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When it comes to the outdoors, I like to live by the slogan that there&#;s no such thing as bad conditions, just bad gear. That is true — to a point. If you&#;re on the side of Everest and an avalanche comes the gear on your back won&#;t help you much — but outside of extreme conditions gear can definitely mean the difference between a great time and great discomfort. Whether it&#;s proper ski gloves, hiking boots, the right sunscreen or the perfect hat — a good piece of gear can take you to great places, and we&#;ve got a new accessory to add to your collection.

Melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro Snapback

melin adventure hatCourtesy of Melin

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melin adventure hatCourtesy of Melin

Melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro Snapback Hat


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Melin&#;s Odyssey Stacked Hydro Performance Snapback Hat is built for adventure. It&#;s made to withstand elements and keep up with you no matter what your next excursion is. It has an antimicrobial, triple-quilted sweatband that&#;s designed to stay fresh even with thorough sweat sessions. The buoyant visor is made to float in water so you won&#;t lose your hat to the bottom of yet another body of water, and the material of the hat is sweat and water repellent in general so you stay as dry as possible.

This hat was built from the inspiration of trucker hats with a taller look but has a shallow fit with a modified point on the front panels. The hat is lightweight and crafted from durable materials designed to withstand intense usage. The hat also has moisture-wicking lining on the inside designed to dissipate sweat into tiny molecules so your hat stays as dry and free from sweat-stains as possible.

The hat is made of specially-selected breathable materials specifically engineered to keep you cool in warmer climates and it has a hidden besom pocket on the inside where you can store cash, keys or other smaller necessities for safekeeping.

Melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro Snapback Hat


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Hydro Coronado Kindhumans Hat

Why You&#;ll Love It

Our epic collaboration hat with our friends at Melin! This vibrant hat is made to inspire positivity, consciousness, and help spread the kindness that our world so desperately needs in Each purchase helps create a kinder world with donations to causes that support kids, the planet, and humanitarian aid.

This hat is water-friendly, floatable, lightweight, durable, antimicrobial, has a moisture-wicking lining, is breathable and has a hidden besom pocket. This takes our original &#;Kindness. Pass it on.&#; hat and turns it up to 11!



Fit: Shallow Depth / Flat Visor

Exterior Crown: Hydrophobic crown panels with laser perforated side and rear panels for breathability. Durable double braided rope across the top of the visor.

Interior: Performance moisture-wicking lining inside the front panels with signature hidden besom pocket.

Visor: Hydrophobic exterior with a water capable visor core and signature undervisor seal

Closure: Custom soft touch snapback closure.


About Our Partner

For founders Brian McDonnell and Cory Roth, a hat isn’t just an accessory that they occasionally throw on as they’re leaving the house. It’s the most critical part of their everyday wardrobe. To them, it’s the first thing someone sees when they look at your face and their first impression of your personal style. It’s the billboard that tells the world who you are, what you value, your passions, where you’re from and how you live your life.

They spent four years learning how to build, improve and elevate the ball caps that we loved. They researched the most iconic fabric mills in the world and sourced the best materials available on the planet, working tirelessly on improving the fit to be sure they were the most comfortable caps ever worn. Every single detail in our caps was explored and no stone was left unturned. 

Inspired by the art of millinery: the craft of bespoke hat making which dates to the 16th century in Milan Italy, we are proud to present Melin.

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One little pocket, so many names. I am sure you have all seen this type of pocket. It is referred to as a Besom pocket, a Bound pocket, a Jetted pocket and even a Double Welt pocket. I personally use the term Besom pocket.

What ever you call it, it is a type of slash pocket that has both edges of the opening finished with binding. The binding can come in various widths. It can also come in a curved variation which is know as a Half-moon or a Curved Jetted.

When there is a tab in the middle held down with a button (or sometimes even a snap) it is known as a Besom with Tab.




A Welt pocket is similar to the Besom because it is a type of slash pocket but it has a narrow flap that stands upwards which as you guessed it, comes in many variations (big, small, diagonal) and of course they all have different names.

For more fashion definitions and sketches check out our mobile app The Fashion Picture Dictionary.


The premium hat company that just landed Phil Mickelson as a partner

When a hat is priced at twice the industry average, look a little closer. There’s probably a reason for it.

For the folks a Melin Headwear — the company that just partnered with Phil Mickelson — there are at least 18 reasons. That’s how many pieces make up their premium hat.

The brand has been around for six years, but is just now making a jump into golf. President Brian McDonell picked apart the classic ball cap and intended to improve on every piece, from the construction of the bill to the thread that holds it all together.

What Melin rebuilt — called the A-Game — is particularly high-tech for a hat company, thus creating an above average price point. Consider, for a second, their hats to be recipe-based, in which every ingredient is an upgrade from the normal golf hat.

  • The bill is made from resin, not cardboard, and is less dense than water so it floats if dropped in the lake.
  • The exterior material repels water. Stay tuned for Mickelson playing in the rain sometime this season.
  • The underbill has anti-glare material. It also has a rubber seal designed to be a safety net for handling the hat when your hands are dirty (think about how many times your thumbs clean off your club face.)
  • The sweatband is triple-quilted to grab, grab and grab sweat and salt to keep it from leaking into other portions of the hat.
  • The interior fabric creates another sweat-wicking pocket to keep the front of your hat clean. It also features a tiny besom pocket, like the ones commonly found in suit jackets.
  • It’s heavily perforated to keep airflow constant, to help the major head-sweaters from ruining another hat. Look long and hard for another perforated hat on the PGA Tour other than the one Mickelson now sports. You’ll struggle to find one.

Add it all up and the hats are promised to last five times as long as typical golf hats.

Melin launched the A-Game hat this week, but those who follow the pro game closely saw it on Mickelson’s head last week at his debut at The American Express. According to McDonell, Mickelson first received the brand&#;s hat as a gift from his wife, Amy, fell in love with the gear and quickly expressed interest in a partnership deal.

The hats go for $59, and can be purchased online, or found at high-end golf resorts. (Think Bandon, Pebble, Pinehurst, etc.) That’s the type of golfer Melin wants to cater to — the player who wants one go-to hat they can wear repeatedly. And the kind of who find themselves chasing down rounds at premium golf courses.

If you’re a rope-hat aficionado, don’t worry. They’ve got one of those coming soon.

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