelling out the birthday boy&#;s name in the center of the table. What a great feature!

Avengers-Party-DetailsAvengers-CarsThe details of this party were amazing! I love how there are little taxi cabs on the table to match the theme! We all know that our Avengers are around to help keep New York City safe! What a sweet detail!

Avengers-DrinksAvengers-DecorEvery little detail was a big hit at this party! What lovely flowers and with the coordinating tags, it made it absolutely perfect! And those wonderful cups for everyone to drink out of? What a perfect Avengers party! This little guy sure lucked out with having the perfect theme for his event. I&#;m pretty sure this is one he is going to look back on fondly for years to come. Because everyone wants to be part of the Avengers at one point of their life or another!   

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Shop our favorite Avengers Party Decor and Gifts:

Sign up for a day free trial of Amazon Prime and get free 2-day shipping on your Avengers birthday party products!


Sours: https://www.prettymyparty.com/avengers-themed-birthday-party/
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Hi there!  This is Tonya Coleman from Soiree Event Design here and I’m one of the featured party stylists for the Birthday Express Ideas blog.  I’m super excited to share with you my tips and tricks on how to pull off fabulous looking parties with less stress.

Check out Tonya&#;s design for a gorgeous Cinderella party!


I don’t know about you, but my kids and family are huge Marvel Avengers fans. And we’re not alone.  Avengers-themed parties are one of the most popular party themes right now and today I’m going to share with you some ideas to host an Avengers birthday party.


Tip #1:  Transform Your Home!

I love hosting parties in my own home.  I just love being able to take my time decorating the space and not have to transport any decorations to an outside party venue.  Birthday Express has lots of really amazing party props to truly transform your home into a Marvel Avengers party starting with cardboard standups of each of the Marvel Avengers characters like The Hulk, Hulkbuster, Captain America and Ultron.  These standups are about 6’ tall, setup in minutes and really add a wow factor to your party space.  My son just kept saying “WOW” every time he walked up to one of them.

My brother-in-law was pretty impressive, too.

Save some money and use toys that your kids already have to decorate the party space!


I just displayed my son’s entire collection of Marvel Avengers Superhero Mashers toys and my nephew&#;s collection of Avengers action figures around the party space.  These doubled as a party activity too as the kids played with these during the party.


Tip #2:  Use Cardboard Standup as the Backdrop for your Candy Table!

To add a wow factor to the Candy Table, display the 6’ wide Superhero Comics Standup City Scape on your table instead of a backdrop.  It fits perfectly on a standard 6’ table and looks amazing with the Hulk and Hulkbuster standups on either side.



Tip #3:  Fill your Candy Table with Color Coordinated Candy!

Birthday Express offers lots of candy in individual colors making it easy to order candy that matches your party’s colors.  Here I focused on green, red and blue candy that matched most of the Avengers colors.

I also added a few custom desserts like these amazing Avengers inspired iced cookies by Auntie Bea’s Bakery.

Collage 1

Hulk got his very own section of the menu with some &#;incredible&#; cookies on a stick, as well as cake pops and chocolate covered Oreos by Sparkling Sweets Boutique.

Collage 5

To make it easy for guests to take home all the goodies, be sure to place favor bags or boxes out on the table like these lightning favor boxes inspired by Thor, of course!


Tip #4: Dress Up Like the Avengers!

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids LOVE to dress up in costumes of their favorite characters.  Once they have them on, they immediately start acting out scenes from the Avengers.  It’s super cute!


Birthday Express has a great selection of Avengers costumes and accessories.  Be sure to know your guests&#; sizes before your party so you are sure to have one that will fit everyone.  Each guest can take their costumes home with them too…the perfect party favor!  Parents, you too can get in on the action.

Collage 3

Order a few adult-sized Avengers costumes and host the party!  Your kids will LOVE it!

Tip #5: Setup an Avengers Favor Table!

I love setting up a favor table with the favors displayed instead of tucked inside a favor bag or box.

Favor table 2


I mean, how cool do the Avengers Pez dispensers look displayed on the table!

Collage 2

I also used the Captain America piñata as the centerpiece of the table already filled with candy so it’s ready to be strung up when you’re ready.



These Avengers plastic buckets are perfect to give each guest to collect all the candy that falls out of the piñata.  It’s also big enough for the guests to put the favors in too.


Tip #6: Have Fun with Activity Stations!

Avengers parties are all about fun and imagination.


For my parties, I usually start out with a coloring activity as guests arrive since not everyone comes at the same time and coloring is a perfect activity kids can do by themselves while they wait.

Collage 6

Once everyone arrives, they visit the Dress Up station and transform into Avengers and pose for the camera.


Then it’s time to visit the Superhero Mashers table where the kids mix and match their favorite Avengers characters into their own new superhero.



They had a ball doing this.  Next it’s time to eat at the Avengers dining table.




BirthdayExpress has a huge selection of Avengers tableware for all your heroic dining needs.

This is when I put on an episode of Avengers Assemble so the kids can watch it while they eat.


While the kids are eating, I string up the piñata. After lunch, we end the party with the piñata!



I hope this gives you some inspiration for your next Marvel Avengers party.


Party Resources:

 Styling & Photography:  Soiree Event Design

Avengers paper party supplies, favor boxes and favors, Avengers costumes and accessories, candy, piñata, cardboard standups, plastic buckets:  Birthday Express

Cake pops and chocolate covered Oreos:  Sparkling Sweets Boutique

Avengers Iced Cookies:  Auntie Bea’s Bakery

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Marvel's Avengers Superhero Party Snacks

Avengers Party Free Printable Candy Bar Labels.

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