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Fake Vs Real Off-White Air Presto – How To Spot Fake OW Presto OG

Wondering how to spot fake vs real Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers?

If you don’t mind adding another stylish pair of Nike Air Prestos to your rotation, then you should go for the Off-White Air Presto OG colourway.

Whether you are a sneakerhead or not, you want to ensure that when buying theOff-White Air Presto, you know whether you are looking at an authentic or a fake Off-White Air Presto OG pair.

That is why we have created this Ultimate Guide to the Fake vs Real Off-White Air Presto Comparison embedded with images that will help you identify and differentiate a fake sneaker from the authentic ones.

This 12-step legit check guide will show you the best ways you can spot a replica of the Off-White Air Presto.

How to spot fake Off-White Air Presto OG

As you have seen in the table of contents above, there are a lot of ways that we’ve pointed out in this guide on how to spot the fake vs real OG Presto Off-White, but before saying all of them.

We would like to mention the fact that the #1 thing you should look at when legit checking them OW Presto OG is the medial text on both the left and the right shoes.

Step 1: Verify the medial text on your Off-White Prestos

As we said previously, we consider the medial text to be the best spot to look at in order to spot fake Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers because it is every time flawed by the replica Off-White x Nike manufacturers.

Medial text on the left shoe

Let’s have a look at the left shoe’s medial text, and then at the right shoe’s text.

Now that you took a look at the real vs fake Off-White Presto reference images, let us explain the flaws on the fake Prestos.

First of all, you can easily notice how the fake Off-White Presto pair has its medial text placed too much to the left side of the sneakers, as it is placed too close to the sockliner.

On the other hand, the authentic Off-White Presto OG shoes have their medial text placed more to the right side, further away from the sockliner, rather than the fake pairs which are exactly the opposite.

The right shoe’s medial text

Now that you know how to legit check OW Presto OG sneakers by inspecting the left shoe’s medial text, let us get you to know how to see fake OW Presto sneakers by looking at the right shoe’s medial text too.

In the fake vs real OW Presto OG sneakers image above, we have pointed out how on the fake sneakers, the medial text is a lot less visible than it has to be on the legit Prestos.

It is true that the medial text has to be less visible than what most of the people would think it has to be, and it isn’t really legible on the authentic Prestos either, but on the fake ones, it is a lot less visible than it has to be on the legit sneakers.

Also, the same flaws from the left shoe’s medial text apply as well to the right shoe: the fake shoes have their text placed too close to the sockliner, while the legit shoes have their text placed further away from the sockliner.

As for the second step of the real vs fake Off-White Presto OG legit check guide, we are going to cover the looking of the “AIR” text on both of the authentic vs replica OW Presto shoes.

In the fake vs real Off-White Air Presto OG image above, we have pointed out the flaws in the lettering of the fake pair’s “AIR” print.

The counterfeit Off-White Air Presto’s “AIR” text has a flaw in the letter “R”, at the bottom right leg, where we have placed the hand-emoji pointer.

The flaw is that at the bottom right leg of the letter “R”, the fake sneakers have a round and wavy line, while the legit sneakers have their “R” letter finishing straight and sharp at the bottom of it.

Step 3: Analyze the toe box of your Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers

Moving to the front side of the Off-White Prestos, we are going to quickly inspect the way that the toe box looks like.

Just as a heads up, most of the time, the fake shoes will have a curvier and lifted up toe box.

The toe box is where the toes fit in. As shown in the picture below, you will notice that the toe box is significantly bulkier on the fake pair when compared to the slender toe box of the authentic pair.

This difference can be attributed to the poor attention to detail from the fake Nike x Off-White manufacturers as well as the lower quality factory equipment used in the production of the sneakers.

Step 4: Check the cages on the interior and the exterior side of the OW Presto OG shoes

Moving to the inner and the outer sides of the Off-White Presto OG shoes, we are going to look around at the shape of the cages.

By cages, we are talking about the matte/semi-opaque area we are about to highlight in the real vs fake Off-White Presto OG reference images below.

The inner OW Presto cage

The same as from the medial text, we are going to first look at the inner cage of the OW Presto, and then, and the outer cage.

In the Off-White Air Presto real vs fake images above, we have pointed out how the fake sneakers have their inner cages differently shaped.

In fact, the counterfeit Off-White Presto OG sneakers have their negative spaces between the lines are a lot rounder, wide and undefined.

On the other hand, on the authentic Off-White Presto shoes, the negative spaces between the bars are smaller, more defined and at the same time, less wide than the ones on the fake shoes.

The outer OW Presto cage

Now that you had a look at the interior side’s cage, let’s move on to the exterior cage of the real vs fake OW Presto OG sneakers.

In the fake vs real OW Presto OG image above, we have pointed out how, on the fake Prestos, the empty spaces inside the cage are wider than the ones on the legit pair.

Helped by the green line for the legit OW Presto sneaker’s arching of the cage, and the red line for the OW Presto’s cage, you can deduct how the fake sneakers’ cage looks a lot curvier and arched than the legit OW Presto cage.

Step 5: Inspect the small Swoosh logo on the exterior midsole of the OW Presto

For the fifth step of the guide on how to spot fake Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers, we are going to analyze the little Nike Swoosh logo that’s located on the exterior side of the midsole on both the fake vs real OW Presto OG shoes.

In the fake vs real Off-White Air Presto OG reference image above, you can see how the fake sneakers have their little Swoosh on the exterior midsole looking different than the one on the authentic shoes.

The fake sneakers have their little Nike Swoosh logo looking less wide at the curving on the interior side of it, making the fake Swoosh look curved more of a sudden than the authentic Nike Swoosh logo.

On the other hand, the legit midsole small Swoosh logo appears to be wider than the one on the fake sneakers, curving less of a sudden than the fake shoes’ logo.

Then, on the rear side of the Nike Swoosh logo on the midsole, you can see how the fake shoes’ midsole Swoosh logo is thicker at its edge than the authentic Swoosh.

As you may have noticed, there is a little orange tab on the Swoosh of the OW Air Presto OG sneakers. Yes, we found quite a few flaws on the fake orange tab, even though it may seem like a simple thing.

The main flaw on the counterfeit Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers’ orange tab is about the corners.

The replica OW Air Presto sneakers have curvy corners for the orange tab, while the authentic OW Air Presto OG sneakers have sharp edges on the orange tab.

Besides, the main problem with the fake orange tab is that it is too long. The legit orange tab has smaller dimensions.

Step 7: Look at the perforations on the toe box of the Prestos

As for the seventh step fo the authentic vs counterfeit Off-White Air Presto OG legit check guide, we are going to check the perforations found on the toe box area of the OW Presto.

As you can see in the fake vs real Off-White Air Presto reference images above, we have pointed out the fact that the toe box perforations on the fake sneakers have different dimensions.

In fact, the fake Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers’ toe box perforations appear to be less wide and smaller than the perforations of the legit shoes.

Step 8: Check the size tag of your OW Presto

Moving inside the Off-White Air Presto sneakers, we are going to analyze the little paper tag pinned on the side of the sneakers, and check out the details met on the real vs fake OW Presto OG.

In the Off-White Presto OG real vs fake image above, we have pointed out three main flaws on the fake Prestos.

The first one is that the Nike Swoosh logo at the top of the size tag (placed in the middle of the tag) is longer than the authentic Swoosh at the top side of it, and it has worse printing-quality than the legit one.

Then, at the edge of the tag, you can see how on the authentic Prestos, the size tag is edged/bordered with a transparent material, while on the fake sneakers, this material appears to be fully white.

Lastly here, the “MADE IN CHINA”, and on some of the sneakers, the “MADE IN VIETNAM” text is looking a lot thicker on the fake sneakers.

On the authentic Prestos, this text has to be thinner, just as in the legit OW Presto OG model in the fake vs real OW Presto image above.

Step 9: Inspect the soles of your Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers

Flipping the sneakers upside down, you can see that the soles are really detailed, and in fact, they have some dots on the squares on the soles. Let’s inspect these on both the real vs fake OW Presto OG shoes.

The dots on the squares of the OW Presto OG soles are, first of all, a lot thicker on the counterfeit OW presto sneakers, and on the authentic shoe, they look a lot thinner.

Second of all, the circles are often not even centered in the middle of the squares on the replica shoes, and on the authentic ones, they are always centred in the middle of the squares.

Step 10: Fake vs real OW Presto Swoosh logo

Now that you have nine ways on how to spot fake Off-White Presto sneakers, for the tenth way to see fake OW Presto OG sneakers, we are going to show you the method by inspecting the Nike Swoosh logo on the side of the sneakers.

Swoosh curviness

First, we are going to inspect the curviness of the Nike Swoosh logo on the OW Presto sneakers then the stitching, and lastly the positioning.

Most of the time, the counterfeit Off-White Air Presto’s Nike Swoosh logo will be curved at a smaller angle than the authentic ones.

By that, we mean that the replica OW Air Presto OG sneakers have their Nike Swoosh logo looking less curvy than the authentic logo.

Swoosh stitching

Let’s move on from the curve and the shape of the Nike Swoosh logo on the Off-White Prestos to the stitching on the logo.

As you can see in the fake vs real Off-White Air Presto image above, the counterfeit Off-White sneakers’ stitching that’s placed on and around the Swoosh logo is shorter and less defined than the stitching on the legit pair.

In fact, the fake Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers’ stitching over and around the Nike Swoosh logo appears to be longer and more textured and defined than the stitching on the fake shoes.

Swoosh placement

Now that we had a little chat about the Nike Swoosh logo’s curviness and stitching, we are about to continue it about the Swoosh logo by checking the real vs fake OW Presto’s Swoosh placement.

As you can see in the real vs fake Off-White Presto images above, we have pointed out how, on the replica OW Presto OG sneakers, the Nike Swoosh logo is placed a lot higher than the one met on the legit shoes.

You can take as a reference spot the line that separates the midsole from the toe box area next to the orange tab.

Looking at that line, you can sense how the fake Swoosh is placed above it, and how the authentic one is placed a little bit below it.

Step 11: Fake vs real OW Presto OG tongue height

As for the eleventh step of the fake vs real OW Presto Black legit check guide, we are going to inspect the height of the tongue.

Most of the time, the counterfeit Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers will have their tongue looking a lot longer than the authentic shoes’ tongue.

In the real vs fake Off_White Presto OG sneakers image above, you can see how the fake sneakers’ tongue appears to be a lot higher and longer than the authentic shoes’ tongue, which is smaller and less long than the fake Off-White Air Presto OG’ tongue.

Step 12: Real vs fake Off-White Air Presto box

As for the twelfth and the last step of the guide on how to legit check OW Air Presto OG sneakers, we are going to leave the sneakers aside and inspect the box of these shoes.

In the real vs fake Off-White Presto OG image above, we have pointed out how the fake box’s quotation mark’s print (” “) appears to be a lot thinner than the print of the marks on the legit box.

Then, on the “c. 2017” text, you can easily notice how the fake Off-White box has its letters looking a lot thinner than the letters of the legit box’s print.

How to spot fake Off-White Presto OG in 60 seconds?

The eleven fake vs real OW Air Presto OG steps outlined above are well detailed and it will be time demanding to perform each authentication step when you need to confirm the originality of your OW Presto.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60 seconds solution to authenticating your OW Presto sneakers. Below are the top 12 indicators that can help you determine if you have a fake pair of Off-White Air Presto or the real deal.

  1. Check the medial text on both the left and the right shoes. Most of the time, the replica shoes will have the text placed too high and close to the sockliner. Also, check the letters for different font-weights
  2. Analyze the “AIR” text. Mostly, the fake shoes have the “AIR” text placed too much to the rear side of the tab and the letters are either too thick and too thin (including the quotation marks)
  3. Inspect the toe box of your OW Presto. Most of the time, the fake shoes will have the toe box too lifted up
  4. Look at the inner and outer cages. Usually, the fake OW Presto sneakers will have the negative space between the lines on the cage too wide, curvy and stretched out, while the authentic ones have to be exactly the opposite
  5. Spot the inner cage’s Swoosh logo. The replica Swooshes are too small, less curvy and less sharp than the legit logo
  6. Examine the orange tab. Most of the time, the counterfeit OW Presto sneakers will have their orange tab’s corners round instead of sharp
  7. Verify the perforations on the toe box. Mostly, the fake shoes will have the holes on the toe box looking too wide and oversized
  8. Analyze the size tag of your OW Presto. Mostly, the fake shoes will have all of the texts on the size tag looking a lot thinner than they have to
  9. Check the soles of your Off-White Presto sneakers. Most of the time, the counterfeit OW Presto Black shoes will have their soles’ bubbles looking too thick and not centered in the middle of the squares
  10. Look at the curviness, stitching, and placement of the Nike Swoosh logo on the sides of the Off-White Presto. Mostly, the fake Swooshes are less curvy than the authentic ones, the stitching is undefined and it doesn’t follow a straight pattern, and the Swoosh is usually placed too high above the line which separates the midsole with the toe box
  11. Inspect the height of the tongue. Usually, the replica Off-White Presto pairs have their tongue looking a lot bigger and taller than the authentic tongues
  12. Check the quality of the prints on the box of your OW Prestos. Most of the time, the fake Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers’ box will have its printing all around looking too thin

Where can I get my Off-White Presto OG authenticated? The OW Presto authentication service

If you need help with the authentication of your Off-White Air Presto sneakers, we’ve got you covered.

All you have to do is send us good-quality pictures of your OW Presto sneakers and we will get back to you with the results within 24 to 48 hours.

The results will also come with a report on why we believe your sneakers are fake or authentic.

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to spot fake Off-White Air Presto OG sneakers. We will continue to update this article as better and newer comparisons are put out.

Need our opinion over your item’s authenticity? It’s a service we provide.

Get our opinion

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Thank you for reading this,

Ch Daniel and Ch David

Sours: https://legitcheck.app/guides/nike/nike-x-off-white-the-ten/fake-vs-real-off-white-presto-og/

The Original Nike Air Presto Ads From 2000

The Nike Air Presto made a ceremonious return in 2015 thanks to a comeback of several original colorways that first released in 2000. Names like “Brutal Honey”, “Unholy Cumulus”, and “Trouble At Home” should ring a bell if you went after these runners, and we’ve already learned that other first-series editions like the  “Rabid Panda” and “Shady Milkman” are making their way to store shelves in 2016. For those who weren’t around (or didn’t pay attention) at the turn of the century, Nike created some awesome graphic ads to accompany each and every release; designer Monica Taylor designed all of the imagery, while Dylan Lee came up with the special nicknames (and even provided voice work for some of the ads. There was in fact a thirteenth original Air Presto, but according to Nike footwear designer Leon Witherow (also known as @prestology on Instagram), the brand just could not come up with a catchy name for that issue. Take a walk down memory lane below because we have all twelve of the original Air Presto prints just below.

Sours: https://sneakernews.com/2016/01/06/the-original-nike-air-presto-ads-from-2000/
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Company History

National Presto Industries, Inc. has stood the test of time! Founded in 1905 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, it is a recognized and respected leader in the housewares and small electric appliance industry.

Over the last century, National Presto has simultaneously leveraged its timeless appeal and adapted to stay current as consumer preferences have evolved with each decade. It has a long history of creating innovative products, and successful expansion into new fields has been the result of a long-range planning and development program. It’s the company’s goal to continually pioneer new products that meet the needs of today’s changing lifestyles, as well as deliver a wide selection of traditional appliances that reflect the quality long associated with the Presto® name.

Canner RetortWhen the company began in 1905, it designed and manufactured pressure canners (known at the time as “canner retorts”) for commercial canneries. The company, originally called Northwestern Steel and Iron Works, was a major producer of fifty-gallon capacity pressure canners.  Subsequently, the company also began production of thirty-gallon canners for hotel use and soon thereafter developed ten-gallon models suitable for home canning. The company installed an aluminum foundry in 1915 for the specific purpose of manufacturing large-size pressure canners for home use.

The business rapidly grew when the U.S. Department of Agriculture determined in 1917 that pressure canning was the only safe method for canning low acid foods without the risk of food poisoning. Soon after, the company decided to cater exclusively to the needs of the home market, rather than commercial business. The company marketed its products under the trade name ”National” and became one of the largest manufacturers of cast aluminum cooking utensils in the world. To more closely identify with the now famous brand, in 1929 the company name changed to National Pressure Cooker Company.

With its vast experience in manufacturing pressure canners and to more adequately meet the needs of the consumer, the company created the first saucepan-style pressure cooker in 1939 and gave it the brand name “Presto.” This revolutionary pressure cooker eliminated cumbersome lug nuts and clamps and, instead, featured a rotating cover with a simple gasket sealing design that is still being used in modern day pressure cookers.

"National" Brand Pressure Cooker

1939 Presto Pressure CookerThe “Presto” Pressure Cooker was introduced at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. It captured the attention of homemakers everywhere for saving time, vitamins, flavors, and fuel, and the Presto® brand soon became synonymous with pressure cooking.

Consumer acceptance of the Presto® Pressure Cooker was so great, that by the end of 1941, it ranked among the largest producers of housewares dollar volume in leading stores throughout the country.

World War II brought a temporary halt to the manufacture of pressure cookers as well as other cast aluminum cooking utensils. Quick to cooperate with the war effort, the company converted nearly all of its production facilities into war work, manufacturing artillery fuzes, aerial bombs, and rocket fuzes. It became the first to manufacture rocket fuzes on a mass production scale and was also one of the first companies in the state of Wisconsin to receive the Army-Navy “E” Award, receiving five such awards during its wartime operation.

Throughout the period of World War II, the company continued to manufacture canners for the important victory garden and canning programs. Due to the short supply of aluminum, the canners were made of steel with materials provided by the War Production Board.

With victory in sight in 1945, the company resumed a portion of aluminum canner and pressure cooker production. The demand was tremendous. In an industry that included eleven other manufacturers, there were more Presto® Pressure Cookers bought by consumers than all other brands combined.

Steam IronThe introduction of the company's first electric appliance came in 1948 with the Presto® Vapor Steam Iron. It was an immediate hit, as it was the first steam iron to use tap water instead of costly distilled water. The Steam Iron’s success led the company to increase research efforts and to develop more electric appliances.

The Presto® product line rapidly expanded in the 1950s to fulfill the growing needs of the homemaker for time-saving appliances. A new 6-quart Pressure Cooker was introduced, and the company’s assortment of pressure cookers was expanded further to include lighter-weight stamped aluminum models for the young, budget-minded homemaker. A short time later, technological advances in the fabrication of stainless steel led to the introduction of a new line of stainless steel pressure cookers.

Because of its diversification into small appliances, on May 1, 1953, the company name was changed to National Presto Industries, Inc.

Control Master Electric SkilletIn 1956 National Presto introduced a ground-breaking new concept in electric cooking. It involved a complete line of fully submersible electric cooking appliances employing a removable heat control. Because the unique Control Master® heat control allowed appliances to be washed safely and completely under water, it has since become the industry standard for skillets, griddles, and comparable products.

Coffee MakerNational Presto further enhanced its industry position in 1958 by introducing the world’s first automatic, submersible stainless steel coffee maker. This product brewed the same flavorful, full-bodied coffee obtainable in stove-top percolators and kept it at serving temperature.

During the 1960s and early ‘70s, Presto introduced many new products including the HotDogger® hot dog cooker, an electric mixer, toaster, and can opener, as well as a complete line of personal grooming aids.

On March 3, 1969, National Presto Industries, Inc. was admitted to the New York Stock Exchange, trading under the symbol NPK. It was a prestigious advancement in terms of company recognition and a mark of the integrity of its products and finances.

PrestoBurger hamburger makerNational Presto introduced the original PrestoBurger® hamburger cooker in 1974, capitalizing on America’s appetite for its favorite food. This product was the first in a series of “mini-appliances” designed to conveniently prepare smaller servings in response to the shrinking size of American families. The success of the PrestoBurger® earned the company recognition with the “Appliance Manufacturers Pioneer Award.”

FryBaby electric deep fryerThe company was quick to follow with the 1976 introduction of a new concept in deep fryers. The FryBaby® electric deep fryer used just two cups of oil to quickly and easily make two servings of food, and it maintained the ideal frying temperature automatically. It was an immediate hit and led to the 1977 introduction of the larger FryDaddy® deep fryer and the family-size GranPappy® deep fryer in 1978.

PopCornNow hot air popperAnother new product innovation made 1978 a banner year for Presto. The PopCornNow® continuous corn popper was among the first poppers to use hot air instead of oil to pop the kernels.

Presto® Pressure Cooker circa 1978During those years of progress in the small electric appliance field, Presto® pressure cookers continued to sell steadily, leading to the introduction of a completely redesigned and re-engineered line of pressure cookers and canners in 1978. New features included an exclusive interlock system that prevented the cover from being opened while there was pressure in the unit.

In the ‘80s, many consumers were demanding less fat and more fresh vegetables and fruits in their diets. National Presto responded with the introduction of the SaladShooter® electric slicer/shredder. This inventive hand-held appliance was designed to easily slice or shred vegetables and fruits as well as cheese, nuts and more into salads, tacos, pizzas, and desserts.

The SaladShooter® met with such overwhelming success that its name quickly becameSaladShooter® slicer/shredder a household word throughout the country and led to the successful introduction of a larger, more powerful model, the Professional SaladShooter® electric slicer/shredder in 1990. 

In 1994 the Presto tradition of innovation continued with the introduction of the PowerPop® microwave multi-popper. While microwave popcorn poppers had been on the market for years, they had a reputation for leaving unpopped kernels. This changed with the special design of the PowerPop®. PowerPop® microwave popperThe exclusive combination of a reflector, built into the base, and a special disposable popping cup enabled the PowerPop® to concentrate microwave energy so effectively that virtually every kernel popped.

In the summer of 2000, the company unveiled a unique new appliance for cooking one of America’s favorite foods. The Pizzazz® pizza oven cooked fresh or frozen pizza in minutes with no preheating. Employing a rotating nonstick baking pan and adjustable top and bottom heating elements, consumers could cook their favorite pizza to order, with a crispier bottom crust or an extra bubbly top. This open-oven design made it easy to see when the pizza was cooked to perfection.Pizzazz® pizza oven

The ProFry™ immersion element deep fryer was introduced for the 2002 holiday season. It was designed as a smaller home version of the immersion element fryers used at fast food restaurants. This addition to the deep fryer line helped sustain National Presto’s reputation as the industry’s foremost deep fryer producer.

In 2005, National Presto celebrated its 100th anniversary. It takes resilience and the willingness and desire to meet the demands of the consumer to weather more than a century. During its first 100 years, National Presto produced products in many categories—everything from pressure canners to deep fryers, griddles to food processors, corn poppers to skillets, heaters to humidifiers, steam irons to hair dryers, and even an outdoor grill and golf caddy. This milestone was also a testament to the lasting reputation National Presto held within the industry as a premier producer and marketer of pressure canners and cookers.

Food Dehydrator with Nesting TraysPresto entered the dehydrator market in 2012 with a contemporary line of Dehydro™ food dehydrators that were unique to the industry. Not only were they beautifully styled, they were also easy to store. The ingenious design allowed the trays to nest inside one another when not in use, enabling them to be stored in a fraction of the space that was required for competitive products.

In 2014 the single-serve coffee craze was in full swing when Presto unveiled the non-electric MyJo® single serve coffee maker. It offered the convenience of an expensive brewer at a fraction of the price. With access to hot water or a microwave, the compact coffee brewer could go anywhere—home, work, school, even camping.

Nomad™ Traveling Slow CookerA novel solution to an age-old problem attracted media attention to National Presto in 2017 with the launch of its 6- and 8-quart traveling slow cooker line. Cleverly designed like nothing else on the market, the Nomad™ Traveling Slow Cooker features a "picnic cooler-style" shape with a swing-up handle that makes it easy to carry. The wide-profile base minimizes the possibility of tip-over, and the locking lid seals tight to ensure spill-proof transportation.

In another major event in 2017, National Presto Industries, Inc. launched the Rusoh® Eliminator® portable fire extinguisher—the first major advancement in dry chemical fire extinguisher technology in sixty years. The revolutionary product is self-serviceable and self-reloadable making it more reliable and economical than competitive extinguishers.

Digital Pressure CannerDespite the problems caused by a worldwide pandemic in 2020, several innovative new products were introduced. The Stuffler™ stuffed waffle maker bakes amazingly delicious Belgian-style waffles with the toppings baked inside. The Dorothy™ rapid cold brewer makes delicious cold brew coffee at home in as little as 15 minutes, eliminating the long 12- to 24-wait required by traditional methods. Last, but not least, is the Presto Precise® Digital Pressure Canner. It is the first electronic pressure canner to meet USDA guidelines for safely processing low-acid foods and was met by acclaim by experienced and novice home canners alike.

Predicting the needs of consumers and then fulfilling those needs through consistent product innovation and quality manufacturing has been the objective of National Presto Industries for over 100 years, and it will continue to be in the years ahead.

Sours: https://www.gopresto.com/content/corporate-information/company-history
Nike Air Presto: A History of Nike's Magical Shoe

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Presto original

Nike Air Presto “What The?” Remembers 13 Original Colors

Just as COVID postponed the Olympics — an event in which the sneaker was so prolific upon debut in 2000 — the 20th-anniversary celebration of the Nike Air Presto was pushed deep into 2021. Only now are we seeing the silhouette’s full head of steam, with countless new colorways coming off the back of late last year’s PE and sample retail releases. Now it looks to honor its heritage in the best way Nike knows how — in What The form.

Now we can understand why Nike’s T-Shirt For Your Feet has yet to surface in any of its original 13 colorways.

The Nike Air Presto “What The?” crams in elements from all 13 OG drops, including the obvious “Trouble at Home” at the right shoe’s forefoot, the Shady Milkman at the left’s cage and collar, and Rogue Kebab and Orange Monk at the forefoot on the left. There’s plenty more to be found, too, including rear left caging from the Unholy Cumulus, to tongues and liners from Rabid Panda and Brutal Honey on the right side.

Grab an official look at the Original ColorsNike Air Presto “What The” here below, and expect to see these hit select Swoosh stockists like Finish Line and JD Sports, as well as and Nike.com, on August 27th for $130.

If you’re planning on picking up a pair on the day, make sure you head to our dedicated Nike Release Dates Calendar to set yourself a reminder for the drop.

Release Date: August 27th, 2021

Style Code: DM9554-900
Color: Multi-Color
Price: $130

Where to Buy:
Finish [email protected] 10 am ET
JD [email protected] 10 am ET
DTLR @ 10 am ET 
Foot Locker @ 10 am ET
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Nike Air Presto: A History of Nike's Magical Shoe

Nike References Original Presto Colorways With Upcoming Release

Although the 20th-anniversary celebrations of the Nike Air Presto have officially ended, additional colorways of the classic model continue to release including this mismatched pair coming soon.

Official Nike product images of a “What The”-inspired Air Presto have surfaced, revealing elements pulled from the models’ original 13 colorways. Each of the classic makeups is used to decorate a different part of the shoe including the “Lightning” graphic across the upper of the right shoe, the “Shady Milkman” style featured of the left cage and “Brutal Honey” on the right. The number 20 also appears on the footbed of the left shoe, which suggests that this pair could have originally been slated to drop last year for its 20th anniversary.

This also isn’t the first time the Swoosh gave the Presto a mismatched look. Readers may remember the “Greedy” makeup that was released in 2016.

As of now, a release date for this “What The” Nike Air Presto has yet to be announced by the brand, but keep it locked to Sole Collector for updates.

Nike Air Presto 'What The' DM9554-900 Lateral
Nike Air Presto 'What The' DM9554-900 Medial
Nike Air Presto 'What The' DM9554-900 Top
Nike Air Presto 'What The' DM9554-900 Heel
Nike Air Presto 'What The' DM9554-900 Outsole
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