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Overall Review: I needed a new psu to see if the one I had was causing issues with the voltages on my pc. I wasn't really looking for an RGB capable one, just one that was 850W+ and was fully modular. PCPartPicker had this one (Gamemax 850w rated Gold efficiency) on their list, and it was pretty cheap on Newegg, so I decided to give it a try. And literally, I was impressed just upon opening the box. So, for starters, this thing was super neatly packaged. A really nice looking resealable bag for the cables, extra ties, a testing kit to see if the psu was viable before you even attempted to connect it to your pc, some instructions, and it was well secured in the box. Nothing was going to move during transport, not even the papers. After testing (which took all of maybe a minute), installation was pretty easy. These aren't the braided cables that the old Corsair psu I had was using, which is perfectly fine to me because those were a giant PITA to deal with and to get in and around my case (Cooler Master Masterbox TD500 Mesh White, which is a horrible case and would not recommend to anyone). They connect easily, seem like a good quality, and are pretty flexible. The psu itself is really nice looking. There's even a button on the back by the switch where you can turn the RGB off completely. And as my psu isn't really visible in the psu shroud of my case, it's not a super important feature for me. All in all, I actually like this one. I've had it about a week so far and I've not had any problems with it. I'll update if/when I do. Hopefully, that won't be anytime soon!


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GameMax GX-850 80+ Gold ATX Power supply, One of the innovative Gold design basis on Platinum Level, LLC and DC-DC circuit, the classic efficiency over 92%, The free-cable technology featured.
GameMax GX series power supply 80+ Gold certified that offers great value to gamers and system builders, FDB Fan reduces heat during heavy load while keeping the noise level down, Designed with stability and durability, GX Series is the perfect choice to power your systems!
⚡LLC+DC--DC high-efficiency 80+ Gold APFC Certified
⚡DC-DC integrated energy storage inductor, quiet and highly efficient
⚡100-240Vac full voltage input
⚡Multiple PCIE interfaces fully support the latest graphics cards
⚡Integrated all solid capacitor, Free-Cable module output, lower loss power
⚡Farad resonance capacitor is stable and efficient
⚡105℃ mainstream capacitor has long life and smooth output
⚡The temperature-controlled fan is extremely quiet
⚡Total SIX levels of protection, OTP, OCP, SCP, OVP, UVP, OPP
⚡All black flat pure copper output line, efficient and powerful
⚡Components by SMT produced, Quick heat dissipation and more stable

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atomicWAR :

Honestly I would avoid tier 3 or worse like the plague. The PSU is the heart of your system and can fry anything it is connected to if it goes bad. PSUs are the last place you want to try and save money because of this. I mean yes you could use a tier 3...I just wouldn't do it myself or recommend any friend or family member to use one. I do get budget dictates all but is it worth risking losing your entire rig? Only you can make that call.

if all you can afford/find/acquire is a tier three unit get a tier three unit. Not everyone is running a mining rig, or overclocking to the moon.
"Some Haswell compatible, some not (maybe unconfirmed). Still safe to use and stable, just lower quality components. Not really ideal in serious overclocking or super-high load situations, such as a Bitcoin mining rig or a high end gaming system."
Tier 3 is fine for stock parts at stock speeds.
I cannot change the supply chain in your country and I cannot send money to make sure you can get the best but I can and am trying to get you a power supply that will work for you and tier 3 will.


Repair Power Supply ATX GAMEMAX 2020, Restoration Power supply Gamemax


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