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Hi everyone,
A little brief description of our TTC journey!
Ready for no.3, both sons conceived easily and quickly. We’ve now been trying for 12 months.

I have regular 28 day cycles and the doctors have checked my ovulating and it seems a ok! My husband had a sperm test and it was below average. Not really low, 15million... he has been taking vitamins/low alcohol/better diet etc to help it.

So my predicament is now that I’m 3 days late on my period, putting me at 16/17dpo.
I have continuously taken pregnancy tests throughout 12 months trying.
I am sick of a. Buying them and b. BFN’s!!

I took one this cycle at 12dpo and bfn.
I started to have a terrible throat at 11dpo-15dpo. Felt really poorly with it.
I’ve been having period type cramps for a few days now, with today being the strongest. I felt queasy last night but could of been the glass of wine I had.

I’m quite dry down below and almost have a mild thrush/cystitis going on.

Normal cycles would consist of a headache 2 days before period and nothing shifts it. Also a mental sobbing breakdown. Thanks PMS :)

I haven’t had any of this yet....

I feel like every time I go to the toilet that there is going to be blood but nothing!

Has anyone had bad cramps and ended up with a BFP??
I just can’t face a test at the moment. My car is also out of action until next week so I can’t even really get one easily.
My husband could tonight??
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(Closed) 16DPO, AF is late…hoping for a BFP within the next few days *fingers crossed*

Hi everyone!

This is my first time writing in the TTC board! 🙂

Well, my husband and I got married this April (2012), and since then have been TTC. I am 23 (going to be 24 in a few months), and he is 41 (he checked with the doctor to make sure, and he’s all good for baby making lol). For the last few months I was quite lax about things, and hadn’t really done much research.

April and May yielded nothing, and when June was also a bust, I was really dissapointed, so this month I made the most effort I have to date. I estimated my O date (I’m really regular so I was reasonably confidant in this calculation- also I now notice I have EWCM around that day) and we BD’d a couple times before O, and the day of. I also used pre-seed for the first time (every time we DTD), and I “propped myself up” after each time for a good 20-30 mins lol!

So as I was saying, I’m normally really regular, and have a 28 day cycle. In the past few months I’ve been a crazy symptom watcher, and early tester lol! Normally I would get all optimistic, test a few days early, get super dissapointed with the BFN, and then wait a few days. Always right around the day AF would be due my hope would start to creep back in saying “ooh maybe you’ll be late and just tested early”, but sure enough AF would show up before I could every really tangibly grasp at that possibility (although I was still disappointed! lol)

Well, since previous months I had been “imagining” so many symptoms, I tried to chill out this month and not over analyze things. There were a few anomalies though- about a week after O day (on the weekend), I came down with like a 24-hour stomach bug and got nauseous like 6-8 times in one night (dry heaving even), but then it went away so I thought nothing of it. Also, the following week (this past week), I got a yeast infection. Now in the past I’ve had them, but I now realize it was always while I was on the pill, and since stopping my BC like a year ago, I have not had a single one- so I was a bit surprised.

Again I felt like I had had more “symptoms” in past months, so those things could easily be unrelated. Tip: it’s not very helpful to go searching google for every possible “early pregnancy symptom”- innevitably SOMEONE will say that they had that sign and turned out the be pregnant! In past months I’ve been really dissapointed! 🙁

So, back to now. Well, this Monday (July 23rd) was when AF was due to arrive, which would be 14 days past my estimated O day (July 9th), or 28 days after my last period (which was June 25th)-as I said, it’s usually pretty close to clock-work. I tested on Thursday (10DPO), Saturday (12DPO), and last night (15DPO) all to BFN’s…

As I do every month, I had gotten my hopes way up that this would be “the month”, just because of all the “smart” things I had done in our efforts to TTC (lol I know I know, like it can be so easily controlled! *rolls eyes*), and so when I tested on 12DPO I was really disappointed, but it was then that I accepted “okay, not this month”.

So on Monday when AF was due I expected her all day. I hadn’t really felt cramps yet so I thought, okay maybe she’s just a day late. Then yesterday morning (Tuesday) I had bad cramps in the morning exactly like the cramps I get right before I start, I was so convinced that I even took an advil (0_0!) fully expecting for her to show within a few hours. Normally once my period cramps start, my period will show in a few hours, and my cramps will last for a good day- day and a half, where I’ll take an advil every 4 hours or so since they suck! Buuut to my surprise she didn’t show up at all yesterday. And more surprisingly, at about noon yesterday when I realized the advil had worn off, I wasn’t having cramps any more. :/ (I’m now back to Tylenol if I need it, until I get AF of course)

Then again early early this morning at about 4am I woke up because I was having annoying cramps (they actually woke me up!), and although I was too lazy/tired to get up, I fully expected that in a few hours (6am) I would go pee and find AF was there. So 6am rolls around, I get up, and nothing!

So now I hate to say it but I’m starting to get my hopes up again. I guess if you count the day my period was due, this would be my third day. So I guess I’d be 2 days late? 3? Lol anybody know what the proper count is? Like I said I took a test last night (First Resonse Digital) and I got a negative, so I faced the dissapointment again. Buuut she still hasn’t shown up yet, and that’s really not common for me to be more than a day late. As someone said on these boards, “it ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”, the fat lady being AF lol.

Tonight I plan to buy a bunch of dollar store tests, so we’ll see. Now it’s scary going to the bathroom cause every time I pee, I stop and brace myself for the dissapointment of seeing AF! Lol anyone relate? Buuut it has yet to happen, and everytime I’m genuinly surprised. I keep expecting my period to start but it hasn’t!

Anyway, sorry for the length of this! This is just my first post, and honestly the first time I have any “legitimate” lateness, so I’m kind of excited (though I’ve gotten used to being dissapointed). What’s also kind of funny, is when I tested on Saturday (12DPO) and got a negative, I was super bummed and accepted that it was all over this month, and then the next day (Sunday), my husband came home (he was at a friends bachelor party this weekend) and we decided to go see some friends of ours who were in town (they had moved to Australia two years back), and on the car ride over he told me that the husband told him his wife was 3 months pregnant! 🙁 And I know I was suppose to be super excited, and I was really happy for her honestly- but it felt like such a blow having just faced my own dissapointment for the month the day before, to have to be like “yaaay congratulations!” and ask a whole bunch of preggo questions lol. :/ I assume you guys understand and don’t think I’m a selfish jerk…this is just the first time I’ve been TTC that a friend of ours has become pregnant, in the past I was never trying so I never felt any kind of envy. So now that the possibility seems to be creeping in again, it’d be really funny/awesome if I did turn out to be pregnant this month! Buuut I need to keep my hopes in check…bleh!

Any advice/support is appreciated! I always love reading the TTC board when other women are waiting to find out if they get a BFP so I thought it’d be fun to do the same…I just hope AF doesn’t show up…I promise I’ll keep updating though regardless of the outcome! 🙂

Sours: https://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/16dpo-af-is-latehoping-for-a-bfp-in-the-next-few-days/
PREGNANCY TEST LINE PROGRESSION 2020 (no positive until 16 DPO) // Rachel K

Are there any signs or indications that can tell you that you are pregnant before you miss your first period after ovulation? Well, the good news is, by keeping a tab on some of the symptoms that your body may show, you may be able to establish whether or not you are pregnant! If you are wondering what would be such indications, especially around 16 days past ovulation, read on to find out some of the probable pregnancy signs and symptoms at 16 DPO!

What Is 16 DPO?

As soon as the egg implants to the uterine lining, which usually occurs around two weeks past ovulation, the body may start showing pregnancy symptoms. At around 16 days past ovulation, your body will start producing a considerable amount of hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (if you are pregnant), which can be detected in a pregnancy test. However, this is also a time when you may start experiencing PMS or premenstrual syndrome (if you are not pregnant) and both sets of symptoms appear to be very similar. But, you can tell them apart if you are more aware of your body, and thus you may be able to differentiate between normal and unusual, which means that you may be able to tell whether or not you are pregnant!

16 DPO Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Here are some early signs or symptoms that you may experience at 16 days past ovulation:

1. Tender or Swollen Breasts

The changing hormone levels in your body can make your breasts sore to touch, and your breasts may also appear swollen and heavy. You may notice your areolas turning darker than usual. These symptoms get better as your body adjusts to the changing hormone levels.

2. Fatigue

The changing pregnancy hormones can make you feel tired and exhausted. This happens when the body starts producing more progesterone, which is responsible for making you fatigued and sleepy. Also, your body starts producing extra blood to support the growing fetus, which can also add to your exhaustion and fatigue.

3. Mood Swings

If you find yourself too moody, cranky, weepy, or filled with other such emotions, you can blame it on your pregnancy hormones!

4. Nausea or Vomiting

Though there is no specific reason that can explain why pregnant women feel nauseous or like vomiting, it is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms that women usually experience. Commonly known as morning sickness, this symptom can actually occur at any time of the day, or even at night.

5. Increased Basal Body Temperature

BBT or basal body temperature elevates as you ovulate, and becomes normal after you have your period. However, this temperature remains elevated throughout the pregnancy, and thus can be an evident pregnancy sign.

6. Missing Your Period

If you experience any kind of 16 DPO spotting, you may wonder whether it is a sign of pregnancy or your period. Spotting, or better known as implantation bleeding, at 16 DPO is unlikely, but it may occur if you have miscalculated your ovulation. Also, 16 DPO is very close to your period, and if you do not have your period at this stage, it can be an indication of pregnancy!

Chances of Getting False Negative at 16 Days Past Ovulation

If you have been trying to get pregnant, and are planning on taking a pregnancy test at 16 days past ovulation, getting a false negative is fairly low. However, there are a few reasons that may show 16 DPO BFN, or false-negative results. This may happen if you take a test too early, and the body may not be producing enough levels of the hCG hormone that it can be detected in a pregnancy test.

Also, if you miscalculate your ovulation cycle, your test results may show a false negative. If you consumed too many liquids before taking the test, the urine can become too diluted and thus indicate a false negative. If there are no periods at 16 DPO, and the test is negative, it will be a good idea to wait for a few days and to take a test again.

If You Don’t Get Your Period at 16 DPO, does It Mean You’re Pregnant?

If you do not have your period at around 16 days past ovulation, there are high chances that you are pregnant. This is because ovulation usually happens anywhere from 13 to 20 days from the first day of your period. As per the length of the menstrual cycle, most women usually get their periods around 16 days past ovulation, if they are not pregnant. So, if you haven’t had your periods by this time, it could possibly mean that you are pregnant. And, if you have been trying to conceive, then you can also experience the early signs of pregnancy.

HCG Levels at 16 DPO

Soon after the process of implantation, your body starts preparing your baby’s support system, which also means increasing hCG levels in your urine. The hCG levels can start hiking anytime between 12 to 15 days past ovulation, and the level doubles up every 48 to 72 hours. This means that around 16 DPO (if you are pregnant), a pregnancy test can easily detect high hCG levels in your urine, and thus confirm your pregnancy. The levels keep peaking for approximately 10 weeks of pregnancy, and then gradually decline and stay constant for the rest of your pregnancy journey.

When you are 16 days past ovulation and still do not have your periods, you may wonder if you are pregnant, or just late with your periods! If you pay close attention, you may be able to notice some early signs of pregnancy (if you are pregnant). Taking a pregnancy test at this stage may help you get more accurate results. However, getting a negative result does not necessarily mean that you are not pregnant! You can wait for a few more days, and take a test again to know whether or not you are pregnant.

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Gauri Ratnam

Sours: https://parenting.firstcry.com/articles/16-days-past-ovulation-dpo-pregnancy-signs-and-symptoms/

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