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best skateboards for kids

Skateboarding is a modern sport that is loved by many people around the world but is something that parents often are skeptical about. However, it is an activity that could develop one’s social skills and can even contribute to the betterment of the environment. In the past, only teenagers were seen riding their skateboards throughout the town or city.

But now, both teens and kids as young as three or even adults in their fifties are seen shredding up the streets. If you are currently searching for a skateboard that would suit you best, go through this list to learn about the best products available on the market today.

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1. Merkapa 22″– Best Skateboard for Beginners Kid

If your child is new to skateboarding, you need to get them a skateboard to set them up for success. The 22” board by Merkaba is the perfect board for your kids to learn off of.

Not only do they get a wider 6” deck to help them keep their balance, but they also get extra-wide 60mm wheels for extra stability.

Even better, with a 180-pound weight capacity, it doesn’t matter how old your child is. If they’re trying to learn, this is the board you want!


  • The wide 6” base adds stability
  • 60mm wheels give you a smooth ride
  • Light up wheels that kids love



Product Specs:

Dimensions22” x 6”
Weight Capacity180 pounds
Product Weight4 pounds
Trucks 3.2” Aluminum


2. PlayWheels Frozen 21″ Wood Cruiser Skateboard

Sometimes it can be hard to get your kids into skateboarding. One way to make it easier is to give them a board they’re excited to use. With both Frozen and Spiderman options available, that’s precisely where PlayWheels excels.

While you might think that you’d have to spend a ton to get a high-quality character board, you’d be mistaken. These boards are affordable and exactly what your child needs to get excited about getting outside and skating!


  • Disney character designs that your child will love
  • Affordably priced
  • PVC injected 50mm wheels gives them a smooth ride


  • Limited age range (5 to 8)


Product Specs:

Dimensions21” x 6”
Weight Capacity100 pounds
Product Weight4 pounds
Trucks Composite
Deck9-ply maple


3. Playshion Complete 22 Inch – Best Skateboard for 3 Years Old

The best way to get your child into skating is to start them while they’re young! That’s why the Playshion Complete is the perfect board to introduce your three-year-old into the skating world.

Not only does it have a smaller design that makes it easier for your child to ride, but it also comes with a tool that allows you to adjust the wheels. The tighter you adjust them, the slower the board will go, perfect little ones still learning to ride!

As your child grows, they won’t outgrow this board, though. The Playshion Elite has a 220-pound weight capacity, so they can use it as long as they’d like!


  • It comes with a tool to let you slow down and speed up the wheels
  • Made from durable materials
  • The smaller size is perfect for younger kids, and the high weight capacity allows it to grow with them



Product Specs:

Dimensions22” x 6”
Weight Capacity220 pounds
Product Weight1.5 pounds
Trucks 3.25” Aluminum
DeckFiberglass compound


4. Razor RipStik Caster Board

While traditional skateboards are a blast, sometimes you need something a little different to spice up the fun. That’s where the Ripster steps in.

It’s a unique two-wheel design that allows you to ride it like a snowboard. Once you master it, you can do all kinds of unique tricks with this board.

While it’s not ideal for smaller kids, for older kids, it’s just what they need to keep them interested and entertained for hours at a time.


  • Unique design adds a new element to the fun
  • Smaller size allows for more tricks
  • Perfect for older kids (8+)



Product Specs:

Dimensions27” x 9”
Weight Capacity175 pounds
Product Weight4.2 pounds
Trucks Tilt-wheel


5. ARCADE Pro Skateboard 31″

Arcade Pro Skateboard 31" Standard Complete Skateboards Professional Complete Board w/Concave - Skate Boards Great for Beginners, Adults, Teens, Youth & Kids (7.75" Duck Float)

Some beginners worry about the design of the skateboard. They often start with the one that looks boring and plain. However, this product comes in five different models for you to choose from. If you want something simple, you can select the Origin. For those that want to appear cool, you can pick the Lava design or Neon.

There are also a few fun graphics, such as the Mushroom Dude, Ying Yang Cats, and Ducky Tube. If the available designs are not enough, need not worry, because this product comes with a logo sticker pack and unique grip tapes.


The overall construction and design of the skateboard were well-planned. Due to its symmetrical shape, users have enough space to kick tail and nose, while the mediate concave form gives the rider additional maneuverability in whatever stance they are using.

The manufacturer of this skateboard ensures that it was produced in the most environmental-friendly method possible. They get materials from sustainable woods and even collect off-cut to recycle them. The glue that they use is methanol-free.  

The amazing thing about this model is that there are different artwork or graphics to choose from that are suitable for different people of different ages or genders. It all comes down to preference. You can check out their attractive collection and see which one is the most ‘you.’ Also, you don’t have to worry about the graphics fading over time because the bottom design is durable. 


  • stable ride with ABEC-9 bearings
  • allows you to reach your top speed in only three power paddles
  • spacious kick tail and nose


  • may wear out quickly after continuous use
  • soft wheels


Product specs:

Dimensions8” x 32”
Weight Capacity220 pounds
Product Weight4.7 pounds
Wheels52mm 102A PU
Trucks 5-inch aluminum alloy
Deck7-ply hard-rock maple cold pressed


7. CCS Skateboard Complete

CCS Skateboard Complete

The CCS Skateboard will arrive at your doorstep fully assembled. You need not hassle yourself by taking several minutes to decipher the instructions and putting the parts together. All you have to do is open the box, and then you can immediately start practicing.

The shape of the board has a significant impact on the capability of the rider to perform their tricks. Luckily, this product has a true twin symmetrical shape, which is ideal for cruising and tricks. Also, the manufacturer uses high-quality maple wood, giving you the right combination of both flex and stiffness. 

If you often ride a skateboard, you would know how important it is to always have a set of tools with you during your cruise. Some people use this as their mode of transport sometimes, and if it suddenly breaks down, then you might arrive at your destination a little late. However, you don’t have to worry because CCS provides you with skateboard tools. You can bring these with you in case of emergencies. 


  • stable enough for beginners but flexible enough for skilled riders
  • comes with a set of skateboard tools
  • provided with logo stickers
  • the width of the board is up to you


  • grip tape job may not be perfect
  • wheels may be too tightly screwed


Product Specs:

Dimensions32″ in length, width is up to you
Weight Capacity220 pounds
Product WeightDepends on agreed width
Wheels52mm 100a durometer
Trucks 139mm
DeckHigh-quality maple wood


8. Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete 7.5

Krown KRRC-70 Rookie Skateboard, Bear

Krown KRRC-70 Rookie Skateboard, Bear
Krown KRRC-70 Rookie Skateboard, Bear
This board was specifically designed for people who were still starting to learn how to skateboard. Its size is the perfect one for rookie skaters. It even has strong and durable trucks that can withstand whatever environment or surface you use it on. With the Krown Rookie Skateboard, you will be able to practice wherever and whenever, may it be the park or the rough streets. 

In terms of its physical appearance, you can browse through their series collection. For this one, they started with the graphics of two different animals, namely the white tiger and the wolf. But now, they have expanded and included the bear, cobra, and dragon. These are very bold designs, and you can choose your “beast” to use. Also, the wheels are also designed to match the graphics underneath the board. 


  • five options to choose from a striking design collection
  • very sturdy for kid beginners
  • perfect size for those still trying out the sport
  • can be used on various surfaces due to its durable wheels and trucks


  • Only good for kids and teenagers, not so much for adults
  • bearings may not be enough as you progress and hone your skills


Product Specs:

Dimensions7.5” x 31”
Weight Capacity200 pounds
Product Weight4.4 pounds
Wheels52mm 99a high-rebound urethane
Trucks 5-inch aluminum
DeckCanadian maple construction


9. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, Ace

KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, Ace
KPC Pro Skateboard Complete, Ace
Unlike the previous KPC board, this model is specifically for pro skateboarders. Compared with the Rookie series, this one is much wider and stronger since users need to make crazy flips, spins, and other tricks. If you were previously using the Rookie Skateboard and are looking for an upgrade, this would be the perfect one for you.

This is yet another product created by Krown, which is a skateboard company that started in 1996. It does not only create boards but also different accessories, tools, and equipment used in this sport. 

Instead of a medium concave, the Pro features a modern concave, making it more comfortable to use and easier to learn new tricks. Just like Rookie boards, this will arrive fully assembled, and you can ride it straight out the box.

Although the wheels are sturdy enough for you to ride on the street, it would be much better to use it in skateparks. It will be fine as long as you avoid any big cracks or extremely rocky pavement that could easily damage your wheels. If you would rather practice on a road, you could buy larger wheels and attach them on the board. 

To ensure that everyone can find one that suits their taste, Krown created several designs with combinations of a variety of colors. Unlike the Rookie series, this has more options to choose from in terms of patterns. Just find the time to browse through their collection and select your favorite one. 


  • sturdy enough to handle practicing tricks with all the trial and errors
  • all parts meet the industry standards
  • interesting collection of designs to choose from


  • Wheels, trucks, and bearings may need adjusting at the beginning


Product Specs:

Dimensions7.7” x 31.5”
Weight Capacity200 pounds
Product Weight5.4 pounds
Wheels52 mm 99A high-rebound urethane
Trucks Heavy-duty aluminum
DeckCanadian maple construction


10. Cal 7 Complete Skateboard

Cal 7 Complete Skateboard, Popsicle Style with 5.25 Inch Trucks & 100A Wheels for Kids & Adults (8" Fierce)


Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard 7.5-8-Inch Deck (8' Fierce)
Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard 7.5-8-Inch Deck (8" Fierce)
If you are looking to try out multiple of these, then this would be an excellent choice for you. It has the perfect size for you to share with your friends and flip from one skate style to another. Also, it is durable enough to handle all the tricks that you may want to try out. It can even withstand extreme shredding. It is one of those skateboards that you can fully depend on. 

In skateboarding, there are several types of styles that one can adopt. The classic Popsicle form that it has works well both on the street and at the park. Its symmetrical shape allows for sudden switching, while the medium concave is enough for you to grab and catch your board when you are trying to do flip tricks. Throughout your practice, you will notice the high amount of stability and consistent control you have over your skateboard. 

Its wheels are also capable of withstanding switches from smooth surfaces to rough terrain. The bushings are relatively soft, allowing for greater shock absorption on trick landings.

It comes in different designs. Now, they have introduced the Wild Masquerade series, which is a collection of seven different primitive creatures, including the eagle, grizzly bear, gorilla, shark, wolf, alligator, and cheetah. You can select whichever you think fits your personality the best, or what appeals to you the most.

If you are looking for a skateboard that is easy to carry around, then the mini cruiser would be the best option for you. Manufacturers designed this to fit an everyday skater’s routine. It is small and light, making it very easy to carry.

The unique feature this skateboard has in comparison with the regular boards is that it has the double kick tails, which takes your skating experience to a different level of fun and performance. There are even more tricks that are possible because of this fantastic feature. You can do ollies, mannies, flip tricks, and the usual tick-tacking. 

It has asymmetric front and back kick tails, making it appear distinct from other models. Its shape is different, but that doesn’t mean it will perform any less compared with others. Also, with its durable Canadian maple deck, you won’t have to worry about trying whatever trick you wish to have a go at. 


  • very small, light, and portable
  • no plastic parts used 
  • double kick tails enable you to perform tick-taking, ollies, flip tricks, and mannies
  • built cleanly and accurately
  • graphics are well-made and durable


  • A little more challenging than the bigger boards for beginner adults


Product Specs:

Dimensions7.75” x 27.5”
Weight Capacity275 pounds
Product Weight5.5 pounds
Wheels60mm Shore 78a durometer
BearingsAnecdotal 11
Trucks 5-inch
DeckCanadian maple


12. ARCADE Mini Cruiser Skateboard Complete

ARCADE Mini Cruiser Skateboard Complete



Its form is described as a Torpedo Dynamic Shape. As for its design and graphics, you can choose any of its six patterns or colors, namely Beach Party, What the Duck, Whirlpool, Neon Night, Freedom, and Atomic Surfer. Don’t worry about the grip tape ruining the entire appearance, because the manufacturer made sure that they incorporate matching patterns for it to complete the look.

To ensure the rider’s safety, Arcade used metal components instead of plastic, which is what many other skateboards utilize. 

Again, it works for all ages. You can use it as a beginner board or for daily commute to your school or any other place in the city. The size is perfect for kids, because to them, it will feel like a normal-sized skateboard. 


  • extremely portable
  • works for all ages
  • six design options to choose from


  • users may need an update if you want to improve your skills and perform various tricks


Product Specs:

Dimensions6” x 22”
Weight Capacity220 pounds
Product Weight4 pounds
Wheels62mm x 51mm 84a durometer
BearingsSmooth Custom Arcade Bearings
Trucks T6 Aluminum 
DeckHigh Impact Polypropylene


13. MEKETEC 22 Inch Mini Cruiser

MEKETEC Skateboard Dog 22 inch Retro Mini Skateboards Kids Board for Boys Girl Youth Beginners Children Toddler Teenagers Adults 5 to 6 Year Old (Blue Flame)

Also, this skateboard can be used by all people of different ages. It doesn’t matter if you are only a beginner or already a master skater. You can rely on its stability even on rough terrains. Just make sure not to continually expose it to such surfaces because it may get damaged as time passes by. 

Its parts are very sturdy and durable, which is why it would be an excellent practice board. No matter how many times it will get thrown to far distances after failed attempts. Your little ones can do whatever they want with it, and you would never have to worry about buying a new one for them if its breaks.


  • a vast array of colors and patterns to choose from 
  • has CE certification, meaning it is well-built and is suitable for any rider level
  • maybe used on any type of surface


  • some beginner kids may have difficulty maneuvering this board


Product Specs:

Dimensions6” x 22”
Weight Capacity200 pounds
Product Weight3.8 pounds
Wheels60mm x 45mm PU 78a
Trucks Heavy-duty high-quality aluminum


14. Cal 7 Plastic Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Cal 7 22 inches Complete Mini Cruiser Plastic

One significant advantage of choosing this model is that you get to select your pick of colorful designs from their fabulous collection. They’ve got several options available, from soft pastels to bold patterns and designs. There is even one that has a transparent deck, which is a trend in the industry nowadays.

This skateboard has the classic cruiser shape, which allows riders to navigate through crowds and maneuver corners without struggling. Because of its waffle top deck, riders have plenty of grip, while the soft and bouncy 78A wheels can easily absorb shock encountered on rough terrains, such as a street or road. 


  • Easy carving
  • smooth cruising and skating
  • very durable
  • collection of designs are cool, trendy, and unique


  • may need to replace bearings with new ones at the beginning


Product Specs:

Dimensions6” x 22.5”
Weight Capacity176 pounds
Product Weight3.6 pounds
Trucks 3.125-inch aluminum alloy


15. Punisher 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard

Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard, Red, 31-Inch

This model is yet another board that would work well with both beginners and advanced skaters. It is a dual concave deck double-kick skateboard. Its shape provides it with the strength to carry as much as a 200-pound man. Also, it allows your feet to stay in the best position for skateboarding. Not only that, but you even have ultimate control of your board for you to perform different stunts and tricks. 

It is quite interesting to see experienced skateboarders do fancy flips and dangerous stunts, but you need to have superior control over your board during the whole performance. To ensure that you can execute those tricks, you will need to have excellent grip tape. The Cherry Blossom Skateboard makes use of high-quality heavy grit Skateboard 80AB Grip Tape that can provide enough traction between your feet and the deck. 


  • conforms to HR4040 and EN13613 standards
  • very durable
  • excellent choice for beginners


  • Trucks need to be loosened while the bearings must be replaced before using


Product Specs:

Dimensions7.75” x 31.5”
Weight Capacity200 pounds
Product Weight5.9 pounds
Wheels54mm x 36mm PU
Trucks Heavy-duty 5-inch alloy
Deck7-ply Canadian maple


16. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard
Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard
This board is an excellent choice for all riders, whether you are a beginner or a master. Although this is manufactured in China, it is of high-quality and is one of the best ones produced in Asia. Not only that but is relatively affordable than many others that are available on the market today. 

Each of its components is manufactured in a way that promotes consistency in its measurements and quality. Also, all of its parts are durable, which means you can use it for an extended period. This will save you money as you won’t have to replace your skateboard frequently. 


  • Perfect for all ages
  • well-built for mid-level skaters
  • cool graphics and design


  • trucks are plastic, not metal


Product Specs:

Dimensions7.625” x 31.6”
Weight Capacity200 pounds
Product Weight4.8 pounds
Wheels54mm 99a durometer
Trucks Custom Golden Dragon
DeckLayered  wood


17. ENKEEO Skateboard

ENKEEO Skateboards Complete 32" 9 Ply Maple Wood Double Kick Concave Skateboards for Girls, ABEC-9 Tricks Stake Board for Beginners and Pro

This skateboard is also perfect for those who want to execute stunts. The fully symmetrical double kick concave design it has enables you to have greater control over your board; thus, allowing you to perform various tricks, including but not limited to kickflip, nose pickup, and nollie. However, that doesn’t mean that beginners cannot use it. It still provides the stability that starters need to have to learn the basics, such as balancing and turning. 

Just like most skateboards in this list, the Enkeeo model has a brushed black surface that provides an anti-slip coating on the top of the deck. This feature enables you to have greater control over the board and remain stable while riding the board.  

The best thing about this product is that it is made of genuine aluminum trucks, which provide excellent durability and maneuverability. The bushings and high-quality truck cushions available also contribute to its maneuverability. 


  • light and portable despite its large size
  • excellent maneuverability and durability
  • perfect for execution of stunts and tricks


  • some adjustments may need to be made with the assembled product


Product Specs:

Dimensions32″ in length, width is up to you
Weight Capacity220 pounds
Product Weight4.3 pounds
WheelsAnti-shock 85a PU
Trucks Genuine tough aluminum
Deck9-ply quality maple wood


18. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser, Aqua Fishtail

Durable and robust are two characteristics of this product. Unlike the previous skateboards in this list, Retrospec uses both Canadian maple and sustainably sourced bamboo. The result of the combination of these two is a super flexible board that is perfect for cruising. 

Also, they have found a way to reduce or avoid wheel bite. They have incorporated an anti-bite technology, wherein your wheel will not come into contact with your deck when you are making a turn. 

The wheels used are comparatively soft and shock absorbent, which will make your ride or cruise go much smoother than usual.


  • vast array of beautiful design options to choose from and graphics are of good quality
  • extraordinarily stable and durable
  • more than enough space to do tricks comfortably


  • some adjustments need to be made with the bearings, trucks, or wheels


Product Specs:

Dimensions9.5” x 44”
Weight Capacity220 pounds
Product Weight8 pounds
Wheels70mm x 50mm 
Trucks 7-inch aluminum
Deck8-ply bamboo and Canadian maple


19. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete
Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete
This board makes use of the Skatro Flexy Technology, which is a manufacturing process that makes sure that every board that is produced has the optimal flex. During the manufacturing process, a special machine will calculate the correct amount of plastic to mold together. Too much plastic makes the board too hard, while an insufficient amount of it will make it too malleable.

This model is small, which makes it easy to bring on your commutes. It will not disturb other people on the bus, plane, subway, and train, because it can be placed in a bag.  

Bearings are usually made of carbon steel. However, the Skatro Mini Cruiser uses steel metal, which is much harder than the former. It helps decrease the friction when bearings rotate. With this, riders can increase their speed quickly and experience a smooth rotation of the wheels.


  •   optimal flex ensured, with each board containing the right amount of plastic
  • Bearing steel metal allows a quick increase in speed and a smoother ride
  • small enough to bring around anywhere
  • comes with a matching T-tool


  • wheels and trucks may be too tight during delivery


Product Specs:

Dimensions6” x 22”
Weight Capacity220 pounds
Product Weight5 pounds
Wheels59mm urethane
Trucks 3-inch lightweight aluminum
DeckPlastic waffle pattern


20. Penny 22-inch Skateboard

Penny Skateboards 22 Inch Complete (22 Inch, Cracked Dye)

This model is the original and standard skateboard produced by the company. It is quick and nimble, making it the best choice to get from point to another quickly without any hassle. You can easily slip this board into your Penny Pouch Backpack if you wish to bring it with you on your trips or commutes. 

There are several designs that you can choose, and all you have to do is browse through their collection and select the one you find most attractive. They have various color combinations that you may want to check out or their unique patterns that would stand out. 

They make use of the classic waffle top that can provide a non-slip deck for riders. However, if anything happens to your skateboard, you won’t have to worry. Penny provides a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to their clients. 


  • several design options to choose from
  • lifetime warranty
  • comes with color-coded high tensile deck bolts


  • bolts, wheels, and trucks may need adjustments before using


Product Specs:

Dimensions22” in length
Weight Capacity220 pounds
Product Weight4.3 pounds
Wheels59mm 83a durometer
BearingsABEC-7 stainless steel
Trucks 3-inch aluminum with powder-coated finish
DeckClassic waffle top


Skateboard Types/Categories

For children who are still beginning to learn the sport, there are several types of skateboards available. However, there are two ways you can categorize these boards. You could either classify them by their deck shapes or their deck sizes. The former is often used for adult riders, because they are more particular with which skateboard would allow them to execute their specific skating style. The latter would be used for kids since they still haven’t figured out what kind of skating style suits them best. 

Here are the types according to deck shape:

  • shortboard
  • cruiser
  • old school
  • longboard

On the other hand, here are the classes according to deck size:

  • full-sized (around 7.5-inch deck width)
  • mid-sized (7.3-inch deck width)
  • mini board (7-inch deck width)
  • micro boards (6.5-6.75- inch deck width)


Best Starter Skateboard

Because there are various models available on the market today, you can focus on looking for one that has all these qualities:

  1. Right size for you – check if it’s comfortable or can hold your weight and shoe size
  2. durable grip tape
  3. perfect wheel size and durometer
  4. enough concave depth
  5. standard board shape
  6. sturdy deck material

If you use a board that has all these, then you are good to go. 


Best Skateboard for 5-year old

When it comes to selecting a skateboard for children, you should not try to find one that would suit their age. But instead, you should look for one that could handle their height and shoe size. Usually, children around five have a height of more or less 3’4″ and a shoe size of under 3. If that is the case with your kid, you should get a micro skateboard. Our recommendation is the Arcade Mini Cruiser board. 


Best Skateboard for 8-year old

At this point, children could already have a sense of what their skateboarding style is if they have been practicing since they were five. That is why the parent must now consider that. However, foot size still plays a significant role in the selection. 

You must take note that the narrower the rider’s feet are, they should be using a narrower deck width to enable them to have control. Also, the younger the skater, the better it is for them to use boards with shorter decks.

Usually, eight-year-olds are about 3’5″ to 4’4″ tall and have a shoe size around 4-6. If your child fits the criteria, then you can get him a mini-sized skateboard.


Best Cheap Skateboard

Among all the skateboards in this list, the best cheap one would be the Enkeeo 32” skateboard. It uses 9-ply maple wood as its deck, which contributes to the robustness of the product. It is also strong enough to carry as heavy as 220 pounds. It also uses ABEC-9, allowing skilled skaters to move fast and perform several types of stunts and tricks. 

It is only around $54 dollars, which is much cheaper than the usual skateboards that cost about $100. Although it is more affordable, its performance is at par or maybe even better than those than cost a lot more. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of available skateboards on the market today. All the products listed above are at a good price range and are of high-quality. However, when choosing a board, you must find one that can handle your weight and the skating style that you like. Also, you always have to remember never to compromise on the quality. Don’t select the cheapest one just because it will cost you less. In the end, if you have to replace your skateboard often, you will end up spending a lot more money. 


Tips to Help Your Kids Learn to Skate Quickly

young girl skateboarding


Skateboarding FAQS

What Age can a child Skateboard?

Although there are some child prodigies out there who begin skating as young as 2 years old, it is advised that kids shouldn’t begin skateboarding until age 5 or 6. Even then it would make sense to keep young kids under close parental or responsible adult supervision.


What should I look for in a Skateboard?

When picking out a skateboard you should take into consideration the size of your deck, wheels, and trucks. Selecting a deck depends on the style of skating and on your size and height. For technical street skating with lots of flip tricks a smaller board between 7.5″ and 8″ makes the most sense.


Do I need Risers on my Skateboard?

In short NO. Riser pads are also known simply as risers are the hard or rubbery plastic pad that goes in between your trucks and deck. These risers are used to avoid wheel bite which happens when turning on your skateboard and the wheels rub against the wood.


Do Skateboard Decks come with Wheels?

Depending on if you are buying a complete skateboard or just a deck. Buying a complete board with come with wheels, trucks, grip tape, and a deck. If your shopping for skate decks then you will only get the wooden part of the skateboard.


Do Skateboard Wheels go bad?

Nope, skateboard wheels aren’t made from perishable materials so they don’t go bad over time. You typically will need to ride your wheels on rigid terrain or just frequently enough for them to wear down. Eventually, you’ll need to replace them with a new set of wheels. For most street and park skaters we’d suggest grabbing a set of these 52mm Spitfire wheels.


Do Skateboards break easily?

Boards typically do not break easily especially with kids riding. However, for a seasoned adult skater who is established and rides hard, it’s not uncommon to break a skateboard every week or so. Another way to run through some board is missing bolt landings. Landing in the middle of your skateboard will surely test its durability.


How can I take my Skateboard on a plane?

While TSA doesn’t ban skateboards from passing through the security checkpoints. The majority of airlines will not allow passengers to carry on skateboards. If you have carried your complete through security you may be able to check it at the gate before departure.


Do Skateboards count as a carry-on?

Yes, if you have two bags/personal items already being carried on to the airplane you might be charged an extra luggage fee for your skateboard. We also wrote a cool guide on skateboard backpacks to check it out would be a good thing.


Do Trucks matter on a Skateboard?

Yes! Trucks matter a lot more than people might think. We would even go as far as saying that the trucks you choose directly relate to what you are able to do and not do on a skateboard. Another key point is that the truck size correlates with the deck size you ride. When considering truck width a 5″ inch hanger and 7.75″ inch axle will fit decks 7.5 inches to 8 inches. For decks above 8 inches up to 8.5 inches, you’ll opt for a 5.25″ inch hanger.


Should I wear a Helmet when Skateboarding?

ABSOLUTELY! Most people coming into the world of skateboard see professional skaters like Eric Koston, Nyjah Huston and Terry Kennedy jumping down handrails with no helmets. The key factor is that they are professionals in other words DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. Average skateboarders should always wear a helmet as the risk of serious injury is always present when trying skateboard tricks.


How can I get a Free Skateboard?

Get really good at skateboard! Practicing a hell of a lot will help you to progress and progression could mean sponsorship. Being a sponsored skater even as an amateur or flow rider will net you free skateboards as you need them.


How can I hang my Skateboard on the wall?

Depending on if you want to hang a complete skateboard or just the deck we recommend two different methods. To just hang your deck up or a collection of decks you can use the Skateptych wall mount. If you want to hang up your complete skateboard between sessions you can use the Grab and Go skateboard wall hangar. 


How can I make my Skateboard Faster?

So you want more speed out of your skateboard? There are two distinct ways to get this done, the easiest and fastest way to increase speed is adding larger wheels onto your setup. Another way to add speed to your board and make it faster is by upgrading your bearings. Most complete boards especially the ones on our list (excluding the Powell Golden Dragon and CCS complete) come with pretty low-end bearings.

Our favorite upgrade bearings are Bones REDS Check them out below…

Bones Reds Bearings 16 Pack
Bones Reds Bearings 16 Pack
  • Strong, long lasting, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction
  • High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed
  • Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant


When is Skateboarding in the Olympics?

Skateboarding is going to make its first appearance in the Summer Olympics during the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.


Who is on the USA Olympic skateboard team?

For the upcoming Olympic games the USA skateboard team is split into men’s and women’s teams. The women’s team consists of Jordyn Barratt, Bryce Wettstein, Brighton Zeuner, Nicole Hause, Mariah Duran, Jenn Soto, Alexis Sablone, and Lacey Baker.

On the Men’s team Nyjah Huston, Chris Joslin, Louise Lopez, Jagger Eaton, Alex Sorgente, Tristan Rennie, Tom Schaar, and Zion Wright.


What Size Skateboard should I get?

The skateboard you get should be based on your height and shoe size. For younger skaters under 3’4 and shoe size 3 or less the appropriate board would be 6.5 to 6.75 (Micro-sized deck). Next size up is the (Mini-sized deck) ideal for skaters up to 4’4 and shoe size up to size 5. Probably the most common size in the early 2000’s is the mid-sized deck ranging from 7.5″ to 7.6″. For teenagers and adults, we would suggest going with size 7.7 and above.


Who is the Best Skateboarder in the world?

In our opinion, the best skateboard in the world is Nyjah Huston!


Skateboarding trick tips

african american skater how to ollie

How to Ollie on a skateboard for beginners

How to do a Kickflip on a skateboard

How to do easy tricks on a skateboard


Are Cheap Skateboards Okay to Buy and Ride?

With how popular skateboarding is, there are piles of cheaper skateboards out there. Some just look cheap, but some have trusted brand names, or even pro skateboarder endorsements. How do you tell if a cheaper skateboard that you've found at your local department store or sporting goods section is a good skateboard or not?

It usually depends on how serious you want to be about your skateboarding. If you want to casually skate every once is a while, then some of these cheaper skateboards might work out just fine. But, if you want to make sure that you have as good of a starting experience as you can, and if you think you will skate more than every once-in-a-while, then it is recommended to get a pro-grade skateboard. At least with one of those, you would know that your gear won’t hold you back. In one example, a first skateboard was purchased from a flea market, and the trucks busted on the third Ollie attempt! Quality does make a huge difference.

But how do you know if the cheaper skateboard you're looking at is garbage or not? Here are a few things to look out for.

The Skateboard's Wheels

Take a look at the wheels on the skateboard. Are they plastic? If so, throw the board away and keep walking—plastic wheels will give you or your kid a terrible skateboarding experience. Skateboard wheels should be made of urethane, not plastic or rubber. Plastic wheels won't grip the ground, and you will slide out of control. Rubber wheels will rip apart. The wheels are the part of your skateboard that touches the world, so you want to make sure that at least these are good quality.

Check the Bearings

Give those wheels a spin, and make sure they spin freely. If the bearings are stamped with any information, see if there is an ABEC rating. ABEC 1 bearings are as rough and non-precise as bearings can get, and yet still get an ABEC rating. The ABEC rating explains how precise the bearings are. ABEC 9 bearings would be very high quality, very precise, delicate, and spin nice and fast. But don't use ABEC 9 bearings in skateboards, because the jarring and slamming motions of skateboarding would destroy bearings that delicate. For skateboarding, get ABEC 5 or 7 (the ratings are only odd numbers). Anything lower than ABEC 5 isn't a good idea, because you start to sacrifice too much precision. ABEC 1 is just above no-ABEC-rating-at-all. It's junk.

If the wheels don't spin freely, or there's any grinding sound, then you will just end up replacing your skateboard bearings soon if you buy this skateboard.

Check the Trucks of the Board

The trucks are the "axles" of the skateboard. These should be made of a fairly sturdy metal, but not just heavy metal painted over. The heavier the trucks, the heavier the entire skateboard—and you don't want it too heavy, or you won't be able to do tricks very well. A simple rule of thumb is that the trucks should have some sort of brand name stamped into them. Check out that brand, and made sure it's real! If there's no brand name, then the trucks might be junk. There should be rubber bushings inside the trucks—make sure they are in fact rubber, and not plastic. If you can, try standing on the skateboard and leaning toe edge and heel edge. The board should flex a little each way, but not too much. Just a little.

The Skateboard's Deck

If you aren't sure what to look for, this is a hard part to check. Basically, you want to make sure the deck is made from layers of wood pressed together, and that the edges are rounded and well treated. But, this is a hard part to check. If there's info about the board, like on the box, check it out. "Plys" are the strips of wood that are pressed together to make the skateboard deck. The industry standard is 7 plys of Maple. The less plys you have, the weaker the board will be, but also the more flexible, and the lighter. The more plys you have, the stronger the board will be, but it will also be heavier and less flexible. A 9-ply board is a cheap way out of making something quality—it will be heavy and inflexible. Watch out for those.

The graphics on the bottom can look cheaply painted on—that's not a problem! Graphics are the least of your worries when buying a cheap board. Don't get fooled if they're good, and don't discount the board if the graphics are lame.

You can also stand on the skateboard, put both feet near the middle, and gently bounce up and down. The board should flex under your weight, but not too much.

Considering the Price

Now this is the tricky one. If the skateboard you are looking at is under $30 US, throw it back and keep fishing. That might sound shallow, but quality skateboards are made from quality materials, and it's almost impossible to image a complete skateboard being made for less than $30 US. In fact, if it's under $50 US, there's a great chance you'll be replacing parts soon.

However, if you're OK with that, then one of these cheaper mass produced skateboards might be OK for you. It all depends on what you want.

Watch Now: How to Choose Skateboard Trucks and Wheels

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Q: Does my kid need knee pads and a helmet when skateboarding?

Safety gear is always a good idea while skateboarding. A helmet is a must to protect against dangerous head injuries; knee pads, wrist guards, and elbow pads can also help cushion them during falls and first ride attempts.

Q: How long will a skateboard last?

The durability of a skateboard depends on how much wear and tear it sees. Frequently-used decks can last anywhere from just a couple of months to a full year. Between six months to a year is a good time to consider a new board.

Q: What is the best skateboard for a child to learn?

Our pick for the best skateboard for kids is the WhiteFang 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Skateboard for Beginners. Built for durability and easy, smooth-riding, this basic board is made with solid materials.

Final Thoughts

The WhiteFang 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Skateboard for Beginners is a fantastic option for any beginner skateboarder, and it offers top-tier quality for its price. However, the Geelife Pro Complete Skateboard for Beginners is even more affordable — and it’s also well-built. Which skateboard are you choosing for your young skater?

BAMBOO vs MAPLE skateboard stress experiment

Our Top 5 Best Skateboards For Beginners (plus more below)

Hey, are you looking to have great fun with a fantastic ride? 

If YES, then we think a skateboard will be the best option for you.

Just imagine the scene…

A crisp sunny day, cruising down the beach front or through the tree lined park on your board, just you and your board.


Skateboarding is an effective form of physical exercise but it don’t stop there people….

It saves your money!

Less public transport, less driving (or being stuck in traffic) when you use it for going to your destination on a busy road.

So, if skateboarding is your passion and if you are looking for the best skateboards, then with this in mind you are in the right place, my fun loving friend.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or you’ve been skating for a while.

Having a full blown, quality, skateboard makes learning new tricks easier, and it makes skating much more fun.

There’s adventure out there (plus….half the world is covered in concrete).

What are you waiting for?

Let’s roll!

  Here Are Our Top 5 Best Skateboards For Beginners In ​2020 (​With Reviews):

    1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Skateboard

     2. Puente Pro Cruiser Skateboard

     3. Ohderii Skateboard

     4. Minority Maple Skateboard

     5. Positiv Team Complete Skateboard

Are You In A Hurry? 

Our Test Winner After 35 + Hours Of Research:

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Click Image To Find Out More

Powell Golden Dragon Flying 

Why is it the BEST?

  • Trusted brand that has been producing high quality boards for years!
  • Deep concave makes it easy to keep your feet stable – great for beginners.
  • Great grip take to keep your feet firmly on the board.

amazon logoresearched-sources












​​Check Price

No. 1

Powell Golden Dragon Flying 

No. 2

PUENTE Pro Cruiser 

No. 3

Ohderii Skate Skateboards 

No. 4

MINORITY 32inch Maple 

No. 5

POSITIV Team Complete 

1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Click Image For More Info

Powell Peralta is one of the iconic brands in skateboarding.

Its team from the 1980s, the Bones Brigade, was a major influence on what skateboarding would become.

Read on to find out why it’s out TOP PICK….

amazon logo

As you may know, Powell is ​one of the top skateboard brands in the market right now. If you want to find more great skateboards, you can take a look at our best skateboard brands here to find the ideal choice

Powell, singular, is a spinoff of Powell Peralta, and its boards are intended for beginners. They are made in China with the same machines and — importantly — glues that Powell Peralta uses in its California factory.

This Golden Dragon deck is 7.625 inches wide and 31.625 inches long, which is a little smaller than the average modern street deck.

It is made from seven plies of maple, and it has a deeper concave than some others on this list.

The deeper concave allows Powell to make the board thinner without losing strength. This board is one of Powell’s ligament decks, meaning it has a polymer strand running through it to hold it together should it break.

The Powell trucks are all-aluminum, with carbon steel axles. The Powell urethane wheels are 99a and 54mm, which are typical specs for street skating wheels. The bearings are a weak spot, though.

They are slow when new and they only get slower, and they will require upgrading sooner rather than later.


  • Good wood with quality adhesive
  • Trusted brand with long track record
  • Deep concave is comfortable and keeps feet stable
  • Colorful screen-printed graphics
  • Great grip tape
  • High rebound wheels have good grip


  • Trucks are tough but industrial

2. PUENTE Pro Cruiser

PUENTE 31 inch Complete Skateboards

Click Image For More Info

Puente Skateboards operates out of Puente Alto, Chile.

They are popular boards in Latin America because of their homegrown roots….

But also because they are nice quality – hence why they are our runner up!

amazon logo

If you like the deck, these boards are a good option because it will last longer than the rest of the components.

Puente uses all-maple construction for its decks, and the concave is mellow but functional. The 31-inch length is a bit short for the 8-inch width, but that is a personal preference and may even help when learning spinning tricks like 360 flips.

The Puente trucks are all aluminum, with steel axles. The baseplates are an issue, though. They appear to be poorly engineered and may crack. A truck upgrade is first on the to-do list, but should not be a deal breaker.

The wheels are polyurethane, but Puente does not specify height and hardness. They appear to be about 53mm, though. The bearings roll well compared to some on this list, and should last you a while.

Bearings can be a more affordable upgrade than trucks, but you should get better trucks first.

Still, with current trends in Puente prices, even adding in the price of a truck upgrade nets a good deal on a solid beginner’s board.


  • Decent wood for the price range
  • Good size for beginning street skaters
  • Deck is good quality and should last a while
  • Heat-transferred graphics
  • Maximum load of 220lbs


  • Trucks have non-standard bolt pattern

3. Ohderii Skate Skateboard

Ohderii Skate Skateboards

Click Image For More Info

There are lots of skateboard brands available on the market, but only this particular one has an entirely different perspective.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or beginner, with this Ohderii Skateboard you will get everything you always wanted.

amazon logo

The high-quality material will make it more durable and resistant to impact because of ABS material base. At the same time, it contains high-quality PU wheels and 7-ply of Canadian Maple.

The best thing about it is that it is waterproof and you can comfortably ride it on uneven terrain and surfaces.

The installation is simple, and you will get pre-assembled fittings so that you get more convenience. Therefore, the installation cycle will reduce.

You will also get ABEC 7-inches bearing with great dimensions of 31 x 7.9 x 3.9-inches.

The low riding longboard is perfect because you will get the maximum control and stability. That way you will be able to enjoy downhill carving or any other trick that will provide you additional satisfaction and happiness.

You can quickly make a slider, the U table or plates off, without any further problem.

You will also get one year of warranty which is an excellent solution in case that you have any problems in the first moments.

But we tend to think that you won’t have any problem because this particular skateboard is durable and great for both professionals and beginners.


  • Fantastic quality because of ABS material base and solid PU wheels
  • Excellent load bearing can keep up to 220 lbs
  • Maximum stability because low riding long board
  • You will get it pre-assembled for more convenient installation
  • One-year warranty


  • Not suitable for children under six years old

4. MINORITY 32inch Maple

MINORITY 32inch Maple skateboard

Click Image For More Info

If you want to purchase the best skateboard on the market, you should choose this particular one.

It is the latest achievement in the world of skateboarding that combines durable and high-quality parts with top-notch materials.

amazon logo

The deck contains 7-ply Hardrock maple as well as the epoxy glue that will support the weight up to 220 lbs.

At the same time, you will get an auspicious kick and concave which will provide you fantastic maneuverability and extraordinary physical performance.

The trucks contain 5-inches genuine aluminum alloy. When it comes to hardware, you should have in mind that it includes kingpin, carbon steel axle and many more.

Bearings contain ABEC-9 with chrome steel as well as high rebound PU wheels so that you can get the immersive amount of power without any additional problem. It is excellent for both cruising and doing tricks on the street. You can unlock the full potential after first use.

The responsiveness and turning accuracy are always on your side. At the same time, you will get latest safety features that will protect you from any potential impact.

The artwork uses advanced print technology. Finally, you don’t have to worry whether print will fade away. That cannot happen because of new printing perfection that will make your skateboard always look as new. You can choose vintage to trendy graphics which makes it ideal as a gift.


  • Fantastic strength because of genuine aluminum alloy
  • 100% Maple Deck
  • It is stable because of 7-ply Hardrock maple that supports 220 lbs. of weight
  • You will get possibility to get fast speed with great tricks
  • Beautiful graphics that could range from vintage to trendy


  • You have to clean wheels after every use

5. POSITIV Team Complete

POSITIV Team Complete

Click Image For More Info

Positiv came into existence in 2012, and is operates under the Skate One umbrella with companies like Bones and Powell Peralta.

Its riders include great skaters like Andy MacDonald, Sandro Dias and Fabrizio Santos.

amazon logo

Positiv’s product line includes several different complete boards. The biggest one, but the one most in line with modern street and park board sizes, is the Andy MacDonald model.

The deck is 8 inches wide and 32.125 inches long, and its concave is on the deep side.

The tail and nose are almost equal in length — about 6.5 inches.

Positiv decks are usually maple, but some are hard birch. They are made using the same laminating process and glue that Powell Peralta boards use. These decks have Positiv’s super slide treatment (SST), which is essentially a plastic lining that makes the board slide more easily.

The stuff works, and wax becomes less necessary for slides with these boards.

The urethane wheels are 54mm tall and 99a, which are ideal for street skating. The Skate One Mini-Logo bearings are some of the best on this list, and they come lubed with Bones Speed Cream. Skate One also makes Bones bearings, so consider these Bones Reds’ little brother.

The Positiv trucks are another matter, though. At 7.625 inches wide, they sit ideally just inside the edges of the 8-inch deck, which keeps the threading on the axles safe. The Positiv trucks simply aren’t as solid as others on this list, and will need an upgrade before the other components.


  • Best bearings on this list
  • Slick bottom really works
  • Good wood and nice concave
  • Real pro model
  • Stands up to abuse


  • Trucks are a little lackluster and will probably need upgrading.

6. SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

Click Image For More Info

SCSK8 has been making skateboards since 2010.

The company fills a niche in affordable skateboards that few manufacturers go after – hence why it made our top list!

amazon logo

Their boards are some of the most affordable on this list, and they offer a lot of board for your bucks. SCSK8 components may require upgrading sooner than some other complete boards, but they get the frugal skater on a board.

These SCSK8 decks are seven plies of maple, and are 8 inches wide and 32 inches long. These are common dimensions in modern street skating, and will suit adolescent riders better than skaters who are younger than age 12 or so.

Adding to the cool factor is that there are many different graphics to choose from. SCSK8 also uses some of the best grip tape in this category of skateboards.

The wheels are 52mm and 101a durometer, which is both small and hard. Many street riders prefer these dimensions. SCSK8 claims its bearings are ABEC-9, but they are abnormally slow and will require an upgrade if real street skating is on the agenda.

The aluminum trucks have 5-inch hangers. They are low quality, though. Better trucks and bearings will make these boards decent performers.


  • 7-ply maple construction
  • Aluminum trucks
  • Top-quality grip tape


  • Trucks are not the most solid on this list

7. KPC Pro Skateboard

KPC Pro Skateboard

Click Image For More Info

Krown Pro Complete, or KPC, skateboards are the upper level boards by this off-the-shelf board company.

Krown makes street skateboards geared toward beginning riders, but the Pro Complete series utilizes better quality components than Krown’s Rookie series.

amazon logo

The Canadian maple decks are 7.75 inches wide, which is a good middle-ground width and should do well for smaller and larger riders alike. While not as stable as wider boards, decks under 8 inches are easier to learn kickflips and heelflips on.

The concave on the KPC decks is quite mellow, which new riders tend to prefer. Deeper concave holds your feet in place, but it also prevents easy bails.

Krown trucks are painted aluminum, and they have 5-inch hangers with steel axles. The Krown graphic urethane wheels are 52mm. Krown gives no durometer, but these wheels are softer than many on this list.

The bearings on Krown boards are notoriously slow, and an upgrade will be necessary to experience high-speed skating. A bearing upgrade and some harder wheels will make these boards more user friendly, but the deck has good pop for the class.


  • Canadian maple has good pop
  • Mid-width pleases the most riders
  • Good trucks for the class
  • Interesting graphics
  • Good concave but not too deep


  • Softer wheels than most street boards

8. ANCHEER Skateboard

ANCHEER Skateboard

Click Image For More Info

Catering to the more frugal skateboarders out there, Anc​​heer makes solid, but no-frills skateboards.

The components may be basic, but they are mostly functional and can take abuse.

amazon logo

Beginners put their boards through hell, so do not underestimate the value of a solid setup.

Ancheer uses seven plies of maple in its decks. The individual layers are rather thick, though, leading to a solid but heavy board. There is very little in the way of concave, and even the nose and tail have less kick than most other beginner’s boards.

As you progress, you may wish for a steeper nose and tail, but at first this type of board is all you need to start learning. At 7.6 inches wide and 30.6 inches long, the Ancheer is a smaller board, the size some people call a mini.

This is a better size for smaller skaters than larger ones, unless they can skate freestyle like Rodney Mullen.

The trucks are aluminum and are little better than okay, but the ABEC-7 bearings are a strong suit. They roll smoothly out of the box and get a bit better over time.

The wheels are the wrong choice from the manufacturer, though. At 55mm, they are a normal height, but their 85a durometer is completely wrong for street skating and more in line with longboarding.

They may roll smoother, but they will never last under the stresses of street skating and require an immediate upgrade.


  • Mini size is great for small beginners
  • Sturdy maple deck
  • Bearings roll smooth and break in well
  • Soft bushings allow easy turns


  • Thick layers make a thick deck

Points to Consider when Buying A Beginner Skateboard – A Buyers Guide

Good Wood

The industry-standard wood for skateboard decks is maple, which is rock hard, yet flexes enough to prevent snapping. Most quality boards use seven plies of Maple. Maple has pop and pop is what you will need to bust a waist-high ollie!

Cheap adhesives lose their hold causing layers to split. Manufacturers that use cheap glue will not warn you, so read the fine print. These days, trick-board shapes are all relatively the same, but deck shapes evolved over time. This article is a good overview on how that evolution went down.

Aluminum Trucks

Trucks need aluminum hangers for grinds and steel axles for strength. Bushings should be polyurethane, and are upgradeable. This video showing how trucks are made, which also contains a manufacturer’s thoughts on why skaters choose certain trucks.

Related Post: Best Skateboard ​​Trucks

Urethane Wheels

The hardness of urethane wheels — called the durometer — varies. Street skaters typically use 97a to 101a because hard wheels slide much better on obstacles. Wheel height also varies tremendously, but street skaters tend to use wheels that are around 55mm tall.

Urethane revolutionized skateboard wheels in the 1970s, and it is still the material of choice. This article tells about the evolution of the urethane wheel from early clay and metal wheels. This video shows some examples of vintage completes in a museum.

Related Post: Best Skateboard ​Wheels


Bearings are rated by the ABEC scale (1-9), which has nothing to do with skateboarding. Manufacturers know skaters believe higher ABEC ratings mean faster bearings. They do not, and you won’t find high-quality bearings on off-the-shelf skateboards. Most of these completes are slow. Make a bearing upgrade a top priority. Good bearings can make almost any skateboard fast. This article by longtime pro Anthony Pappalardo gives an insider’s perspective on bearings.

My experience getting into skating works for anyone. I started with an off-the-shelf board. My first upgrade was bearings, and better wheels followed. Next, I got decent trucks. With quality under the deck, I was amazed at how quickly I improved. When I finally got a pro deck — the most expensive upgrade — I had a custom complete.

Related Post: Best Skateboard Bearings

Advantages of Riding a Good Quality Skateboards

1) Exercise — Skating is a great form of exercise. Rather than taking up a sport where you are required to attend scheduled practices and wear a uniform, you can skate whenever and however you like.

2) Freedom — Skateboarding is about the freedom to go and do what you like. There are no rules in skating like there are in other sports.

3) Expression — Talk to any longtime skater and they will tell you that they express themselves through their skating. Some ride slow and languidly, while others rage and skate very fast. Skateboarders develop unique styles and techniques.

4) Venting — There is no better way to release pent up anger than through aggressive skateboarding. It is a constructive way to let go of the things that are gnawing at you. The absolute concentration skateboarding demands leaves no room for other thoughts.

5) Brotherhood — Skateboarders everywhere are united. Others may see us as outcasts, but we stick together and support each other with genuine love. We do not see ourselves as outcasts, but as elite.

See What Others Are Saying…

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Maple Skateboard 31" Masters Series - Aqua Blue

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Seller:bargainquest01✉️(5,886)100%, Location:Zanesville, Ohio, Ships to: Worldwide, Item:322416659077Maple Skateboard 31" Masters Series - Aqua Blue. Brand new31" x 7.5"9-ply MapleConcave w/ double kick tailFull top print with clear gripWheels: 53mm injected polyurethane with traction groovesBearings: carbon steel ABEC 3Please review the photos for additional details. Thank you for looking, message me if you have any questions.Condition:New, Restocking Fee:No, All returns accepted:Returns Accepted, Item must be returned within:30 Days, Refund will be given as:Money Back, Return shipping will be paid by:Buyer, Brand:Maple Skateboards, Model:31" Masters Series, Type:Skateboard, MPN:161154, Country/Region of Manufacture:China

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