Fairy drawings

Does your child love fairies and drawing? I created these fun and free writing and drawing prompts for all fairy lovers. Hopefully, they'll encourage creativity and writing this summer!

FREE Fairy Drawing and Writing Printables

Free Fairy Drawing and Writing Prompt Book Printables

Grab your free Fairy Drawing and Writing Prompt Printable here!  

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Free Fairy Drawing and Writing Prompt Book Printables
Free Fairy Drawing and Writing Prompt Book Printables

Happy creating and connecting, friends!

Sours: https://www.pinkstripeysocks.com/2021/06/free-fairy-writing-and-drawing-prompt.html

Off the top of my head, when I think ‘fairy drawings’ – I think of Tinkerbell from the ever-popular Disney hit, Peter Pan. A girl (or person) with wings, and a magic wand!… that’s pretty much what a fairy is.

In this lesson, I decided to go with the ‘top to bottom’ sequence. Start at the head, and slowly work your way down – much the same as you would draw a cartoon person – in this case, a cartoon girl.

Have a look at the finished drawing to the right. How about those wings? Is that how you envisioned fairy wings? Or did the ones you were thinking of look a bit different? If you answered different – great! Make yours look however you want them to, and do this last – after the girl part is finished.

And the same goes for the other parts of this lesson. Use the examples to guide you along, but in the end… don’t hesitate to implement your own ideas wherever you feel the need.

And here we go!…

First Step – A Framework to Make Fairy Drawings

As I mentioned above, creating fairy drawings involves first drawing a girl. The wings come at the very end. With this in mind, draw a simple stick person framework. Ensure that it has a cross over the face area – and that you include some sort of guideline from which to draw the wings when you’re all finished.

Here’s what mine looks like…

Fairy DrawingsFairy Drawings

I’ve positioned one arm differently, perfect for the ‘magical wand’ soon to be drawn in the fairy’s right hand. As for the wings, four diagonal lines work well to map out their position. And in case you haven’t noticed – I went for the ‘butterfly look‘. In your case… angel wings? Bug wings? Bat wings? Who knows! Draw either lines or shapes – curved or straight, depending on the ‘look’ your aiming for.

And with your framework now complete, let’s move on to the next step…

Second Step – Draw the Head of Your Fairy

Not much changes with respect to ‘how to draw a face’. Use the cross to help you along. Oh, but something I should mention – let’s say you wanted to draw a tiara (princess crown) on her head. Well, looking at the examples below – I recommend you do so BEFORE the second step. This way, you can draw the hair below and around it.

Here are some examples to help you draw the face…

Fairy DrawingsFairy DrawingsFairy Drawings

I wonder… is there anything else to mention here? Well, with respect to the face – there are certainly some details to add. But same as usual, I suggest you save them until the end – pupils, inner ears, tongue, eyelashes, etc. A necklace however may just be in order at this stage. By the way, I purposely went with ‘elf ears’. Human ears work just the same!

So then, finish up the head and neck, and let’s continue on down the drawing…

Third Step – Drawing the Upper Torso & Arms of Your Fairy

Well, it’s true we’re creating fairy drawings here, but really – it’s the same as drawing girl drawings – after all… a fairy is pretty much a girl (person) with wings. So now, let’s take a look at how to bring the torso and arms of this fairy/girl into view…

Fairy DrawingsFairy DrawingsFairy Drawings

Fairy DrawingsFairy DrawingsFairy Drawings

As you draw your fairy – referring to each of the six phases above, keep in mind that I chose this specific order to do so by thinking about how the fairy would look if I were to draw her in 3D. What things would appear closer to the eye? What things would appear farther away from the eye? If you think about these things before you draw — a little planning so to say, you’ll be much happier with the results! 🙂

Well, only a view things remain to do… let’s finish it off!

Final Step – Let’s Complete Our Fairy Drawings!

After you’ve finished drawing in the body of your fairy (girl), you can then go ahead and draw in the details – anything and everything that makes her all the more ‘fairyish’.

Below, you can see the difference – without details and wings — and with! Draw the details, along with the wand, first. Then, only when you’re all done everything else… draw in the wings.

Fairy DrawingsFairy Drawings

So… happy with the finished product? If so, congratulations! If not, congratulations just the same! Remember, practice is what counts when it comes to improving. So, by all means, practice creating fairy drawings some more. Experiment with different ideas. And of course… have fun! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the lesson!

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Sours: https://how-to-draw-cartoons-online.com/fairy-drawings.html
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Fairy Drawings

About Fairies

  • A fairy has magical powers and she can use them for good or bad deeds.
  • Fairies can make themselves invisible to humans.
  • There are several types of fairies including elves, leprechauns, sprites and pixies to name just a few.
  • They are mentioned in two kinds of folk stories - legends and fairy tales.
  • Legends are from real life and fairy tales are from an imaginary land.
  • A fairy is mischievous and we usually blame them for any wrongdoing that is inexpicable in our daily lives.
  • The main belief is that fairies are good.
Fairy Drawing in pencil

Most fairies have beautiful features and mainly wear white. So basically, she is a pretty female being with wings.

Fairyland is thought to be ruled by a king and a queen and their kingdom exists underground.

People who believe in fairies pour milk into the ground for good luck because it is said they love milk.

There is a different fairy legend that you might like to know about and you can find it in the discussion about the fairy ring of mushrooms.

Try To Draw Fairies

I had other fairy drawings lined up to show you, but I just wasn't happy with them. Since I have only been drawing for about one year, these drawings are what I have managed to achieve so far. I hope this encourages you to see what you can produce - I certainly don't mind if you progress faster than I do, in fact I will be thrilled about that!

The thing is, I know if I keep practicing, I will definitely improve.

First Fairy Drawing

This is one image that I completely dislike but considering it was my interpretation from an ornament, it proved to me that I wasn't totally dependent on copying other drawings. Initially, that was a small worry I had but I managed to banish it with this experimental drawing.

When you consider that I drew these fairies when I was just starting to draw, it demonstrates to you what you can achieve if you are willing to try.

... Update - here is another pencil drawing of a fairy. Find an outline on that page too, plus some extra drawings in pencil.

Have you seen my new gallery of pencil sketches which also includes a sketch of a fairy?

Sketching is a simplified form of drawing that takes less time so artists can get their thoughts on to paper quickly.

I hope this information inspires you to get creative with your fantasy drawings of fairies. I look forward to sketching fairies and hiding treasure amongst foliage or whatever. As an aside to purposely hiding objects, I really enjoy finding unexpected images within a sketch so keep watch for things that magically (or unintentionally) appear within your artwork - it's such good entertainment!

I know that every bit of practice leads to improvement and I can hardly wait to see what my next creation will reveal. Please join in with me, I am living proof that anyone can draw and it only takes a tiny effort.

Sours: https://www.allaboutdrawings.com/fairy-drawings.html

How to draw a fairy step by step



What you need:

Colour pencils Art Grip Aquarelle, India Ink Pitt Artist Pen S, Graphite pencil Grip 2001 2B, Brush

The world of elves, goblins and nature spirits offers plenty of scope for exciting stories and beautiful drawings. The figure in our picture is a cheeky little fairy who is on her way through an enchanted forest. She has her back turned towards us, which means her delicate, semi-transparent wings are particularly prominent. She is looking at us over her shoulder, as if she were inviting us to come with her.

Step 1

To draw your figure, first make a preliminary sketch on the A4 drawing paper. It is best to start with a simple stick figure and then add the joints to it. You can bring out the playful, cheeky and nimble spirit of your wood fairy by means of the correct bodily posture. That’s why her left shoulder is raised slightly and her back is shaped with a slight hollow.

The drawing should not completely fill the A4 paper, because otherwise there will not be enough room for the background later on.

Step 2

Give your fairy a little more plasticity by means of basic geometrical shapes such as cylinders. When doing this, make sure you draw the proportions and the overlaps so that there are not too many lines meeting at one point. In this step, incidentally, you must also decide how much volume the body of your fantasy figure requires so that it will have the typically tender and delicate shape of a fairy, whilst at the same time not looking too thin and fragile.

Step 3

Now give your figure hair, a dress, stockings, gloves and wings. These wings extend for just less than two thirds of the fairy‘s body size. Turn the body a little more towards the observer and give the head typically elfish ears. If the new elements give rise to undesirable overlaps, you can improve the position of the limbs a little more at this point. Now you can also consider how spare the costume should be, and how elaborate the other details can be at most, in order to avoid distracting from either the body shape or the wings. This is why her hair has also been kept rather short. 

Step 4

In the next step, build up your fairy completely as shown in the picture. Now you have completed your preliminary sketch. This will help you to judge better which areas should later be coloured more delicately or more strongly with the coloured pencils in order to achieve a result that is as plastic as possible. Also, you will be able to bring out the difference between those parts of the picture which are opaque and those which are semi-transparent. You will also find it easier to decide what eye size is most appropriate and how the folds of the costume should run.

Step 5

You can make your final alterations to the preliminary sketch. The forms of the fairy‘s body are now a bit fuller, the left leg more acutely angled and the wings have been made smaller. Following this, use graphite paper to transfer the subject to a sheet of A4 watercolour paper. Work over the lines again with a fineliner pen and erase the pencil lines that are still visible.

Step 6

We recommend placing your watercolour paper on an unused sheet of paper. This will prevent the structure of the underlying surface (e.g. table panel) from pressing through. On the fineliner drawing, ground out the in dividual surfaces using the Art GRIP watercolour pencils. When doing this, hold the pencil as flat as possible and stroke it carefully over the paper in order to fill in the individual areas. You should resharpen the pencil from time to time if required. To give a greater impression of depth and three-dimensionality, you can reduce or increase the intensity of colour application at particular points in the picture. For example, the wings and clothes especially must be coloured more delicately so that they will appear more transparent later on. You can see the difference in the application of colour on the hair, parts of the costume and the rear wing which is achieved by painting over with a wet brush. This method enables you to create various surface structures.

Step 7

The next step is to colour in all the elements of the figure as shown in the illustration. Don‘t forget to vary the intensity of colour application. You can refer to your preliminary pencil sketch from step 04 to see where the darker areas should be. The ability to paint over Art GRIP watercolour pencils with water means you can achieve beautiful colour transitions and shadings really easily with a moist brush. The finished elf is wearing cheerful, shining colours which underline the expression of her playful character. Add more structure to the wings and the fringes of her costume after they have dried, using the fineliner.

Step 8

Now draw in the background image, once again by making a preliminary sketch on a new sheet of DIN A4 drawing paper. Our fairy is standing in the middle of a living greenwood. Outline old trees with thick bark and thick roots, standing amidst long grass. The grid will help you to divide the sheet of paper sensibly. The landscape has been kept rather simple, and the individual surfaces are clearly separated from one another so that the fairy clearly stands in the foreground in spite of her delicate colouring in some areas.

Step 9

When you are satisfied with your preliminary sketch, draw it out cleanly a second time on a new sheet of A4 watercolour paper. Then ground out the background according to the illustration using the Art GRIP watercolour pencils. At points where you want to create more depth, you must follow up the shading of the area by applying somewhat more colour. In the spaces between the trees, you can create warm sunlight falling through the leaves by using a little yellow. Following this, paint over the various coloured areas with a moistened brush, in order to create the soft transitions between the colour applications of different intensity within the individual areas of colour. Finer details such as the individual stalks of grass will be added in the next step.

Step 10

As soon as the background has dried, add individual stalks of grass and give more structure to the treetops and the bark by a dry application of colour.

Last step

Sours: https://www.faber-castell.com/tutorials/Artists/drawing-anime-fairies

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Sours: http://clipart-library.com/free/black-and-white-fairy-drawings.html

Book Description

Step into the spell-binding world of folk tales and magic with this accessible fairy drawing guide. Peter Gray takes readers through step-by-step drawing projects to create an array of enchanting fairies that are inspired by the natural world.

About the Author

Peter Gray is long established as an illustrator of books, magazines and newspapers with occasional forays into such fields as film storyboards and costume design, advertising and animation projects. Peter is also the author of many books for adults and children, which have been published in many languages all around the world.Since graduating from Loughborough College of Art and Design with a specialist degree in illustration, Peter Gray has contributed illustrations to many books, of wide-ranging subject matter, from classic fiction to educational and historical, for UK publishers Penguin Longman and Oxford University Press and Ernst Klett in Germany. Outside book publishing, Peter has worked on storyboards and costume design for the film industry, most recently on Oliver Stone's blockbuster Alexander, and regularly contributes illustrations to national newspapers (Financial Times, Sunday Times) and magazines (The Spectator, Readers' Digest).

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Fairies-Peter-Gray/dp/1838576282

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Venture into the land of magic with our howto draw a fairy step by step drawing tutorial.

We are going to show you how you can draw this magical being in just a few easy-to-follow steps.

How to Draw a Fairy Step by Step Tutorial

*This post contains affiliate links*

How to Draw a Fairy Step by Step

Drawing this magical lady is really easy and once you are done drawing this one, you can also try your hand at drawing a princess or drawing a mermaid as these ladies work really well together!

Fairy Directed Drawing Guide

What you need:


Step by Step Fairy Drawing Instructions

Step 1

Start off by drawing a U shape for the face.

Step 1

Step 2

Next make a har line and a few curves for eyes, nose and mouth. The face is already coming along nicely.

Step 2

Step 3

Continue by drawing the eyelashes on the eyes and two circles at the edges of the hair line.

Step 3

Step 4

Complete the hair and start drawing the dress this fairy is wearing.

Step 4

Step 5

Draw two ponytails going out of the circles you drew at the edges of the har line.

Step 5

Step 6

Hands and legs are next. There is no need to make these complicated.

Step 6

Step 7

Add details to the dress – a neckline and a belt and also draw a want with a star. You can also check our how-to draw a star tutorial.

Step 7

Step 8

TTo make the dress even fancier, add a few lines to the skirt.

Step 8

Step 9

The only thing still missing are the wings. This one has butterfly wings, so draw a shape resemnling the number 3 (and inverted 3) on each side.

Step 9

Step 10

All done! You’ve learned how to draw a fairy, and a cute one at that. All that is left to do is to color in your drawing.

Final Step

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How to Draw a Fairy

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